How honest should a sheriff be?

Updated 11/15

By Sandy . . . To what standard of honest and ethical behavior should a law enforcement officer be held? A recent experience involving the Twiggs County Sheriff’s Dept. in Georgia and Sheriff Darren Mitchum has reinforced to me the importance of this question.

Sheriff Mitchum saw fit to do a bit of bragging about his department’s efforts in protecting his little piece of the world by participating in a statewide initiative called “Operation Watchful Eye.” It targets persons on the sexual offense registry for special scrutiny during a week’s time period that encompasses Halloween.

Some of the verbiage and rhetoric used in relating the success of the operation was, not surprisingly, offensive to those of us who deal more in the factual realm of sexual offense issues, and having no comment board connected with the article on which to express our points of view, we took to the County Sheriff’s Facebook page where all of the points made in the article were repeated and elaborated upon.

Quite a few comments supportive of Sheriff Mitchum and Operation Watchful Eye were made, and I proceeded to place one of my own. This is what mine said: Law enforcement’s primary job is to keep its citizens safe from harm. This is done by enacting and enforcing policies and laws that are grounded in facts. Current policies addressing those who have been convicted of sexual crime are not validated by any research, facts, or experts as being effective in preventing sexual crime — committed almost exclusively by those who are NOT already on the registry — or protecting citizens, especially children, who, when they are sexually abused, are almost always victims of family members and others close to them. Please get some facts at Thank you.

Mine was quickly followed by at least two others offering a point of view that did not support the actions of the sheriff. There may have been more, but I saw at least two others.

I cannot verify how many because they have now been removed, or at least hidden, by whoever manages the page. Chatter began fairly soon among NARSOL advocates, chatter saying that the comments that didn’t support the sheriff were visible for a short while but now couldn’t be seen any more.

I verified that this was true and sent Sheriff Mitchum a private message: Sheriff Mitchum, you may or may not be aware, but your FB page manager has chosen to hide all comments attempting to show a different point of view to the Operation Watchful Eye piece. This borders on dishonest; it is certainly unethical and deceptive, a poor stance for a law enforcement officer to be a participant in. Would those who praise you so highly be pleased to know that the comments are being skewed so that any opposition is hidden?

I have waited for a reply, but I have waited in vain. I cannot answer my question to the sheriff. As far as I know, those who praise and support him might be tickled pink to know that opposing comments are hidden. Although, given the disparity between hiding  comments and his saying, “Honesty and integrity runs deep with me. I do my best to keep everything transparent. I think transparency is a big thing with any law enforcement agency. It has to be transparent,” some might find the hypocrisy a bit too much.

But what about the larger question, the larger issue: Should a law enforcement officer be held to a higher standard of what is honest and ethical?

For my part, I would be satisfied if he were held to the standard of normal, ordinary people, the standard that says that suppressing all opposition, silencing all voices that offer a differing point of view, is not only a strategy associated with a dictator but is also DISHONEST, UNETHICAL, and just plain WRONG.

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      Dishonest and unethical, definitely. But, suppression of free speech by a government agency might also be considered a constitutional violation. However, coming from a state that openly uses voter suppression tactics, I am sure they will be “meh…”.

      This is a powerful post. You hit them hard.

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      Tim in WI

      Most certainly unethical to use signage not supported by State law. The real reason why the national socialist worker party wrote “community policing” into the 94OMNIBUS was to create and empower a buffer third level of gov bureaucracy. Who watches the watchers? NARSOL and not gov.

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      This has become standard protocol, especially among the so-called news media.
      If it doesn’t anger, inflame, agitate, or stir up the minds of the people then it is suppressed regardless of how factual the data is.
      In this case, we actually were showing the people on his FB page that all the sheriff’s efforts concerning this operation are useless. No department wants it known that tax dollars are being wasted, so the posts were suppressed to hide the truth and make it seem as though the operation was actually a good thing, and keep the ‘buzz’ going about the so-called dangers of those on the registry.
      There should be a constitutional violation about suppressing the truth. It actually is a form of perjury.

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      Interesting question, and what role does social media companies play in assisting in these indevours ? Could Facebook be liable if someone reported the comments as “sexually inappropriate” for example?

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      “They can do it until they are stopped.”


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      totally against public registry

      I just read their post from November 18th- he sounds very proud that he has arrested 40 sex offenders and giving out data on how many predators, how many homeless sex offenders and how many sex offenders in total in all of their counties.
      I think that FB should be alerted to what this sheriff’s page is doing as far as dropping valid lawful comments. I think a sheriff should be held to a higher standard and honesty but oh well, if they were honest this world would be a much nicer place to live in.

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      Cops know very little about the offenders and crimes they are punishing. They only know the A-Typical Sexual Offender is the lowest form of dirt on the planet and they will kick ass of any of them that are not compliant. It doesn’t matter if the crime involved a child or not. Back in the Bill Clinton days he decided to call all sex offenders 2nd class citizens and stood by as the constitutionally flawed Megans Law went into effect because of panic and political gain.

      Cops today mostly hate sex offenders. So when a new law goes into effect they are happy to brag about their results of saving children from these sexual deviants. The problem being most sex crimes are non violent and a majority do not involve a child. Cops don’t care what the stats say.. they hear and see RSO on their computer and the shit will hit the fan. With no public outcry to protect RSO’s and very little support the situation will only get far worse.
      JEV – True Confessions

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      Billy Glenn

      Kudos to you Ms Sandy,

      Your viewpoint is so accurate! Hopefully the manager of this Facebook page, and the sheriff, will get a clue.
      I’m reminded of a description of a close- minded individual who says,”My mind’s made up. Don’t confuse me with the facts.”
      Many thanks to you and NARSOL for your efforts on our behalves!!!👍👍👍

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      The Criminalized Man

      Take down this, Sheriff Twiggy.

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      Steven Irvin

      Sandy you make me smile. How very lucky we are to have you as an advocate. Thank you
      So positive and on top of issues. I don’t know if you realize what an impact you are making and the power of one. You inspire us all. Thanks again Sandy!
      As for the sheriff its terrifying how one with power can destroy the dignity of others just because.

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      Don Campbell

      Sandy, I just re-posted your comment to the sheriff on his Facebook page and took a screen shot.

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      Cathleen M Gross

      JEV what you said in your comment is true and you can substitute “cop” with “politicians” and most “citizens.” The politicians seeking political gain here in Dallas County run their campaigns with promises of locking up sex offenders to keep our citizens safe. Citizens think all sex offenders are child rapist who should be locked up for life or put to death. I have seen Dallas County News and WFAA embellish their “news” stories with lies in order to produce “news” stories as “breaking news,” to get everyone’s attention so that they will watch their news shows as opposed other news sources.
      Megan’s Law and the Adam Walsh Law have back-fired because, now, there are so many sex offenders on the registry that law enforcement can’t keep up with them. It is costing millions to feed, clothe and house (jail) them. Millions more are spent on cops, state marshals, parole officers and the court system.
      You are right that the situation will only get far worse.

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      Cathleen M Gross

      Sandy, thank you! This is a fantastic article.

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      Frank Stuart

      How can there be a question of honesty when law enforcement is allowed to lie and intimidate citizens who or suspected of unlawful acts and behavior.

      While I was awaiting my hearings there was a young man in the same holding cell as I. he was physically 18 but had a maturity level of about a 12 or 13 years old. When he was questioned, he was held in the interrogation room for several hours. Having been in special education classes, he was easily scared and intimidated He keep asking to see his dad and to go home. The officer in charge told him that if he admitted o the crime they had arrested him for, he would be allowed to go home. He finally did and they sent him to his new home to wait until his hearings came up – sitting in a county cell with 20 other protective custody inmates.

      Law enforcement officers are allowed to lie, intimidate, and do just about anything to get you to confess. They don’t care what the crime is. They basically just want to put another checkmark in the “win” column. The county jail I sat in for 13 months awaiting hearing had a particularly sinister method of soliciting confession or intimidating those suspected of sex crimes. The officer escorting them back to the PC cell would “accidentally” lock them in a regular pod and drop hints of his charges. This had the effect of the suspect of wanting to get out so quickly before they ganged up on him that he would confess to just about anything. Sometimes they weren’t pulled out in time and they came back to our cell bruised and beaten. They were never the same person after that.

      So the question is not whether a sheriff should be honest – it’s more like where does judicial integrity end and abuse of civil rights begin. As the common truism goes – Never talk to a cop and never trust anything he says.

      These comments do not reflect upon all LEOs, but how do you know which ones you can trust?

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      John S

      Maybe this is just “preaching to the choir”, but how many of the 40 were arrested for an actual sex crime allegation, specifically directed at trick-or-treaters?

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      We must be UNRELENTING. We must be VERY CLEAR.
      We must FOLLOW UP and FOLLOW UP and FOLLOW UP until the truth rings clear and solid…and solid…and solid…and clear.
      This Fascism must stop (by ANY means)!
      Soon it may be time for more than politeness

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      The supression of free speech endangers us all.  In the past the targets were people of other ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientation. It got to the point that society was forced to limit the abusive behavior by laws to protect these people. Today the target is people with a sex crime charge. Who will be next???

       Since he is so fond of singling people out publicly, I think we should make a nice sign to put in front of the Sheriff’s office. Remind him that the Constitution has greater power than he does. I think this quote from the United Nations is appropriate to share with him and anyone else attempting to silence our voices. It was designed to address speech suppression in other countries. Sad to see it now applies to ours.

      “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

      United Nations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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      I would think that an official media outlet of the sheriff’s office is a matter of public record and cannot be suppressed. The only exception I would think permissible would be with comments that violate the media’s terms of service. It would like redacting an undesirable question brought up during a press conference. Definitely shady politicking.

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      I am approving the posting of this link, #61826 above. I wonder if this is why the contrary comments are only hidden rather than the writers being blocked. Interesting.

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      Thank you Sandy for your diligence and determination on behalf of all of us. It is so appreciated.

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      Law Enforcement as a rule by today’s ‘ standards’,-if that’s what they’re supposed to be- really aren’t. In Westmoreland County Prison in Western Pennsylvania, they tried moving me from PC, to another Gen- Population Unit knowing that Inmates in there-once it would have been revealed what My Charges were- would have attacked and potentially killed me. Yhe same happens at the Prison Level too. Even Cops who commit ANY type of Sex Crime usually get away with it. If THEY are brought to Court, they get a slap on the wrist with some weak form of Probation and STILL KEEP THEIR JOBS! Remember Jesus’s words from Matthew 24: vs. 10-12. ” Then many will be offended, and will betray one another, and will hate one another. vs. 11. Then many FALSE PROPHETS will ri4 up and deceive many. vs. 12. And BECAUSE LAWLESSNESS WILL ABOUND, the Love of many WILL GROW COLD!” I’m afraid that the worst is still yet to come.

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      Larry’s right. States will only stop doing a thing if they (1) stop of their own volition (which isn’t very likely) or (2) Until the properly framed argument with a supporting body of case law is presented to the courts and an order is issued against them. Larry has also pointed out that our courts are not a roving tribunal. All laws have the presumption of constitutionality until proven otherwise in a court of law. The courts may find a law repugnant, but until someone presents the properly framed argument they can’t do anything about it.

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      Please continue to advocate on Facebook. Facebook is influential, yet former offenders cannot access, so it’s up to family members and other advocates to disseminate the facts there.

      I found this article so powerful that I imagine it would capture the attention of at least one local reporter, were it shared with them (not sure where Twiggs County residents get their local news).

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      Joe Lawler

      Well done as usual. I would wonder if a follow-up letter to the county legislature may be in order. They are, in theory, the sheriff’s oversight.
      Also if you don’t mind may I “borrow” your response wording? It was a great response.

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      On a side note, notice the name “Operation Watchful Eye”. This naming scheme is eerily reminiscent of how powerful militaries/government organizations name their offensive operations to sound more benign and defensive. See Nazi’s, CIA, Mossad, etc. Unfortunate that Sheriff dept.’s are adopting this same propaganda technique although not at all surprising to those who know modern history.

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      Tired Old Man

      Didn’t trump get a spanking from the court about suppressing speech on twitter? would the actions of this pig be the same?

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      That’s the whole point of facebook they dont seek the truth. They use their site to stir the pot of fear about persons on the registry. And fear wins by having all those stupid cops shows show how sick the Sex offenders are it only keeps people afraid. Though lord knows if you sneeze wrong here in Mississippi you have to register. The law and our lovely Government use all this to make money that’s all. Til they are gone this will not stop.

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      Sandy I believed you answered your own question but it still needs more input understanding and wisdom or all we wise in this man made ordeal. To what standard of honest and ethical behavior should a law enforcement officer be held? The highest. The standard’s is they do not bear the sword in the right manner.

      I made a comment on here back in March of this year in Michaels article on Routine Compliance checks. Even Sandy took notice of it. So who’s leading us into temptation or who’s leading one in much of this game of sex with a presumed child or underage person. One either condemns justice or defends justice. Sure spot checking is good if done the right way. Their is an old saying you make your bed you “lie” in it or cover up but the honesty and truth are still the truth. All things are good if done right but in much of these ordeals who being preyed upon.

      Honesty or ethicial behavior & true value is what counts. I’m sure we all have bad hair days and even some of these comments seem to be well and good but who know’s a person’s thoughts and intent. Cannot one take the negative and turn it into a positive or should it be the other way around. One has to wonder who is killing who or do we all think to much of ourselves, our pride, one’s arrogents, or are our law enforcement personal behaving badly.. Who is leading us on or bearing false wittness in this charade in much or many of these ordeals, or who is preventing or preverting justice.

      Sure we all can get upset over much of this sex registry flesh peddling but who is upsetting the foundation or apple cart so to speak. One wants it his or her way or the other person seems less caring for their fellow human being, so what is careing all about than. What is protecting all about than. What is using the sword in vain all about. Its all about principal or do we do unto others before they do unto us in this deceptive bi carious ordeal when the real shooters are still out there so who protects who or who prevents. Motavites are good but everything has standards. I cannot even judge myself or do we all make mistakes and errors. One wonders who is using a two edged sword today.

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      Thank you, Sandy for your diligence in all these matters, and for standing up for what is right!
      As someone once said, ‘The path of least resistance not only makes rivers crooked, but also the hearts of men!!’
      Thank you for NOT taking the path of least resistance. It goes to show you that there are still people of integrity in this world who are willing to fight regardless of the outcome.
      Martin Luther King Jr. said “You have to stand for what is right, and then deal with the consequences as they come”.
      Thanks also for allowing the link to be shown that opinions on social media are not to be suppressed.
      Maybe you should send that link to the sheriff to show that he is a lawbreaker himself by not allowing opposing data and opinions on his FB page.

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      I wish all law enforcement were honest. I’ve often said cops should not be above the law, they should be held to a higher standard. Thank you for all your hard work

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      Why do you say former offenders can’t use Facebook? I am a former offender and I use FB when I need to. I think I read somewhere that this issue was challenged in court and it was legal that a former offender has the rights to use FB.

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      Good point. Notice how the media along with law emforcement, cannot use fear-momgering to stir the masses in regards to women who have committed sex crimes towards minors. They can’t because of the way most American citizens think. They are moved by fear and ignorance towards men with sex charges(even those that are innocent), and men in general(teen females and women often consider men as “perverts” that they have to watch out for and have been conditioned that way from a young age) but at the same time cannot comprehend/process teen females and women as being the same way that they think of men. That’s why the Halloween thing exists at all. That is what the people “want.” The same men and women of society(as potential jury members) allow female SOs passes over the same ignorance(prosecutors take deals with them because jury members can never comprehend/process victimization by women), downplay male victmization and watch movies and shows that do the same, and are only focused on men during Halloween. Both prosecutors and the people they represent are what make the judicial system so dangerous. Especially for the falsely charged and the falsely accused.

      Male youtubers would make videos that portray attractive white or Hispanic female SOs in a good light, and similar comments are posted under those video by men which garner many likes.

      American law itself discriminates towards men with rape laws being worded as the genitals of a man entering a certain area on a victim.

      There’s one YouTube video from a popular pop culture, Hollywood, celebrity, and trending news channel about a female teacher who had been arrested for victimizing a boy in early 2018. In the video the female host says things like “reportedly took 14 year old, 8th graders virginity,” then says “sexy,” after giving more details. At some point the host says that the teen boy claimed that the teacher would drive to his home at night, pick him up then take him to have sex either in her car or in a barn. To which the female host points points at the camera, winks a little and says “McDonalds and car sex,” “Classy lady.” The title of the video itself put the woman in a lesser light. The same channel put male SOs in a negative light and the tone of the videos and the comments under them are quite different.

      Articles online have done the same with the titles and words therein such as “affair,””sexual affair,” “relationship,” “had sex with,” even “romps”(as for cases where women have victimized girls). One article has “illicit lesbian affair,” and the word “lesbian tryst.”

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      Cathleen M Gross

      Notice how the top priority of the media and law enforcement are SOs. Specifically those with charges towards minors. Some of which have been falsely accused. They work as a network along with lawmakers, prosecutors, and most citizens as jury members. Cops like the detective who threw death on me at age 21, then mocked me to other officers at the precinct, would work in cahoots with those behind the news. The cops would give the person’s name and picture so the news could tarnish the person’s image for views. Maybe more money too. It also puts a target on the back of SOs which happened to me both in jail and some psychiatric hospital(in ways that you can’t imagine). The news continues the cycle of fear and ignorance towards male SOs.

      Also notice that the focus of the media and law enforcement along with lawmakers, prosecutors, and most other citizens is not the victimization of minors by women but the victimization of minors by men. They are only focused on men with SO charges. They indirectly allow victimization by teen females and women as they put their time, energy, and focus towards men. They same nothing of any other crimimals too. The same society has mocked male victimization by women in movies such as That’s My Boy and Knock Knock.

      I watched a TV show where in two separate episodes, each with a woman and her male victim as guests. Male victims who had a sexual relationship with them. I think both of them got pregnant. The audience would laugh at certain points and not take any of that seriously. Neither did the host take any of that seriously, and was actually willing to help one of the women with advise on how to “avoid jail.” One of the woman had said that when her victim was 14, a prosecutor and judge were willing to allow them to marry, and to keep the marriage under the rug with no media involved whatsoever.

      I have read somewhere online, that a woman who was an SO, was being flirted with and got unwanted attention from male co-workers who knew of her status. Supposedly, something to do with someone under 12.

    • #61888 Reply
      Will Allen

      Of course it is dishonest and unethical.

      I think it is also illegal. If a government agency has a public forum where they allow citizens to comment, they cannot pick and choose which comments they want to display. If that it not illegal, it certainly should not be hard to make it so. No person with a brain would think that should be allowed.

      I will take it further than that and also state that it should be illegal for any government entity to use Facecrook at all. They should not be allowed to use any news medium, forum, whatever, where some citizens are actively prevented from seeing and using the content. Absolutely should be illegal.

      Every sheriff in Georgia that I’m directly aware of is a crook. Every single one of them operates outside of the law, as much as they can. I am doing what I can to harm law enforcement all the time. I will work hard to keep as many resources from them as possible. They are really going to have to step up their drug businesses to keep their $$$ rolling in.

      And speaking of which, all people in law enforcement are overpaid, especially sheriffs. Way overpaid. Join groups that oppose their taxpayer fleecing.

    • #61891 Reply


      The system is built to chew away, drain, degrade, and otherwise destroy the lives of many people that put themselves in it. Some, like those who are innocent of murder, falsely accused for a sex crime towards a minor or woman(false accusation can’t work if a man had accused another man), or were lied to by a minor female about her age, find themselves in it, for nothing.

      It is built to be drain, degrade, or destroy most people who committed serious crimes. Not just the SO ones. But for SOs specifically, it was built to bring certain torment and death. That’s why inmates are pooled together at pri@@@s and blind spots are left in bathrooms. Yet in jails they are put in seperate units as their cases occur. Only those who are sentenced to serve time in jails are those with misdemeanor offenses, for the less serious crimes. Which includes paying off prostitutes which isn’t grouped with other crimes of a sexual nature, and doesn’t fall under the witch hunt Americans have for other crimes of a sexual nature. Though lawmakers in Florida are considering the creation of a seperate SO passport for men who paid off prostitutes for sex.

      In jails, SOs are put on blast by the news and the law enforcement who gave the news information on them. To have them sought out by other inmates. Which happened to me both in jail and a psychiatric hospital. But it was verbal assaults. Like I said, in jails SOs are put into seperate units and the person that called me out was in a hallway as I was being escorted to a certain area.

      In jails and pri@@@s, men are deliberately put into rooms with other men. Some men who have gfs or wives are forced to spend lengthy periods of time without any relations with them or other women. Yet politicians, lawmakers, and others will pretend that they are concerned about ra$p.

      I noticed you quoted the Bible. The justice/court system is an abomination that is heavily run by demons. I can’t even describe the experiences I have had before God saved me and pulled me away from that system.

    • #61895 Reply

      Have any of you actually seen prison. Try the a run at parchment or green county in Mississippi. Blind spot the guards turn their back while you are getting beat down. Lawyers judges and politicians should be required to serve 2 yrs in a state run facility without any aid what so ever before they can ever pass a law or convict a soul.

    • #61896 Reply

      I’d also like to add that God isn’t it this. Remember the church and state are separate. So all those cops and lawyers claiming God gave you a task. You need to join the church and drop you badge off..

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      Former Offender


      While NARSOL has done much good for those convicted of sex crimes to help fight the unjust and unfair laws, I have yet to see any updates on the International Megan’s Law. It would be nice if someone could do some research and provide an update and where and when a case might be filed. There are many of us who live overseas who will be adversely effected by IML.


    • #61908 Reply

      I hated reading this. But it further proves that the system is predatory against these kinds of cases.

      That they could push people around and force them to falsely confess to something they didn’t do is reason enough that there needs to be MONUMENTAL REFORM.

      Sadly, the reform takes a back seat while legislators and politicians quickly fire the next volley to keep you pinned down. But at least there is SOME hope.

    • #61913 Reply

      Mr. Stuart I couldn’t agree more. I experienced the same events and situations. I refused to speak to any detectives. I was cordial but defiant. I never spoke with any law enforcement after my arrest other than to say that I had nothing to say based on the recommendation of my lawyer. Even tho’ I had no lawyer at the time it was advice from a lawyer I had spoken to on the phone. I think my actions or lack of irritated the Detective and the prosecutor to no end.
      Mothers tell your children not to speak to law enforcement for any reason. Nothing good ever comes of it. They are not your friend. They are not your protector.

    • #61915 Reply
      Jeremy from Indiana

      The case I’m assuming you’re referring to is Packingham v. North Carolina. It was determined in that case that there cannot be a law preventing registrants from using FB. FB still has it in their terms of use that registrants are not permitted to use their platform though. This means that FB can still kick us off of there if someone recognizes and complains, but no law enforcement agency can do anything about it. Unfortunately, Packingham didn’t protect the free speech like we hoped it would. The court fell short on ordering that provision of the terms of use to be deleted. That’s why you notice the most vocal opposition to SO stories are through anonymous sources such as Disqus. I have been on the registry now for 6 years and have had a FB account for 5 of those years with no problems, but that’s because I don’t make waves and I refuse to comment on SO stories through FB because of the fear that my status will be found and my account deleted. This is why I support pushing for large social media companies to be declared public utilities since they are now the virtual town square always alluded to in free speech cases.

    • #61917 Reply

      I don’t believe one should get into church and state being separate but since it was brought up one needs not dwell on it. Remember a house divided cannot stand or are we still one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all. so lets not turn this sex registry into a wrestling match

      There are three things that many people in different circle’s never talk about and that is sex, politics, and religon so who is indivisible in all this. View’s and opinions are good in this sex ordeal. Many of us have strived to understand this sex registry issue, being in bondage for life over the least little ordeals from child pornorgraphy or being on the internet and being lead astray,to actual physical ordeals.

      Sure we can all talk about these pitfalls but were is the real justice of understanding in many of these preventions. No one can prevent anything from happening. Could anyone prevent this shooting out in Callifornia a few days ago and many other ordeals from coming about or is man some behavior expert in many of these callous ordeals to ensnare or entrapt. Sure we can talk about the registry issue but much of this registry is based on fear factors, intimidation, and Power of Government to induce those that are weak in understanding in much of this devilish ordeal or who has knowledge and understanding today. Much if not all of this registry needs to be abolished.

    • #61920 Reply

      Frank Stuart

      The best “rehabilitation” for men that have an attraction to minors is to not commit any crimes of that nature. That is the one thing that can save them. And God of course.

      I myself was slow, mentally delayed, underdeveloped, hard of learning etc when a crooked detective threw death upon my back at age 21. For my 1st offense. I also had been in special ed as a small child and someone said “He act like he 5” when I was 19. I overheard him say horrible things to other officers the morning of my arrest, such as “Crash is a dumb@@@,” “He’s stupid,” “Look…he’s so scared,” “He knows were watching him,” “I asked him….Ares, and he told me yeah.” Because I(with a jacked brain and deprived of sleep) had confessed to him in his vehicle and took some survey of his. He very much looked like he was grooming me as his female assistant sat in the seat behind him. I had asked 3 times if I would be able to go home. After the ordeal at the precinct, he manipulated his report against me with lies and deceptions. Even got a false charge put onto me, making it look as if I had been soliciting a 15 year old girl for sex. He and possibly others had gotten the local news on my back, which had me verbally targeted both in jail and a psychiatric hospital. Real talk.

      Also that female assistant of his had shown him my psyche meds that were found on a dresser as I sat next to him in his black car, on-the-low, so as for me not to notice what they were doing to me.

      After the mockery at the precint, he painted me off as a “smart” college student on his report along with other lies and deceptions, and a prosecutor upon my 1st encounter with him in a courtroom, had said the name of the pri@@@(the place where people with felonies are sent to after sentencing) in that state, with this otherworldly fierceness, or ferocity. The same prosecutor had also painted me off as a “smart” college student, knowingly using the false report against me.

      In his car, that detective had asked me for the whereabouts of the “man” who had sexually abused me as a child. Not that he gave a damn about me, or realistically, any other victims for that matter. He just wanted to go devour someone else….. He was just a machine. He was possessed.

      In jail, an inmate in the same unit I was placed in had mockingly told others more than once “He don’t know where he at.”

      The system is a network. A network that not only involves lawmakers, law enforcement, “task force” members, prosecutors, and most citizens as potential jury members, but also those involved with the mental health system as well. Like the “forensic” psychologists, or quacks, that are called upon by courts, who give out fake tests during their bogus evaluations in jails, only to commit perjury and work against an SO to the best of their ability during a hearing in court, either way. Or therapists and “MHT”s(mental health techs), such as this one female therapist and male MHT who got me remanded(handcuffed) in court after the MHT committed perjury against me to the judge, over the lie that he had “heard” me tell a female MHT that I was “going to rape” her inside of that trash dump where he worked at, among other lies, as the therapist just stood next to him and let him, despite me having told her my side of the story before that court appearance. They used my situation against me as death was hanging over my head. Mind you, all my charges were the non-contact ones.

      The only escape, or chance that certain people have, is to never commit SO crimes in the 1st place. Especially the ones involving those under 18. In some cases, preventing sexual deviancy(which includes seeing filth freely from the internet or on TV subscriptions) and/or attraction to minors from a young age. The truth doesn’t set people free, the system runs on lies.

    • #61928 Reply

      Well there you have it. Sandy and Fred while we can all assume the position what are a lot of government officials and legislators trying to assume? Overshadowing justice is not the way to seek true justice. I’m sure one knows that Bearing the sword in vain and instilling injustice are two different catagories. I have to commend all of NARSOL’s efforts at being an advocate to the truth in many and much of these ordeals.

      Man does not go to court without a charge or should we let Government be true and all others a Liar. I’m sure one can see the vanity in many and much of these ordeals. Sure we can all sound off on these issues but in the end it is truth that is what matters. Bulling and intimidating someone with plea deals is very tacky and malice for any government. Dishonest scales do not please. So where is truth in many of these ordeals.

    • #61936 Reply

      All this buzz everywhere about people on the registry.
      Nothing about opioid dealers and all the deaths that occur because of them, or killers and the hearts that they broke and families they wrecked.
      It’s all about people on the registry.
      Ya know, I would rather have been the victim of rape as a child myself, than be on the registry, and I know it was the choice I made that put me on it,
      but at least I could recover from the former and lead a normal or predominantly normal life,
      but there is NO recovering from this.
      My life has been so traumatized by others due to the registry and the title ‘sex offender’
      that life has lost it’s value and my heart is an emotional wasteland–nothing good grows there anymore.
      Where joy and happiness once began to grow after my sentence, bombs were dropped by people that destroyed everything, and changed it to nothing but rubble and dead branches that once bore fruit, all because of the registry.
      ‘Living’ and life in it’s meaning are gone.
      The registry and all the laws and buzz about them has caused total devastation to any sense of well-being I had.
      This has drained ‘all’ the life out of me.
      This is a ‘living’ death sentence.

    • #61939 Reply

      Now David and all you other people stop that gloating. While we can all try to get thru this ordeal its trusting in others better than trusting in the biblical word. Come on we all have our ups and downs in life but much of this sex registry ordeal is unjust. To put it more bluntly its a test of mind over matter. If one wants to say miny of these ordeals are devilish well that is what they are.

      So who is killing who in this. Government has its faults but who wants to admit their faults. Is man killing man with much of this ordeal to strive to protect in much of this fabrication by the use of this internet device. Inducing and seducing is what its all about and mankind is greedy in much if not all of a lot of this sex registry. Many of those authorities “Think” they are protecting by playing this “fall guy” day trip on another with this sexual game. And yes as my detecting in my situation said to me “its all part of the game” So who is bearing the sword of injustice.
      One is not talking about going into a drug store and robbing the drug stroe we are talking abotu robbing the mind in this sexual game of childish behavior. I believa a great president once said ” Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

      If this registry is like tearing down the Berlin Wall than happy is the team or groups that works on this ravocation or abolishment of much or this sex registy by this computer inducement. Talk about government behaving badly in these inducements.

    • #62139 Reply
      Don Campbell

      Only 13 out of 9178 were arrested for another CSC charge. My post is also “hidden”. You can see that I made a comment, but you cannot pull it up.

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