Let’s save more than one child

By Sandy Rozek . . . Across America this Halloween, and in the weeks preceding it, massive campaigns were underway to protect children from persons on sexual offense registries. Efforts ranged from “house arrest” jail detention for those on parole or probation during trick-or-treat hours to signs placed in yards and on homes and maps printed with dots showing where registered persons lived, all warning young Halloweeners away from those homes, to rigid laws about what and where those on a sexual offense registry could or could not do or go or be, with massive numbers of law enforcement dedicated to verifying that those conditions were being met and arresting any who were not in compliance.

I am happy to report that the efforts paid off. No child anywhere was reported as being abducted, molested, or otherwise harmed by a registered person in connection with Halloween activities.

Of course, that is true in the states and jurisdictions and counties where no such efforts were undertaken, not a penny was spent, and persons on the registry, just like all other citizens, could do or go as they pleased. But still . . . no children harmed. And of course, that has been true, as far as anyone has been able to determine, going back as many years as records have been kept, long before “Protect the children from predators at Halloween” became a “thing.” No children harmed on Halloween by a registered sexual offender. Ever.

Excellent work.

Of course, children were harmed. Researchers and experts warned that the only increased danger to children on Halloween was that of being killed or injured in auto-pedestrian accidents, and, as experts tend to be, they were correct.

Two children were killed by automobiles in North Carolina and in California, one of them dying with his mother and father when an intoxicated driver leapt the curb and mowed them down on the sidewalk as they huddled together.

Four others, one with his mother, were injured, two critically and still in very critical condition as of this writing, in New Jersey and in South Carolina. Another was very seriously injured in Florida and, thank God, is expected to recover, and yet another was hospitalized with internal injuries in a separate accident in the same county in New Jersey.

There may well have been others.

So our efforts to protect against registered sexual offenders, thanks to the noble efforts of many, succeeded, but, and in spite of warnings and cautions, we fell short in the automobile-pedestrian arena.

We must extend our diligence to protecting all children. On Halloween, all driving must be suspended. Persons needing to get to work for evening hours will need to arrange to get there well prior to trick-or-treat time and under no conditions will be allowed to leave for home unless they will walk or bike. Buses, taxis, and all other public transportation that is vehicular must cease for trick-or-treat hours. Their lost income is a small price to pay for young lives saved.

Anyone confronted with emergency situations, such as needing to get to a hospital or emergency room, will need to wait until at least midnight to be sure that no trick-or-treating children remain on the streets. The same will apply to the need for fire department services, whether for medical emergencies or for actual fires. And police response, for those hours, will be limited to foot, bicycle, and, where available, horse.

A few hours of pain and being in crisis or a burned home or waiting to have a crime investigated — or prevented — are surely sacrifices worth making in order to assure that no child is ever again killed or injured by a driver Halloween evening.

The defense for implementing some of the most outlandish conditions against those on the registry is often, “If it saves one child.” Statistics bear out that taking vehicles out of the equation on Halloween will save more than one child. A new mantra will evolve from this: “Save more than one!”


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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      Another brilliant and thoughtful piece by Sandy. Thank you!!!

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      Good post. Very informative.

      For one evil Americans claim to fight, there are many others that they embrace, shrug their shoulders, and overlook. In October, those on the registry are painted off monsters or creatures of the night, that must be feared at all costs but they ignore a culture of heavy drinking which leads to the injury and/or death of the people they claim to protect. From the looks of it, they would much rather minors being severely injured or killed through drunken driving than for an SO to live among them and never commit any other crimes. They would even rather the deranged killers and other scary characters that appear in TV shows, movies, and video games among them. Their lawmakers and officers even crack down on a certain plant that when compared to alcohol, cigarettes and similar products, and prescription drugs, doesn’t do much harm to people. They certainly aren’t protecting minors from teen sexual relations and pregnancy, porn viewing, transitioning, and abortions either.

      Lawmakers, politicians, law enforcement, prosecutors and most other Americans are not concerned about the statistics of recidivism among SOs and how minors are injured or killed through drunken driving. They operate over fear, bitterness, hatred, and ignorance. They’re minds are made up. SOs are like the witches of Salem a few hundred years ago. The only difference is that the witch hunt towards SOs cannot and will not be stopped. Even witches today participate in festivities at Salem and other places during Halloween. The 31 is revered by Wiccans. Make of that what you will.

      The only way some of them could ever get it, is if their dearly-beloved 15 or 16 year old son committed SO crimes(not the sexting type) and was at the mercy of people like them. They wouldn’t know what to do. Even a therapist had used my charges against me, to have me remanded inside a courtroom over a lie. Someone who most likely spoke to many victims out in the community, at some private practice or psychiatric hospital, presenting a false image of someone being there to help them.

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      Well said Sandy, well said.

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      I support this message 100%

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      Sandy, You are a genius! You are a wonderful blessing, thank you a million times!

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      “The fact is no Sexual Offender would ever attempt a molestation of a child on Halloween! Lest to say Parents are waiting in cars in neighborhoods and monitoring their activities from house to house. Doorbell and security cameras keep a closeup eye and ear to the majority of homes in America today. Even the worse violent offender would never try anything with so much policing going on. Putting up signs is simply idiotic, time consuming and causes a panic a witch hunt with possible mob violence. In my county the cops decided to drop this idea and also stopped the senseless idea of roving patrols monitoring RSO’s. The local media of course warned parents and did their own knocking on doors. If this happened to you its a violation of your constitutional rights. Some local media outlets reported specific addresses and even names of RSO’s. True this is public information but if you and your crime is exploited then legal action should be taken. I searched across America to find a single case of child abuse on Halloween and other than a few arrests of crazies putting razor blades and poison as well as drugs in candy, I could not fine any. Therefore the case that politicians make that Halloween is a time to keep your children safe from Sex Offenders is a complete fallacy and Organizations such as NARSOL need to take legal actions against every Law Enforcement agency that uses these tactics to enforce Laws already in effect. JEV – True Confessions

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        Taking info about a person then putting them on the spot is illegal. Spreading intimate pictures and videos of a former wife or girlfriend is illegal along with defamation. But citizens can freely take info about SOs and put it on some website. The registry just isn’t enough for them.

        The news/media is a tool that steers the people as if they’re mindless sheep.

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      Nice article. Everyone needs to remember that all have to fight the unjust loss of freedom of others for the next person’s freedom to be taken could be their freedom.

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      Lest we not also forget all of those sick and demented fools that spike candy with foreign object or narcotics. That also has been going on as long as I remember, things like razor blades and needles, they used to offer to x-ray the candy to be sure it was safe to eat. This year there were arrests of persons putting cocaine and THC into the mix. Cant we create a registry for anyone having a drug charge too??? Or a DWI??? Or an accident??? Or shaving so we can keep better control o those razor blades???

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        James Coghill

        What a wonderful idea! Lets be known as one nation under defamation! Let slander, lies and liable fly from coast to coast. America the equal opportunity humiliator! Everyone’s a target. Look around you. Aren’t we already there minus a registry for everything?

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      Send a copy of this to every legislator across the country. Period.

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      Sandy. Excellent. Job Thank You again. Now; I don’t believe it’s too far fetched to think that we’re a ‘Sanctioned Group’ of Citizens by our own Government, for the sake of Legalized Attacks by anybody. I mean, think about it. Out here in Pennsylvania, anyone on The Registry-myself included-can be attacked by any number of Vigilantes. Should we survive, and try having OUR DAY IN COURT, the worst such people have to face is Probation. That’s all. Mind you, even those WITH a Criminal History of their own, STILL only get a slap on the wrist! Try Suing them, and suddenly you have way more trouble than ever before. You’re in the hospital recuperating, but because you miss a Registry Date, YOU STILL GET PUT BACK IN PRISON, AND IT DON’T MATTER TO THE JUDGE THAT YOU WERE HOSPITALIZED BECAUSE OF A VIGILANTE KNUCKLEHEAD GROUP!! I gotta watch my back, and do everything they say, even if doing so will kill me any damn way!
      What the hell are we to do?

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      You know they are out to kill us off. Right? That’s what they really want!

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      Ok Sandy lets don’t go overboard. I still can’t get that pharse out of my mind. It takes two to tango. Who serves to save today, or who brainwsashes another in this cats and jammer sex ordeal. Sure killing is no good but their are many ways to kill. Drugs and alcohol are an example. Does the sex registry save or who is reproving or approving these callous ordeals or did Dr. Frankstein create a monster that finely went mad. And many are mad over the registry. Sure saving kids, adults, or human life’s matter but who protects another by crafty methods.

      Most all this sex registry stuff is mind inducement to put it mildly. Sure ministers of Justice are crafty self concieted and greedy. Look at the politicians today and this slogan Make America great again. Where is the biblical understanding they tossed out of schools back in the 60’s. One wonders who saves today when that person is on drugs and plows into a crowd or the man today that shoots up a school. I even wonders who protects or prevents in these circumstances. Its all about method in many ways but in the end does the victory go to the spoiler or the spoiled. Protecting is good but who inflicts in this callousl way. Instilling evil for evil hmm… never thought of it that way. I wonder who bretrays today the trust of the American public.

      Sure man’s wisdom is not biblical wisdom and foolish at best. One can do all the recidivism rates and do the numbers but who is juggling the books so to speak in much of this cover-up. This porno indursty on the internet is a catch all and should be banned. Even playboy magazine made some person rich. What’s it telling the teenanger. I’m sure protection is good but who protects a run away child on drugs or is upset at the way sudo=justice is handled. Sandy it all comes down to principals found in the bible and authorties should know better than to treat people like second class in this uncooth way. Inducing and seducing are two different animal’s

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      Frank Stuart


      Thank you for your vigilance and efforts on behalf of those who are condemned to the Registry. Having been out for over ten years here in TexasI have seen no positive advance on the Registry. I just got out of the local hospital for a minor stroke. Things were going fine until they found out I was aN RSO. I guess it is routine for the hospital security to check names against a list. I was taken out of the regular room I had been assigned to and placed in ISOLATION! None of the nurses wanted to attend me or help. Several times I heard the head nurse order them to”do your job. It’s part of your training and if it is not done you will be fired.” Of course, that order didn’t mean that they had to do it cheerfully! When I got thirsty enough, I finally gave up started drinking the water they brought me.

      And of course, everyone knew what room I was in because of the two armed security guards seated outside my door. I guess being on the Registry gives us superpowers since they figure that it would take two burly guards with guns to contain an old 65+ man suffering from a stroke and can’t even stand on his own!

      Oh well! Just another joyful day in the life of an offender on the Registry.

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        Frank Stuart

        I never realized that citizens would take things that far. It’s as if they left you to lose your life. What they did was ridiculous. I guess in their minds, the women in the hospital building must be “protected” as well. Maybe the men too. Despite the main focus of the people being on male SOs with charges towards minors, not women. Many of those men are not even attracted to women to begin with. But then again, they work off of fear and ignorance.

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      Dripping with sarcasm. Well written and on point. However, will it move the football? So use to great stuff like this changing nothing.

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      Linda Quinet

      Lest we forget the youngster trick or treating in Chicago that was killed by a stray bullet. Guns also need to be addressed.

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      The Criminalized Man

      Thought-provoking article. Thoughtful replies. Love you Crash, Perry, Saddles, Frank, and whoever posts after this.

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      Randolph Grote

      Why don’t we extend this to year round.. NO Driving Ever! ….think of all the lives it would save..,..

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      Sandy you hit the nail on the head! And to Frank, I get prisoners who come with guards and they sit there and gets there meals. As the person in the bed is locked to their beds no matter what their condition. I think it is such a waste of tax payers money. I myself take care of everyone the same. I know what you are talking about, and I am sorry.

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      I had a problem with sarcasm and negativity I’ll admit. that, it’s just that I really got caught up in connecting the dots in this whole mess and seeing what’s happened in this country.

      You have to take a step back and try to be grateful just for each day. And try to appreciate each person’s story. Because as hard as you might have it someone else out there is dealing with worse.

      I’m not a registrant. I’m helping a family member deal with their situation where they were falsely accused. We as a family stuck together through this mess and I personally gave up a promotion and later lost my job. It sucks but I realized how unprepared people can be in situations like this and that ironically the system is itself becomes predatory on cases of this nature.

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        Hi Wihz, you wrote “You have to take a step back and try to be grateful just for each day. And try to appreciate each person’s story. Because as hard as you might have it someone else out there is dealing with worse.” That’s a nice sentiment and I understand where your advice is coming from. But to put it into some relevant perspective, last night I texted a friend and told him I was having a hard time. I was very sad and feeling very burdened with my life.
        He responded basically the way you did. He sent me a video of somebody who had a face deformity that was trying to get plastic surgery and said, you should consider how much worse other people have it than you. Well that sounds great, but that mans life is not my life.
        My life is my own unique life and I have to live it and it hurts. Looking at someone else’s life being more difficult has absolutely no effect on lifting me out of my pain.
        Please try to understand that even though you’re helping someone, which is very admirable and necessary, you cannot take the pain off that someone. I don’t know their circumstance, but if he or she is like the rest of us it’ll be a lifetime burden of shaming and of fear.
        Since 15 years of post prison, I have achieved what many people cannot. I earned a PhD from a great university. The other 7 people iny cohort were immediately employed at $75-85,000 university professorships. But cannot get a job scrubbing toilets. Everytime I get work I get fired do to an informant making waves. Because I made a stupid mistake 25 years ago, which caused no one any physical harm, I’m still not allowed to do anything that might better my life.
        So at 59 years old I am still stuck where I was 25 years ago. I take that back I’m in much worse condition financially, emotionally, and socially than I was ever in my life. I make what I made when in high school.
        That burden will not lift. I see no reason to hope that it will. So I strive to live with the knowledge that this is my life until I die. Since you are not personally a registrant, you cannot understand the hopelessness of the registry being in your face all the time. Every time I meet a new person, or take a new client, or step out my door to take my trash can to the curb I worry that somebody is going to come and react at me. Not react TO me, react AT me. In my face in a public shaming fashion.
        My life right now is taking care of my elderly Mom, working a job where I make under $10 an hour instead of the $35-50 like my colleagues make. People believe that I am lucky I have an opportunity to live outside of prison. Even though I never harmed a soul. Many would see me killed. They couldn’t care less that I work 60 hours a week for $1000 per month saving lives, marriages, and filies. Or that I make myself available 24/7 for crisis. That 80% of my clients see me for free. Or I take care of mom. Or that I love dogs, or pray for people. A good man. But nothing counts if no one accepts you as a good person. Only God’s love and ultimate acceptance keeps me going. The psychological, emotional,and physical burdens of the registry are crushing me down every moment of every day. And all those I’ve met with and shared group with or have given counseling to share the same burden stiry.
        The idea that the registry can be managed is ridiculous. I think if we did have registry or warning signs or public shaming for other crimes, especially more immediately active crimes, society would push back very hard to protect privacy, for others.
        Truly helping a registrant find a better life must include the macro, not just the micro; to go out and lobby legislators, go to the news, and do all the things that a non registrant can do since it won’t bring shame and vigilante retaliation down upon their heads like it does if we try. We are so powerless to do anything because the moment we raise our hands to say “I protest”, the world comes crashing down on us. Being a registrant is like having a terminal disease that lasts for an indeterminate time. The pain and suffering continues without treatment or cure.
        Consider this, “recognition cures many ills”. That’s a famous quote (paraphrased), that explains a known cure for people who are suffering emotionally, socially, spiritually, etc. Through recognition and validation this mental illness of brokenheartedness can be recovered. It can only happen when former offenders on the registry are validated and recognized for the good that they do and the people that they are. We need to be validated for the good people that we are if we are striving to live right post conviction.
        I would like to not be lonely the rest of my life. When my mom dies my burden of taking care of her will be over. But then the only person that I get to talk to you on a daily basis will be gone. And then I’ll be waiting for my turn. Of course, I can’t go into a nursing home, so I’ll have to sit by myself despite any disability I have and wait for my turn to die.
        If I was to try to date and remarry and have a lifetime companion for my last 20 years of life, she would probably run the other way when I tell her about my registration. If not, her family would certainly do all they could do to dissuade her. And if she did make the decision to tie her life to mine, she would become subject to that suffering that I endure vicariously.
        So I do not have hope that this infirmity of mine will ever cure, it is a terminal situation. Thinking about other people being worse off than me does not alleviate my pain. There are indeed some things worse than death. Denial of the right to really live is one of them. And while this seems like a rant, it is not meant to be. It is simply trying to put out in a public forum the fact that those of us who are registered, while appreciating anyone advocates for us, are not relieved just because somebody wants to help.
        Relief will not come to us so long as we are on the registry. We will have is a little less suffering if somebody cares to hear us express our pain. But if a platitude is offered like instructing us to consider how bad off someone else has it, our emotional need is actively denied, dismissed as not as bad as we think, and we become wounded. An empathic failure of this kind causes a “narcissistic” wound– a wound that goes directly to the soul. What I and every other registrant needs is to be able to express our pain to others, who will listen, and then respond by saying something like, “Oh, wow, that must really hurt. Despite everything that people say about you, you are a valuable person and I appreciate you. If no one else on the planet knows that you’re a good person, please know that I know. And I want to be your friend, spouse, family member, etc. You are important to me.

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      John P

      And let’s post signs out in front of all houses where people own cars to “BEWARE: AUTOMOBILES ON PREMISES”!

      Just to be safe!!

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        Oh, I LOVE this; brilliant!

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      Saving lives matter. Yes we can all brainstorm this sex registry issue, just like the signage issue but some athorities want to take it to the limit in many of these extremes. Sure if it saves one child, or Its for public safety. I’m sure we all have heard that till we are blue in the face. Taking a negative and turning it into a positive is always the best way to handle things. All this hype about sex registries and watching someone’s back or having to have a chaprone to even attend church. One wonders if even those authorities even attend church or know their left hand from their right.

      Dominating someone isn’t good. Sure one can look at all the negative aspects of the registry but believe it or not you are your own person and yes being constructive can help overcome the pitfalls. Many or most of this registry scheme is a death sentence to some if they don’t have hope that much of this will end or some rationalization comes about. I’m even game for protest but banning car’s on Halloween is a bit much but so is the registry.

      While public safety is good pretending in many of these issues by law enforcement masquaradeing as teenagers isn’t. Anyway one looks at it, it is a deceitful game. Even the detective that snagged me told me its all part of the game.

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      I don’t know where this scare started from that convicted sex offenders do bad things to children on Halloween? Guess it is like the Salem Witch Trials a rumor started and people went with it. When I was a child and trick or treated back in the 60’s & early 70’s there was never anything about children being abducted at Halloween or anything like that, the only thing I remember that sometime in the mid 70’s, I believe that there was reports of evil people doing things like putting razor blades in apples or doing something to the candy and then after that children started to go to places where they new the people, to avoid problems and this HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH SEX OFFENDERS! When I was young my brothers and I and our friends used to range for miles away from our homes getting candy and come home with like 2 bags full of candy and never had a problem. My parents used to buy a whole bunch of candy, because many kids would come to our house to get candy, but once that scare started about the razor blades in apples, etc., my parents had a lot of leftover candy and in successive years they did not need to buy as much. And as I said above this had nothing to do with sex offenders!

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        George, I wondered the same thing, and in 2014 I did a bit of informal research. The results are given in this piece written under my then and occasional pseudonym Shelly Stow. http://with-justiceforall.blogspot.com/2014/11/sex-offenders-and-halloween-will-it.html
        According to what I was able to surmise, it sort of started between 2005 and 2007, really took off between 2008 and 2011, and was out of control by 2012. I haven’t taken the time to go through the procedure since 2014, but the number will probably have doubled or more.
        And FYI, all the stuff about razor blades and poison in apples and candy is almost totally myths also. Almost no documented incidents, and what are occurred long after the myths were around, I believe.
        Some years back a father poisoned his children’s Pixie Stix in order to collect their insurance money. His son died; his daughter survived. I think I remember that he poisoned some given to other children so suspicion wouldn’t fall on him, but no one else died, and he was arrested and convicted. A horrible thing.

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      Politician produced propaganda.

      When is the Civil Suit being submitted on the grounds of propaganda aimed at a group of people which only seeks to destroy them socially, economically and personally. It is nothing short of Social Genocide.

      Evidence…. We now have at least 5 decades of empirical data that is completely being ignored by politicians so they can spread lies & deceit to the public only exaserbated by the media = propaganda.

      Civil Suit backed with evidence, not personal opinions. That’s the only way this will end.

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      Great article Sandy! I printed it out and sent it to all of my state/federal politicians. Sent it certified mail (at great expense I might add), just so I know someone had to read it, even if it was an aide.
      Si vis pacem, para bellum!

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      thank you, can’t count how many times i’ve echoed these thoughts exactly..

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      I was on probation (no jail time) after being convicted of 2 counts of mental harm to child in a plea deal. I was charged, but not convicted, of a sex crime and was not placed on the registry. During my 5 years of probation I still had to obey Halloween registry rules which I found astonishing as I was not on the registry. My wife and 2 young kids had to basically leave for the night while I waited alone in the dark for the cops to make their rounds with DOJ agents. I remember one year they came to check on me fairly early, and my two kids were getting ready with their costumes. The irony was pretty thick. Keep the kids safe from me while two of them live in my house and are actually getting ready for Halloween trick or treating.

      I believe the reason this rule exists is because of the Halloween crime committed in the early ’70s in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

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      American Nightmare

      “I believe the reason this rule exists is because of the Halloween crime committed in the early ’70s in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.”

      Actually, no. All these sex laws, restrictions, requirements, guidelines and rules that are perpetually foisted upon are simply out of spite, political furtherance, security theater and the public illusion that risk is somehow minimized.

      Trying to get off the registry is like attempting to escape a coffin after being buried alive.

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      John Rackman

      I’m not sure I get it anymore. What was this about… just being snarky for the sake of it? This isn’t news.

      Yes, it is dumb – in theory – to make SOs stay indoors on Halloween, but if you play stupid games (sexually offend), you win stupid prizes and have to deal with the fallout.

      There are far, far more cars than SOs, by the way… statistically, i’d have been amazed if someone wasn’t hit and killed on Halloween.

      I committed a sex offense 10 years ago, spent quite a bit of time on supervision, and never had any problems. Had jobs, a relationship, drove where I wanted when I wanted, had internet/smartphone, contact with my kids, went to school and got degrees, you name it. Never went back to jail. Never an issue. Landlords don’t care and I live pretty much where my wallet allows me.

      People at jobs and in the community know/knew about my crime – I told them, it was never in the paper or anything, and YES, I am on the registry, for a touch crime that I readily admit that I am guilty of. Indifference is the worst I have seen or felt.

      Where are you people where your lives are so horrible?

      Maybe it is a matter of perspective – you feel ‘wronged’ when in fact you really aren’t. ‘Ooooh, people have an OPINION ABOUT ME!!!!’ So what?

      Nobody is guaranteed anything in life. We collectively screwed up opportunities for ourselves by committing sex crimes, and these were opportunities we were never entitled to. Take what you can get instead of complaining about what you feel entitled to. You are not entitled to other people liking you or giving you jobs you want or treating you how you feel you should be treated.

      Fight the real battles, instead of posting these editorials that miss the mark. Ex Post fact stuff (retroactive registering), lifetime GPS for persons not on supervision, repealing internet laws for those who have completed their sentences – the REAL ISSUES that are constitutional in nature, not signs in yards and legally valid laws. Don’t like it? Find a way to change it. These editorials are whiny and weak. i don’t care how you FEEL, I only care about ACTION. DO something other than complain.

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      Mr. Rackman, thank you for your input. We totally agree. Words are important and necessary in any conflict, but action is more important. Do you find NARSOL short in action? Please review our suits in ME regarding residency restrictions, in GA re unlawful requirements of those on the registry, and our suit in NM dealing with due process, with more to come in that state. Go further back and review the Packingham case in NC, dealing with internet laws, that was successful all the way through the U.S. Supreme Ct. Review successful suits launched by NARSOL affiliates in TX , IL, NC and other states, including an ex post facto case in MD. Consider the letters of warning recently sent to officials in another GA county and to the WV State Police, letters that are the first step in launching legal action. More of these will be forthcoming shortly.
      Since you value the importance of action, we trust that you are involved with anti-registry organizations, that you participate in state-based groups taking action against constitutional violations, that you are involved at the legislative level, giving testimony where appropriate and seeking out your representatives or their aides to talk to them about the facts and your experiences.
      I’m sorry you don’t care for my little piece; satire isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You might try just not reading my articles.
      We wish you success in your actions and your advocacy on behalf of registered people.

    • #61865 Reply

      Charlie is..spot. On.

      Dear one, Wihz..your sympathy is GREATLY appreciated and please…continue to encourage as you are led.

      As Charlie has very exhaustively explained..the life of an RC is…(I’m literally at a loss for a proper word to adequately describe our horrific life situation….) Different. than any other human being’s.

      PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Use any and all talents, resources, influences, and opportunities that you may have..to fight this thing.

      Educate yourself on local, state, and federal policymaking.

      Talk to your legislators during meet and greets.

      Your friends and acquaintances that know and trust you.

      Always have the REAL facts regarding this subject handy, of which you can find on this very website, when you leave your home in order to lead discussions and answer questions.

      Be calm but persistent. Logical and to the point.

      We need people like you, Wihz.

      More than you’ll ever know.

      May God Bless your efforts, my friend.

    • #62442 Reply
      Tim in WI

      My question is: How do we protect our children from database misuse?
      Especially concerned about .gov use. SOR clearly demon-strates actual misuse right out of the constitutional gate. The first thing The leaders did was use it to attack certain citizens publicly. Virtue signaling!
      The potential use of most new technology is well thought out prior to R&D begats. Market forces demand it. The U.S. Government and the political class understood the importance of the electronic database long before it is common knowledge. They were able to anticipate some political advantage wrought through the appearances of good faith. This the moral high ground was promulgated justifying the indenture of human to machine property.
      The machine, it was thought could assist law enforcement. It sure does, but now the databases a far greater general threat to plain liberty of us all. Even speech is threatened and is already getting less civil around here. Identity theft protection is necessary for every one of us with a SS#. It is elementary work for a database to crunch an eight digit number and all potential permutations of same.

      The last two words of the OMNIBUS BILL 94 TITLE says it all.

      I believe SOR prevents crime to the same relative effect of the atomic bomb’s effect on preventing war. Yea, not so much. In fact relative violence and lawlessness increased by the adoption of an unfettered use disposition demanded by the in the know parties advancing the technology.. SOR is a basic case of “rent seeking” described in classic economics theory.

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      Ok. I use translate and will be good ok?

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