At it again in Aurora: residents on the registry given 30 days to leave their home

By Sandy . . . The threat was made in June, but a federal lawsuit in the works brought a halt to the forced eviction of 20 men on the Illinois sexual offense registry. Now those same men less one, several of whom are also employees of Wayside Cross, have been served papers stating that they have until January 15 to voluntarily leave.

Adele Nichols and Mark Weinberg, Illinois attorneys who filed the original federal lawsuit, still represent the 19 Wayside Cross registrants. A lawsuit against Kane County challenging the way the measurements have been taken from a playground inside of McCarty Park to the ministry property is very probable, and the federal lawsuit may be resurrected as well. Additionally, the attorneys have requested an injunction staying enforcement of the eviction on January 15.

To a reporter of the Chicago Tribune, Ms. Nichols said, “This law is one of the most unjust laws in Illinois because people who are doing absolutely nothing wrong are suddenly told it’s a felony to remain where they are. There is no other law that works like that.”

No other law indeed, against no other classification except those with sexual crime convictions.

The burning question now is where are the hearts of those who would force men from their home, and some from home and employment, at Christmas time, into an Illinois winter. For most, the prospect is trying to survive on the streets, a reality that in no universe makes anyone safer – not society, not Aurora, and certainly not the men who have done “absolutely nothing wrong” but, if this proceeds as the county intends, will be punished in a most cruel and unusual way.

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      Like I said before: SANCTIONED MURDER!! How many times do I have to say it? We all know that those people who are doing this, are out for nothing more than Election Year Points! Pennsylvania’s doing the EXACT SAME THING. It’s not that much a stretch of the imagination, to see where all this is heading. Mass Killings, and everyone else convicted of current or past crimes NOT Sex Offense Related, even help dictate such appalling law.!! So, a Manslaughter Convicted Person, out on Parole can keep his or her place. A released Murderer, after serving 20-30 years can get out and they live where they can or want? But We Registered So-Called ‘Citizens’ CAN’T?? The Absurdity and outright Hypocrisy of it all makes me Hotter Than Fish Grease! It’s going to take A MASSIVE NATIONWIDE MOVEMENT OF PEOPLE TO STAND UP TO CONGRESS AND MAKE THEM REPEAL REGISTRY ALTOGETHER!!! Otherwise, Certain Death will soon be The Sentencing Guideline for ANYONE convicted of even the most minor Sex Offense Misdemeanor!
      Oh, but if ONE OF THEIR CHILDREN commits the same Class of Offense, you can know for sure, they’ll get out of it altogether. Money can turn even the most Sober Honest Judge, into Crooked One. Believe that. Furthermore, IF A JUDGE’S KID DOES IT, SAME RESULTS!!! We gotta act…NOW!

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      craig mat

      b4 long we be picken cotton and calling them master and no im not being racist at least the people of color have there rights and freedoms

    • #66470 Reply
      Tim in WI

      I still think this is a property taking strategy going on here. Illinois was one of the first states to engage in real estate denial based on sex crimes. Known offenders are not permitted to purchase real estate a certain distance from schools. We know which party runs that state.

    • #66472 Reply

      Merry Effing’ Christmas. If this doesn’t show what all this nonsense is about nothing does.

    • #66474 Reply

      Removing one of the few accessible places for former offenders to transition is a short-sighted and unwise public policy that should more accurately be considered a cruel and inhumane unconstitutional denial of basic human rights.

      This will come back to bite the city of Aurora. No weapon formed against God’s people will prosper.

      Oddly, with winter having descended upon our country, evicting these people will accomplish nothing as the sprinkler park couldn’t possibly be in use this time of year. Like most parks in the dead of winter, this one is probably sitting vacant the majority of the time.

    • #66475 Reply
      James Coghill

      No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law. At least that’s how it used to work in this country. That due process of law happens only in one place. A courtroom. Your property can’t be removed from you by the enactment of a law. Guy’s hang tough. Do not voluntarily give up your residence. Make them remove you from it. Human kindness is overflowing and I think it’s going to rain today.

    • #66478 Reply
      Big Jim Freedom

      I fully agree with you. This law and the unfair Civil Commitment Law, need to be eliminated altogether, not only does this hurt the offender but it also hurts their family. What ever happen to “We the People for the People”, does this exclude all sex offender? I can not understand why murders, and terrorist are not civilly committed but Sex Offenders are, I see something wrong with this.

    • #66479 Reply
      James Smith

      Well, they all think were dumb as rocks . u are right, it’s going to take massive amount of Registered Citizens to confront the people that think they can get away with any kind of law. I Agree .

    • #66480 Reply
      James Stambaugh

      Hello All,

      Perry not to bash you, but Pennsylvania is not and cant not enforce people to move from their residence unless you are on parole or probation, that’s the only foreseeable thing Pennsylvania can do at this moment. However with the new ligation that is currently argued and waiting for response is going to shed light on freedom of registry in Pennsylvania as to pre-muniz case. I am currently working with several people in Pennsylvania on registry issues altogether. We will continue the fight as long as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania keeps imposing unlawful registries. I’m currently an SO in Pennsylvania. Like I said SO need to have a movement and show these people that what they are doing is a HATE CRIME, and categorizing SO people into a group of people that people can harass, kill, and torture. American politic sides of things and policies and registry and policing us is nothing more than Hiter did to the Jews. We are HATED, DESPISED, AND PEOPLE DONT WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH US BECAUSE THEY THINK WE CANT BE CHANGED AND MY WORDS TO THEM IS F-YOU.

    • #66481 Reply

      I would recommend that we all just simply tell the police and cities that are doing this to get fucked. There is a time when people need to confront bullies and stop them. Overload the already defunct system. Make all the courts swamped with lawsuits. The big part of the problem is most of us say OK then leave. Just say no. This country SUCKS!

    • #66484 Reply
      Matthew A

      Hope the state Illinois gets a heavy sanction for the implementation of this cruel and unusual punishment of a law, I hope a federal judge in Chicago strikes the down in it’s entirety

    • #66492 Reply

      ACLU was able to stop this in Nevada.
      just sayin.

    • #66494 Reply
      James Stambaugh


      December 1, 2019 

      Survivors of sexual assault have shared with me their struggles in overcoming the traumatic harm caused by those who’ve preyed upon them. Their strength and courage inspires and drives me every day to pursue allegations of sexual abuse wherever we find it.

      In 1994, 7-year-old Megan Kanka was raped and murdered by her neighbor — someone her parents did not know had two prior convictions for sexually assaulting young girls. Her death and memory made a profound impact on our nation and resulted in “Megan’s Law.”

      Through Megan’s Law, survivors can keep track of their offenders by determining where they live, where they work and what car they drive. With this information, the Megan’s Law website enables survivors to avoid encountering their offenders. It empowers survivors and helps them gain some sense of control over their lives. …

      In November, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court heard arguments in cases that could dismantle the sex offender registration system and put the public at risk.

      There are four cases before the court challenging the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s system for monitoring sexual predators. A loss in even one of them would be a loss for children’s safety across our state. My team of deputy attorneys general argued to protect this critical statute. Full Opinion Piece by PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro

    • #66497 Reply

      Crimes against humanity are certain acts that are deliberately committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian or an identifiable part of a civilian population.

      crimes against humanity can be committed during peace or war. They are not isolated or sporadic events, but are part either of a government policy (although the perpetrators need not identify themselves with this policy) or of a wide practice of atrocities tolerated or condoned by a government or a de facto authority.

      human rights abuses may reach the threshold of crimes against humanity if they are part of a widespread or systematic practice.

      Nuremberg Principle IV:

      The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.

    • #66498 Reply
      Joshua Novak

      I believe the United States Supreme Court needs to get involved, you know things are getting bad when their putting 7 year old kids on the registry, I’m 35 on it in Pa for a crime I committed at 13 years old, between putting kids on the registry, residency restrictions, Mandatory Monthly Counselng, and Community Notification, based off of a recommendation of future dangerousness, these laws are clearly cruel… What their doing in that place is wrong, and to push those men out who are trying to change is only leading them back into the direction they came from, and by doing this should they re offend now they got the power to say “see I told you so” but little do they realize they caused it to happen, so their just as wrong as the offender… All offenders need positive rehabilitation…. And it has to start some where, throwing them into the street puts the community at more risk than leaving them their, at least if their there, they can easily locate them, on the street tho, chances can be slim…. I oppose these laws because they serve no legitimate purpose, and their is no evidence that these laws enhance community safety, or prevent sexual assaults, as most sexual assaults are committed by people who are not currently on the registry…

    • #66504 Reply

      Empty Swings?

      Children being molested within playgrounds by sexual predators is a crazy myth brought to light by politicians wanting to make names for themselves by writing laws that are grossly unjust.

      Its the nature of these mostly all men that write these laws that parks and playgrounds serve as a predatory area for all sex offenders. The truth is most of the children molested in the USA know their abusers or are family members.

      If they are going to go this far then why not ban sex offenders from all public swimming areas such as any beach or pool? Ban them from any area any child may migrate to. In other words ban them all from Society itself!

      The argument continues that MEGAN’S LAW keeps us all safe from sex offenders and subsequent local ordinances such as restrictions of where an Sex Offender can live is just tough shit for the Sex Offender.

      Living in Florida, I have not seen any Sex Offender Law changed! All I have seen is more and more restrictions making nearly impossible for any Registrant to be completely compliant withing State and Federal Laws.

      Its getting to the point of deportation… I see this coming and I’m not sure how we can stop it under the current administration.

      JEV-True Confessions

    • #66505 Reply

      MEGAN’S LAW has never worked. Show me a single Federal case where any sex crime was prevented because the Registry prevented the crime from happening?

      There are none.

      MEGAN’S LAW actually works in reverse and has accounted for thousands of suicides of compliant Registrants as well becoming a Law for the citizen to become a vigiliante and cause and effect capital crime against a sex offender.

      Most sex crimes are caused by family members and most victims know their abusers. So therefore a registry is worthless in this majority of crimes committed situation.

      MEGAN’S LAW in theory is a great idea. To prevent sex crimes against children. But what it has really done is tear apart families and make monsters out of mostly non violent offenders.


    • #66503 Reply

      Facts remain and are indisputable, and here we go again, citing one heinous crime leading to a law in 1994 which has taken civil rights away from many, many people, some who have not even touched a child and who never will. Yes, there has been few people who have killed children but it is shown time and time again those commiting much lesser crimes never recommit. No person on the registry hangs at parks or schools to kidnap and rape little people. That happens in the schools by “trusted staff” who are doing these things for the first time. The FDLE has proven that. This is why in Florida a law suit will be forthcoming on behalf of ex-offender families. A “victim” can be anonymous but the the Families of the accused, and the ex offender (who has paid their debt to society), cannot. There are victims on both sides and I can say that the trama is as bad if not worse for them. Financial hardships, women lossing homes, lossing friends, lossing jobs, or never getting one, being constantly afraid that some sheriff will violate you for an unknown reason, or that some misinformed dummy will come along and shoot at your house or at you, the registrant. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well these things don’t happen to the “victims”, which are told constantly have traumatized they should be and reminded of what happened to them so they can never heal, forgive or forget. Mr Stambough said something that clarifies what I just said, the registry can keep on remindeding them what car they drive, where they work and where they live. Oh yeah let us remind them so they can keep thinking they are constantly in danger, when the likelyhood is so remote. This is not the case with the registry in general and it sickens me to see how we treat people who will not be a danger ever again.

    • #66502 Reply

      This proves what Larry has said before on “Registry Matters”; politicians will NEVER just throw up their hands and quit. No matter what victories we gain, they WILL ALWAYS TRY TO FIND ANOTHER WAY TO SKIN THE SAME CAT. If the city loses the battle from their current angle of attack, they and their attorneys will simply change tactics and possibly find a way to shut this ministry down altogether. They will go for the most technical of zoning violations and turn every mole hill they find into Mount Everest.

    • #66510 Reply
      Nancy Yard

      What happened to Megan Kanka is terrible, however, putting into place a law that persecutes millions in the name of Megan is equally terrible. I don’t believe that she is looking down from heaven and proud to have this law in her name. A law that is destroying families, causing PTSD, and continues to destroy lives. This law is not about saving children it is driven by hate and fear. I know first-hand the pain and suffering it causes for those that would never hurt a child. It needs to be abolished and real laws put in place that are not in the name of a child. My son was a child when he was victimized, he is now on the sex offender registry for life. How is this justice? I worry every single day for his safety. How does this make any sense? My family has survived sexual abuse only to be caught in this terrible web. This law is unjust, spreads fear, and does more harm than good. So much good could have been done in Megan’s name. Something that would have left a true legacy of good. Sad for her to be remembered like this. Revenge is not justice. As a member of a family that personally knows the effect of abuse, I fully support NARSOL and the efforts to stop the sex offender registry and the continued harm caused by Megan’s Law.

    • #66515 Reply
      Timothy D.
      Tim Davich

      I believe that all that I would say about this matter has already been said. I would remind everyone of us registered citizens that we to through our words and actions can change what is happening now. It is up to us not to be throwing stones, but as it has been said to come together and show those that don’t believe in us that we are humans as well, that we have rights and that we will stand as one, we can take down this monster we call a government and it’s laws. We must remain determined and steadfast in all our work, do not personalize what is being brought forth, we as many can overcome this, through these times of hardship we are being made stronger and better, we are not the meek, but the kings to come. We are great, and we can not be taken away, unless we give up, we stand as one, with all our families and friends along side us, we will be heard. Take what we can from these hard times and grow, we can show those who are against us that we are strong, and productive members of society.
      We must not throw stones, but stand firm and show that we are who we are, all people.

    • #66517 Reply
      Timothy D.
      Tim Davich

      Furthermore we can not lower our selves to their level of hatred and unjustness, we must show them that we count, we are upstanding citizens, who made poor choices and have learned from those choices and are better today because of those choices.
      Those that have been victimized must also move past this and I know that this may not sound correct but if a victim wishes to continue to live in the past, and in victim stance that is on them, I was victimized as a child, I intern victimized, and I have lived my life in victim stance for 34 years until I finally realized, I was only hurting myself, I was holding myself back by living in the past. We must all be able to move past the past in our lives and live for a future, one that we are all better off because of what we have been through, and don’t forget those who fight with us are also victims, but have been able to see the light and move past the darkness that they were in.

    • #66524 Reply

      I have to say that I’ve been thinking along the same lines. I am beginning to think that revolution may soon be in order. After all, how hard do they think that they can push people that they have taken so much from before we run out of “cheeks to turn” and begin to take our rights back…After all, if they are going to continue to treat us like monsters, maybe we should just become that which we are accused.

    • #66525 Reply
      robin shrawder

      What makes me sick about this false narritive of so-called safety ,, the truth is that they dont care about if the child was killed but only about the method in which they were killed !!! There could be a convicted muderer living accrossed the street from me or an arsonist living down the block from my home or a thug or gang member that is known for violent acts right next door and not to mention all the children that have been killed (mudered) by drunk drivers over the course of decades…. Where is the REGISTRY for those murdering acts ,, were the arguements for safety now ??? Safety isnt there concern at all because if it was, every school bus would have seat belts REQUIRING all passengers to wear them !!! If i had a dollar for everytime i heard the Megan Kanka story i could have been president long ago … This sexual offender registry is base and passed solely on emotion response and not on reasonable logic .. Its just for political brownie points … So please dont fall for the so-called safety argument ,, thats just a LOAD OF CRAP!!!

    • #66529 Reply

      You know all you people put your time and efforts into commenting on these articles and that does show compassion. Yes their are many ways to show compassion. One wonders who seeks wisdom or understanding or who scraps people as outcasts today. Is the whole government some “witches of Estwick” on a witch hunt see who’s the best or who racks up the most points or Is democray going down hill. Is liberty unjust some punishment for those of different classes.

      Do we all make mistakes even the leaders of our country or where does principal lay in this deceitful and deceptive game of the registry in many cases. One wonders how many Homer Bedlow’s it takes to scrap a Cannonball or who take’s pock shots at defenseless human’s. Sure seeking true justice is good even giving shelter to those that has nowhere to go because of this run amuck sex offender ordeal.

      Yes, their are a lot of curves in this sex registry when men want to out think another with their man made principals or law doctrine, but its truth that what matters the most. Who gives Judicial leniency in rhia awz oddwnswe cover up/labeling ordeal. One wonders who goes on planet hollywood and become’s president or who is doing this witch hunt game if a man thinkest or would a lot this ordeal provoke anyone caught up like much of this registry.

    • #66535 Reply

      Most felon$ have to regi$ter and regi$tration i$ a valuable civil $ervice that $hould be but i$ not yet compen$ated. so i am hopeful thi$ will change when more felon$ get their right to vote re$tored but are $till required to regi$ter for free while $ubject to minimum wage, o$traci$m and\or homele$$ne$$ — the [like] unde$ireable re$ult$ of the economic exploitation of a targeted $ubcla$$ by tho$e po$$e$$ing $uperior right$ and privilege$. and, when government ha$ to pay fair market value for regi$tration $ervice$, to rebut it$ otherwi$e clear vindictivene$$, regi$tration law$ will likely go away.

    • #66536 Reply

      Punishment of sex offenders:
      Phase 1——–Prison.
      Phase 2——–Release from Prison

    • #66537 Reply

      @Nancy Yard,
      I noticed I now have PTSD.
      I have been severely traumatized by people who used the registry to expose me as a sexual offender.
      I am continually traumatized by the fear that if I somehow fail to register I will go back to prison.
      I am also continually traumatized by the fear of who will find out next and turn from friend to a hatred filled, bitter eneny or disown me.
      My own son won’t speak to me anymore because of someone who made up a false police report about me not long after I got out of prison.
      He knew it wasn’t true, but because I involved him in order to reveal the truth, he misunderstood my actions and abandoned me.
      We haven’t spoken for years.
      No Christmas Cards, no birthday cards, no Father’s day cards–nothing.
      Being on the registry is a perpetual life of fear, and loss.
      New laws are made almost every day to take away what little, if anything, some of us have left.
      For some of us, the only thing that makes up our life is a bridge abutment and traffic overhead and at times even that is forced away by some new law or zoning restriction.
      The registry can actually be called ‘Death by society’ and that is what they want.
      Society gets to punish after the Penal system already did.
      The Penal system has vicariously given the public the right to judge and carry out its own sentence upon us once we are released and lawmakers can’t make new laws fast enough to satisfy the public’s thirst to condemn us.

    • #66547 Reply
      Timothy D.
      Tim Davich

      I hear what is being said and we must be the bigger men/ women and stand up for our rights and all those that will surly follow. Sexual offending has been going on for centuries and will not be ended, just like the drug war.
      But we must remain civil in uncivil times show them who has a better head about them. WE CAN NOT BECOME THEM, or give in too them, as I said before if we stand together we are strong, as one or two we are just that, but as a group we can not be stopped. I know that I have it much better then most, I attribute that to attitude, we can not show our anger unless done in an appropriate way and time. Working with groups like NARSOL and state groups is what we do as a whole, doing this shows us as a large group. We must stick together and move forward and always remember that the wheels of unjustness move expeditiously slow, as no one wants to admit they are wrong. We as registered citizens must look at and dwell not on the negative, but on if even one positive thing in our lives. Positive thinking leads to positive change, negative thinking leads to stress, hateful thoughts and depression. We should be grateful for what we do have, and more will come.

    • #66563 Reply

      If one of these guys dies in the cold of winter the family needs to sue the holy hell out of the state!

    • #66570 Reply

      This tragic story is proof-positive the registry doesn’t do crap to protect any child or prevent anyone listed thereon from re-offending if they’re of a mind to do so: We can’t post links, but I copied and pasted the story. You can Google the headline to verify authenticity.

      Man pleads guilty to sexually assaulting neighbor’s 3-year-old
      POSTED 2:18 PM, MAY 17, 2019, BY CITY NEWS SERVICE, UPDATED AT 08:10PM, MAY 17, 2019

      SAN DIEGO — A registered sex offender who broke into his next-door neighbor’s home, where he raped and sodomized a 3-year-old girl, pleaded guilty Friday to four felony charges and is facing an 85-year prison term.

      Francisco Diaz, 47, entered his plea to four counts of forcible lewd acts on a child, and admitted serious prior felony convictions, according to Deputy District Attorney Claudia Grasso.

      Sentencing is scheduled for June 17.

      Last summer’s attack occurred the morning of Aug. 11 in the 5200 block of Maple Street in Oak Park.

      Diaz broke a screen and curtain rod and climbed through a window of the sleeping child’s bedroom. When the toddler woke up and cried while being sexually assaulted, Diaz carried her out through the window and was walking her toward his home when the defendant’s mother saw them and wrapped the child — who was naked from the waist down — in a blanket.

      Police were called around 9:45 a.m. and Diaz was arrested.

      “It’s a parent’s worst nightmare,” Grasso said following Diaz’s arraignment last year. “The violation, the betrayal, (it’s just) horrific. I think that not only does it impact the victim but it impacts the entire family, who now have to look over their shoulder, who now cannot feel safe in their own home. It causes you as a parent to be more cautious, more protective.”

      According to the Megan’s Law website, which tracks the state’s sex offenders, Diaz has a 2007 conviction for annoying or molesting a child

    • #66583 Reply
      Tim in WI

      Yes. The indenture of man without process. Nothing new.

      But why insistence on a ” civil” designation for the use contrary to the 13th?

    • #66630 Reply
      Ernest B Tucker

      There was a time when men were kind
      When their voices were soft
      And their words inviting
      There was a time when love was blind
      And the world was a song
      And the song was exciting
      There was a time

      Then it all went wrong

      I dreamed a dream in times gone by
      When hope was high and life worth living
      I dreamed, that love would never die
      I dreamed that God would be forgiving
      Then I was young and unafraid
      And dreams were made and used and wasted
      There was no ransom to be paid
      No song unsung, no wine untasted

      But the tigers come at night
      With their voices soft as thunder
      As they tear your hope apart
      As they turn your dream to shame
      He slept a summer by my side
      He filled my days with endless wonder
      He took my childhood in his stride
      But he was gone when autumn came
      And still I dream he’ll come to me
      That we will live the years together
      But there are dreams that cannot be
      And there are storms we cannot weather
      I had a dream my life would be
      So different from this hell I’m living
      So different now from what it seemed
      Now life has killed the dream
      I dreamed

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