“It’s an anti-discrimination bill that discriminates,” says NARSOL’s Connecticut advocate

By Kelan Lyons . . . Rogsbert King was shaking as she held the letter in her hand. Ever since the Board of Pardons and Parole had provisionally approved her application a few months earlier, she’d checked the mail three times each day, desperate to know for sure her criminal record had been wiped away.

King was petrified to open the thin envelope, worried the state had found a reason to deny her pardon. She asked her fiancé to do it for her.

“I had tears in my eyes because I couldn’t believe it,” King said, describing the moment last October when she read the paper clearing her of the drug-fueled crimes that drove her to jail a half-dozen times and acted like a scarlet letter when she applied for jobs.

King now works to help others unshackle themselves from criminal convictions that hold them back years after they complete their sentences. During the last legislative session she teamed up with Congregations Organized for a New Connecticut (CONECT) to promote a “Clean Slate” bill that would have expunged people’s criminal records if they remained crime-free for up to five years after serving their sentences.

The measure failed, but there’s hope for this year, especially   since the most politically powerful person in the state will be on their side — Gov. Ned Lamont.

Lamont’s administration is working on a legislative proposal for the upcoming session that would create a process to clear certain criminal records automatically. . . . 

The bill supported by CONECT last year would have automated much of the current system managed by the Board of Pardons and Parole. Lawmakers tweaked the proposal after a public hearing at which people expressed concerns about how certain violent crimes would be handled. McDermott said the revised bill barred those convicted of sexual and domestic violence crimes from the automatic pardon process.

“There might be some technical tweaks on how that carve-out gets done,” McDermott said of the 2020 bill, but “our proposal this year would not relitigate those. It would still carve those crimes out.”

People convicted of sex crimes generally do not reoffend. The Office of Policy and Management released two studies, one in 2012 and the other in 2017, that analyzed crimes committed by sex offenders released five years earlier. Those studies found that 3.6% of people convicted of a sex crime were arrested for another by 2011, and 4.1% were rearrested by 2016. Those numbers are similar to studies conducted in other states, like New York, California and Alaska.

“I see Clean Slate being an anti-discrimination bill that discriminates,” said Cindy Prizio, the executive director of One Standard of Justice, an organization that works to ensure people convicted or accused of sex offenses are treated fairly by the state before, during and after their sentences. “Rather than looking at people as individuals, we’re lumping all these people into the same pot.”

Read the full piece here at the CT Mirror.

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      Why! Why! Why! In the exact same piece that sounds promising and even states the truth about SO having some of the lowest reoffense rates those who are the least likely to offend barred from the legislation. How does the reporter not call out the glaring contradiction. The better question is how can this article be used for the cause?

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      Well Goah lee Sergeant Carter this is the worst polock joke one has ever heard! And yes we all should be saying ….. Why? Why? Why? or is their any hope at the end of the rainbow…. Yes. We all talk about writing letters to government or legislatures or the people in government.

      One can just wonder how the president and Ali would get along today or for that matter a sex offender and a clergyman. So how many offenders does it take to be pulled out of a rat pack or trap? One can wonder how many blacks or whites are on the registry or hispanic or other races. Is sex offending the biggest game in America with some redicivism rate? Seems discrimination comes in all colors and a bit of vain glory if one really ponders on it and being truthful.

      Sure one person on here gave some lyric’s to ” I dreamed a dream” or should we go with “One tin Soilder” Sure we all need to write letters till it hurts and some government or some nobody stands up. Are not we all suppose to do good for evil or is this sex offender registration saga some evil for evil. People their’s is a limitation to everything and I’m sure we all are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

      Voicing one’s opinion is always good or who is this flying nun that gets us into war today. Their is no love in this sex registry for the many on it today. One wonders were love thy neighbor is in America.

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      Simple, yet true answer to “Why?” on both questions:

      1. No politician is going to commit political suicide and go against popular sentiment no matter what the facts are. Once we accept that fact, we’ll understand every move of this nature.

      2. The media is the worst offender in fueling the misinformation and fear-mongering. Look at the article that baselessly claimed child molesters re-offend 99% of the time. That tells the whole story there.

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      You know some have said on here to me, why are you on here? I at times wonder that myself. Sure I talk a bit about the bible from time to time and this type of ordeal that has overthrown all or many on here, myself included, but why am I on here.

      While one could even say I say am discriminiated by being on NARSOL but actually that is not the case in this helpful matter of the registry. Sure I could even ask myself why they gave me probation or why I ask that person what they wanted to do when I came down to meet. Sure the person wanted me to talk dirty to them.

      I didn’t want to go down their to this meet so I gave a potty text cyber to the person which was sexual in content because thats what they ask for. They just wanted me to come down their to talk dirty to them. They used the come down theory, as an excuse and called it… Travling…. Second night as I was texting another person and making sure they were over 21 on an adult site, the person in question clicked onto me and conned and pursuaded again into coming down there.

      I wanted to get this over with so I made a decision but on the way down I had a phone call from them on my cell phone and they ask me why I was taking so long and I requested to them to back out of this whole ordeal but they already had a back up plan and reassured me that nothing was going to happen or what could happen since we were meeting in public.

      So who is being offended by this sexual enticement? Who is the offender and who is being mislead or lead astray? Who is being discriminated upon in this devilish made made operation or ordeal. Who uses Carnal Knowledge to enslave weak people. Yes we all stumble in many ways but instilling someting like this upon another is so unjust in many ways.

      Even this war that started with a killing and now has lead to a mistake plane down started with America so where is the command errors blame. Moreso where is knowledge and wisdom today even in this presumed sex offender ordeal. One wonders who is responsible in all this.

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      I have a question ? How can people not see that whAt these legislators are doing and has been doing and will continue to do , until somebody somewhere in govt stands up to all this and help our families , they had one state Alabama who wanted the castration law , Now you got my state wanting rso to go get castrated under their own funds and if you don’t you get violated and sent back to prison , wyes I heard it’s for the new people who got in trouble for sex offenders under age 13 victim , but still look at the way the punishments are going , what’s next ? I hope I’m in heaven then to have to fear what’s next for my family or yours , they pro are bullying families telling them they can’t be with their own wives if no child is present ,’, and me and my hub ar great parents to our son who is not a victim and in no danger , but you see they take even a mom rights away even , as me and my hub stay in one home , but our son is sep from us cause no over night , , how does these laws even make sense , when the mom is present with hub in same home , but your child can’t stay the night , we had not lost our parental rights ?? So how you fight the bullying the pro people are doing to families , people tell me that pro should not have the right to tell us how to live every aspect in our lives ,!When there is no abuse !!
      So when will people stand up to take down these punishments they keep pushing each year , last year was the law they brought of can’t stay night or alone or recide If a victim was under age , it don’t matter if it was 20 years ago and you have a bio child that’s not a victim , this don’t sence , to me the legislators are descriminating against us wives , because we choose to be with our hub who end up being on a registry , so they make our lives worst off !! They sep the children , punish our hubby’s every time a darn law is trying be passed and is , , they already have the tenn lawsuit going on about the law they tried to pass last year , now another comes up with another punishment , castration , hmm where’s the lawyers fighting all this class action lawsuit against the registry for cruel and unusual punishments , for descrimations cause our love ones on registry ,

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