Vicious new scam targeting those on the sexual offense registry

By Sandy . . . We have received word today that the scam targeting and extorting persons on sexual offense registries has morphed into something even more vile and horrible than the telephone scams in the form of extortion letters sent to the addresses that appear on the public registry.

Mary Sue of Texas Voices sent out a warning today and sent this to Texas legislators:

People who are required to register on the sex offense registry throughout Texas have been dealing with a team of scam callers for over 2 years now. These callers are very skilled and have most likely made a fortune using the Texas Public Registry as their target list. Not only do they call the registered person’s cell phone, they also call family members.

And, as if that’s not enough, yesterday, 2 of our members, one in Austin and one in Dallas, received a horrible, sadistic extortion letter in the mail. Both letters came in a plain white envelope with no return address. We expect more registered people in Texas will be receiving the same letter soon.

Research shows that the public registry does not serve the purpose for which it was intended. However, it does serve as a great resource for mean, dishonest people who attempt to harass, cheat, vandalize, and steal from those who are required to register and their family members.

Kudos to Mary Sue for using this opportunity to show our legislators yet another way in which the registry is an instrument, not for safety or protection, but for cruelty and viciousness toward those who have sexual crime convictions.

Whatever you do, DO NOT send or give money in any shape, form, or fashion to ANYONE in response to a telephone call, an email, or a letter threatening you or a family member as a registered person.

The letter can be viewed here.

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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    • #61415 Reply

      So these Jive Assed Idiots want to come after me eh? A Man can only take so much Crap. I’ve done my time. If they try me-as I’m certain they will-I’ll get some Law Enforcement involved, and the Media involved here in PA!! They are outright THREATENING MY LIFE WITH VIOLENCE AND NOBODY GIVES A DAMN!!!

    • #61416 Reply

      It looks like their scam isn’t working. Their wallet is empty and no transactions have gone to their wallet. (website deleted by Moderator).

      • #61456 Reply

        Really not sure what can be done about this, but these people need to be caught and put in prison where they belong. Most of us have a suspicion about who these people may be. Don’t want to prewarn anyone out there doing this, but mistakes happen, no clues from me!

    • #61417 Reply

      Mississippi is the same no letters yet but I have has to change my number twice. Of course when I report the calls to the police they claim there is nothing they can do about it.

    • #61422 Reply
      Tony CT

      This is a hate crime and should carry the same additional punishment as any other hate crime.

      • #61484 Reply

        Tony CT

        “Hate crime” laws do not apply to SOs. Well, from what I’ve been told, they don’t apply to felons, regardless of the crimes on their record.

        But surely, most Americans would not like for SOs to be a protected class, and would like laws that allow SOs to be harmed. They would desire a lot more evil, than money scams.

    • #61436 Reply

      Someone is too couth in this whole sex offender ordeal. While the article talks about dishonest people that could include anyone in the USA. One wonders who stoled our right to be a concientious objectoror in many of these sex offender ordeals. The methods they use are abusive in themself. Sure one can understand this internet thing or is it big boys trying to scam another with this sword of unconstitutional justice.

      Lets be honest for a change. I have had many people wanting me to chat with them with enticing e-mails that mention “hot girls looking for men” etc. Even after I took a polograph test one time I had someone send a message to me saying I was in trouble for not talking my polograph test and to call this number. The person on the other end said its probably a scam and don’t worry about it.

      Its a racket for some finiancial gain. Police are on the take just the same as any. Why do you think government is corrupt and a lot of cover ups going on. For example look at the circus cover-up in D.C.

      This sex offender game is getting into some dark area’s to con people out of either money or make one’s live a bit more depressing. No response is the best response answer, and if it sounds a bit off the wall it usually is. How do you think many got caught up in this internet thing. At best its all the trappings of greedy people out to take others down the road. Remember people always want to be right even in cover-ups until they are caught in this trap.

    • #61444 Reply

      I just pray no one has sent any money,” Bitcoins”. This person(s) will be mighty busy doing all the research to contact people and “shame them”. HaHa everybody already knows ! Also many people don’t even have computers so can’t send Bitcoins anyway.

    • #61447 Reply
      Neil B Fisher

      If I may .I am from California l am not sure of the laws in your state but in California anything except to check on normal information like regarding laws, facts , myths , and information on a possible person on the registration for safety reasons. Anything relating to the harassment or to cause an injury, a false statement etc is considered a criminal offense.

      . I will see that a copy of extortion , blackmail or harassment letter gets to the California Sex Offenders Management Board. As they may be able to do something.

      And your state should have laws with regards to injury, harassment of persons on your states registry and if your state had a sex offender management board get in contact with them for help.

    • #61448 Reply

      I have been called twice by these lowlifes and three of my friends have also been contacted.
      I was told that this was a federal issue by a Sheriff in Ben Hill County and he always turns any reports over to the feds. That sheriff is not too bad in light of his recent attempts to put notices in people’s yards on Halloween. He explained to me that he had been pushed into it by the public. I lived in Fitzgerald for years and my Father was born there so I know the character of that town. He was secretly pleased that the Judge had put a stop to the situation.

      • #61462 Reply
        James Coghill

        So the police, charged with upholding the law violate that law when they succumb to public pressure to do so. Now there’s police work at it’s finest. Not! They are no better than thugs.

    • #61457 Reply

      Thank you again Sandy, I always love saddles comments he says things the way I would like to. This whole thing about Sex Offenders is just so blown out of proportion. I find it so unreal. The amount of people that are on this list are doing things that when I was young was common. Who made them wrong? I think the internet and Big Brother is watching. If you read about things in the 1800’s and 1900’s it was common for a young woman 13 and 14 to marry older men. In the 60’s and 70’s. It was peace, love and rock and roll. Young women in magazines lied about there age so to get paid. Several under the age of 16, but then they did not have the means to find out. So where are all the men and young boys and girls as well as other women who looked at these pictures. Are they all Sex Offenders? My daughter says what is there to see they have nothing different from anyone else. I think the Government wanted computers, and with Megan’s Law it was a way to pay for them that the people would believe necessary. We need to correct this major injustice!

      • #61483 Reply


        The SO laws of today are not traced back to one specific person. They came up through decades of societal conditioning. Through the feelings, emotions, and mentality of lawmakers and the people they represent. Seeds were planted decades ago when such crimes started to get more prominent and from there, roots took hold and a bad tree grew, branching out into American society. A tree which in turn, has planted seeds into the hearts of many Americans.

        You are correct, in the fact that in the 1800’s Americans were not concerned about people under-18 having much older partners or spouses. But, such crimes were not commonplace either. Neither was certain technology, like PCs, in which many men today get into serious trouble for. Neither was there an adult entertainment industry either. An industry that puts heavy emphasis on material with women that are 18, with labels such as “barely-legal” teen or material with women wearing schoolgirl outfits. Even fake incest and relations with step-relatives.

        As society changed, with westernization and age limit of 18, the spreading of the influence of an abomimable adult entertainment industry and sexualization in movies and shows, the prominence of sexual crimes, including the murder of a particular girl, and great technology like PC’s, the internet, smartphones and tablets, came more of those type of crimes along with SO laws, fear-mongering by the media, and a unified registry online for all states.

        Some countries today have the age of consent as 14 or 15. One country called Bahrain has the highest, which is 21. That is their norm. That is what they have been conditioned into for many years. It stems from the way lawmakers think and those that they represent. Imagine if 14 year olds were married to people 18 and over, among some tribes in South America. They are not accustomed to such crimes(though these sort of things happen everywhere), an adult entertainment industry along with sexualization in movies and shows, a justice/court system, and PCs(the SO crimes regarding these things wouldn’t exist at all). Women would even walk around bare-breasted.

    • #61460 Reply
      James Coghill

      There is a solution to this. You sue the state. The state and their ridiculous laws are what put you on front street which caused these events to occur. The state is solely responsible for placing your life and the peaceful enjoyment of it at risk by placing your name on a public registry. If you can’t get a lawyer go looking for someone who knows enough to help you file a lawsuit against the state and do it yourself. Don’t go running to law enforcement for help because you wont get it even if there are laws in your state to protect you from these things. The laws that protect us from harassment exist in name only. Nobody is going to honor them to help a sex offender. I know because I’ve been there with other people and that’s what happened. People literally showed up at 2 AM with torches and the press to drive someone out of their house and off their own property. When they called me asking what to do I told them about the law and to call the police. The police showed up and all they did was watch. The methods worked. Within a week he moved from Goodyear, AZ to Glendale, AZ where it essentially happened again.

      Another trick the police in those towns are doing with new arrivals is bumping up their classifications. You move into town they use the fact you don’t have a job yet or any other thing they can think of to bump you from a level 1 to a 2. Now you’re on flyers going out to your neighbors and then they show up at night to drive you out. Sounds just like the KKK to me. Only this time my own government has become a sponsor to a hate crime against me.

    • #61464 Reply

      I like how they think we have money or something.
      Heck, he barely has a job.

    • #61467 Reply
      Lorraine Hodge

      I received a voicemail from a man ( foreign accent) saying my son ( had his first name wrong) needed to contact him , gave an 800 number & reference number.
      Today I received an email that says it is from FedEx Express staying we had won $750,000. All I needed to do to claim it , is fill out the form provided with a lot of personal information.
      Needless to say I didn’t respond to either.
      Is there somewhere to forward all this? Can anything be done?

    • #61469 Reply

      So I wonder, how swift will the law enforcement response be (other than Ben Hill Co) to this? If this letter had been sent to a pregnant single mother, it would be all over the 6 o’clock news with the AG on camera vowing to track them down with no expense spared.

      • #61570 Reply
        Tony From Long Island

        Can anything be done? Yeah. Ignore them and block the number whenever you get the calls.

    • #61473 Reply
      Gregory Welker

      I have bwen getting these here in California now almost two years. Has well as followed Staulked etc. Not to mention e mail being signed to hook up sites and more. An Ex even gave my Victim information to ” One ” of the boy toy’s she had been seeing. Redulting in my contacting Law Enforcement and nothing done about it.

    • #61475 Reply

      Has anyone ever noticed they give registration primarily to those they presume will not fight back?

      Do 20 push ups everyday and while you do, think of all you have gone through and use it to build your strength. Become a warrior, shed all fear, and unite!! When they take away the ability to create, you are giveen the ability to destroy. Change will occur oblt when all 1 million of you and your families come together and truly fight our mutual enemy. A revolution is what those in power fear most! Just sitting there and whining will accomplish little. If you want to change the world, start with 20 daily pushups! For yourself, your family, and all of us who face the greatest injustice of our age!

      • #61481 Reply

        Rock hard abs or big biceps will do nothing when there is a gun pointed at you. I have very strong muscles but my brain is what they fear most, should I ever go off the reservation. Electronic/Mechanical engineering are my daily trade, and right now they are used for the good of mankind as I do my job for 1/2 the pay of a non-registered citizen. My rage is real and they are pushing us all to the limits. You will not be alone when the Sh!t hits the fan bro, but use your brain first.


      • #61569 Reply
        Tony From Long Island

        Hey “General” umm what are you talking about?

        They “give” registration? Huh? So, if I had just done some push-ups the the judge would not have imposed the judicially MANDATED registration?

        How did this post even make it past the moderators?

        • #61587 Reply

          What about General’s comment violates our commenting guidelines?

    • #61488 Reply
      Sharon Long

      I feel this is also a scam of sorts. My son is on the registry and is also an honorably discharged Marine with a 40%service connected disability. He made a mistake by looking at some pictures online – his conviction states his conviction is a no-contact felony. He is on parole now and I want to help him get back on his feet. We applied for an apartment in a complex that was on a list given to him by a service that works with Veterans with SO convictions. This complex was listed as the address for another SO that we saw when I went online to check the apartment complex. I just got a phone call from one of the workers telling me our application was turned down because of my son’s conviction. When I tried to ask why, since there is another SO on Megan’s Law registry living there, she just cut me off and told me to come pick up the check I had given her for a deposit. So why was our application actually turned down? The other SO had been convicted on three seperate occasions – my son was convicted once and has done his time. He is on parole for 15 years after spending 8 years in a federal prison and will be on the registry for the rest of his life. Is this justice?

    • #61496 Reply

      I live in Georgia.. I served my time and I am in the process of getting my name removed from the register. I’ve been at my job for 6 years and now I am a district manager. 6 months ago someone made a Google review of my place of employment. Saying that the manager there was a SO and that people should not take their kids to it ect. I freaked out. I knew that upper management knew of my past as I had to do background checks every 2 years but I was unaware that others closest to me knew. When I reported the review I was ready to lose my job but my district manager at the time told me he would get it removed and that I shouldn’t worry. I asked him how long have you known? His reply was for a couple of years I asked him why he never said anything. His response was I don’t know who you were 22 years ago I know you now and I am a pretty good judge of character. It turns out that most of the people around me knew I questioned them and everybody said the same thing we work with you we know who you are if you were this horrible person we’ve known about now. My point being that if someone threatens you ignore it the people who really know you, they will understand..

      • #61628 Reply
        Former Offender


        Your district manager is an awesome person. It is too bad more people didn’t look at things from the perspective he takes.

    • #61497 Reply

      Sandy now I can say I am truely impressed with this article and even with how the Halloween thing turned out. And yes NARSOL is making stride’s. Someone once said all the world’s a stage and we are only play actors trying to do the right thing. We can either scam or be scammed or would the right thing be scamming others, or playing like you know more than Einstien. I wonder who blackmails who today or brings others down in these ordeals. Or who justify’s his or her actions or lead’s others on in these games people play. (good song).

      I myself try to stay away from people that are the know it all types. Those types of people can justify any or all their actions and still don’t understand but there is one thing that is common to all and no one can tame the tongue. Sure they will scam you if they can, but listening is hearing are what its all about. People are in too much of a rush to judgement on anything today. There is no patience it seems today.

      While Sandy write many s articles about this sex offender ordeal one wonders what is a sex offender or even an offender. Would flipping someone the bird be an offender. I am sure someone has pissed someone off in life so who’s the offender. I just hope everyone learned something from the shawshank redemption movie. It was one of my favorites.. And yes there is a lot of truth to that so either get on living or get on salking or dying or stand up and voice out.

      Sure its not easy living with the sex offender label but being honest and up front is better than trying to justify oneself. Law enforcement try to justify all the time. Remember its for public safety. Being labeled for the rest of your life is a scam in itself. People will scam you if you let them so being on guard just makes good common sense. Even harrassment is a form of abuse and scammish so who calls the kettle black today.

    • #61568 Reply
      Tony From Long Island

      I have read the “letter” and the only question I have is whether this person has ever followed through on his threat?

      I noticed that the guy didn’t actually list any of the so-called details he says he knows in the letter.

      I would never fall for this. I wonder why anyone would.

    • #61738 Reply

      God save the scammer if he writes to someone who has nothing to lose and puts his efforts into personally tracks him him down to exact the punishment that LEOs tend to shun doing. I wouldn’t doubt that a number of SOs that fall into this category.

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