Gov. Cuomo’s Social Media Proposal Does Not Make Those Sites Safer

By Guy Hamilton Smith . . . Last month, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled a legislative proposal billed as a way to “prevent convicted sex offenders from using social media accounts, dating apps and video game chat functions to exploit children.”

But Cuomo’s proposal would do little to stop sexual harm on these platforms—and would most likely undermine public safety by creating a false sense of security that plays on popular myths about sexual violence.

Instead, it would simply make it more difficult for people who have been held accountable for a crime to reintegrate into society.

The proposal would make it a crime for people with prior sex crime convictions to misrepresent themselves online, and would require that they disclose their “internet identifiers” to authorities who, in turn, provide that information to social media platforms to potentially exclude them from their user base.


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      Mary Beth Kindt

      Zero evidence is needed for a conviction and peoples lives, families ruined due to false accusations equalling convictions. Shame on you for being part of the problem with wrongful convictions.

    • #67157 Reply
      Joshua Novak

      Packingham vs North Carolina, A United States Supreme Court Case… Someone should send him a copy, than wish him luck on that legislation….. Good luck buddy…

    • #67165 Reply

      While it’s true that SCOTUS denied the state of NC’s restriction on registrants’ social media activity, NC still requires all online identifiers and their associated passwords. A deputy in charge of registration told me I had no privacy.

      • #67167 Reply

        Right. That SCOTUS ruling says that the government cannot ban registrants from using social media. It did not address if they can still collect the identifiers. That would be a different challenge.

    • #67191 Reply

      Shows the lengths they are willing to go to to keep beating the dead horse. If only they too could join our ranks, and have their eyes opened please God make it so!

    • #67361 Reply
      Tim in WI

      If it is morally acceptable to trivialize the plain human indenture to government database maintenance for beyond entire human lifetime then what remains of a shrinking republic of fifty individual sovereigns!

      Federalists like Coumo hold little faith in notion of self governing and too often reach for the quill to impose socialist rule upon all for the evil of a few.
      It has never been the American way to hold any man responsible for wrongdoing of another man nor other men.

      That a free press inherently capitalize through yellow spectre and yielding an upward escalation of online viral infamy speaks all the more awards of unfettered use of The Thing. Make no mistake people, propaganda NEEDS incessant delivery to be effective and the socialist progressive movements have free press in spades. No man or woman who voted “aye” OMNIBUS94 of AWA , or IML will ever be President of the United States.

      Both parties top usual pc clowns got smashed in the 2016,

    • #67455 Reply
      Will Allen

      I used to have to give the criminal regime where I lived the same. However, I would never let them actually use the passwords and log into anything. You should always be using Multi-Factor Authentication or such means to keep the criminal regimes out. Always.

      Further, I’ve got to add – literally how big of a moron does a person have to be to believe this nonsense does any good? What is the I.Q. of these people? I could give the criminal regime 100 identifiers and then if I wanted to do anything nefarious, I’d simply use a different one. Could not be more trivial.

      I’ve got to think these laws exist mainly just to make dumb people feel a little better. Just like the Registries themselves, they do nothing but harm and harass people who are doing nothing but living normal lives like anyone else. It does zero to even slightly hinder anyone who wants to commit a crime. In fact, I’d say it encourages and promotes real crime. True stupidity.

    • #67851 Reply
      Tim in WI

      We can scrap the original intent because a retrievable record already existed.
      “To make it easier for community to know” was describing data exchange not a rendered human subservience.

    • #68034 Reply
      R. Arens

      I always believed that what makes a situation worse is when legislation backs a person in a corner to where they have to use an alternate identity. Then again, if you’re intent is a motivation to break the law, you’re gonna go ahead and do it anyways. All I’m saying is that there’s always a way around a social media ban and nobody ever takes in account that in a home, you may not be the only person living there that can’t have internet access. My wife is not a sex offender. Neither is our son and daughter but I’ll use her Facebook to look for deals on the auto / auto parts sections. Under our laws in my state, if you have a Facebook account for 5 business days, you gotta register it. There’s no law against bumming some one else’s page to use it to buy stuff on Facebook. We live in a society where anybody can be anyone at the click of a mouse. It is what it is.

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