This is a sincere thank you to everyone who helped make the Halloween Marathon a huge success. Putting this event together requires an enormous amount of time and coordination behind the scenes, and those hidden people deserve recognition. Since this was a joint production of NARSOL and ACSOL, we wish to extend a special thanks to both boards for their support. We wish to thank all the volunteers who contributed to the event. This includes the attorneys on the live call, attorneys standing by for emergencies, state leaders, and our listeners/callers. We had a record attendance, and many remained on for the entire six hours. If you did not hear the entire program, we plan to have the first half on our website soon. 

Everything did not go perfectly, so I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for a few missteps. Several NARSOL state leaders had prepared reports to be presented at various points throughout the Marathon. Unfortunately, some did not get called on, and we deeply regret this occurred. We will endeavor to make certain this does not happen again. We did have some minor technical issues at various points, and we will work to improve sound quality. Sound quality will be an issue because we are utilizing free platforms to keep the expenses low. 

We discussed the recent win in Butts County Georgia in significant detail during the presentation. The case against Butts County was one of two cases initiated in Georgia challenging the placement of signs on Halloween. The other case was against Spalding County where Sheriff Dix decided they would not post signs in 2019. NARSOL was pleased with that decision; however, there was no commitment made that Spalding County would not require signs at some point in the future. Our opinion is that the move by Spalding County was merely intended as a maneuver to avoid judicial review and convince us to abandon the case. We have no plans to do that unless an agreement is reached which will preclude this or any future sheriff from requiring signs. The case against Butts County resulted in us being granted an Injunction by the United States District Court for the Middle District of Georgia. You can read the full order here.

 There were two conference registrations awarded and a $100.00 gift card. The state of Texas had the most registered for the Marathon, and two random numbers were drawn during the Marathon. Congratulations to Texas and the other winners; you will be contacted in the coming days.

Again, many, many thanks to everyone involved.


The NARSOL Team   

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      We love you all. You are the greatest people on Earth. There is nothing like an “Unconstitutional Registry” and all that goes along with it to see the absurdity behind it. We know so much more about life than others and it is my sincerest hope and desire that the knowledge we have can free us from these hate filled laws that persist in punishing us. Thank you all very much for your extraordinary efforts!

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      Cathleen M Gross

      “The state of Texas had the most registered for the Marathon,” I am not surprised about this statement. We have horrific issues with the state of Texas and their misconceived ideas about sex offenders and their extremely strict laws. This situation is destroying families. I am asking all Texans to contact their state legislators and local government officials asking them to revise the laws for registration, residency requirements and risk factors.
      Thanks NARSOL for all you do.

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      As a Registered Citizen myself, I am very pleased at the progress being made on our behalf to eradicate these ‘Vigilante Enabling So-Called Laws’ as I call them. Everyone knows that The Judicial System tends to enable such people, to do almost anything they want to us with next to NO REPERCUSSIONS whatsoever! So I continue to pray that progress continues for us. Such that, someday I don’t have to fear for my life like I do now!!

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      I want to thank you all for the hard stuff you do. I was so happy to come across your/our organization. I just knew if we can get SOs to band together we can stem the tide against us treating us like whipping posts everytime a prosecutor or politician or sheriff runs for reelection. They’ve gotten away with far too much. I loved on the ACSOL time she said imagine what we could do if every sex offender gave $ 10 dollars a month or even 5. In California alone that would be 1 million dollars a month. Wow. We would have full time staff to file in every state. Just $5 people for ourselves. Invest in ourselves. Stop hiding behind rocks and stand up against oppression. We have to do the same thing the civil rights leaders had to do in order to regain our civil rights. Thank you NARSOL AND ACSOL

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      Edie Billings

      I want to thank you all so much for all you do for registered people. After listening to the call, I am beginning to see a bit of light at the end of a dark tunnel. This is because of your hard work and dedication and for which we all are extremely grateful.

      You are all heroes in this war!! Let’s keep going!!

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