Arizonans for Rational Sexual Offense Laws holding conference

NARSOL’s Arizona affiliate organization, AZRSOL, will hold its first conference next year on July 23. Titled “Collaborating for Change,” the conference will be held at the Arizona State University Beus Center for Law and Society. The speaker lineup is impressive, featuring Alissa Ackerman, Ira Ellman, Jill Levenson, Paul Dubbeling, and Guy Hamilton-Smith.

The hope for the conference is that it will “open dialogue and examine best practices among those who work with people accused and convicted of sexual offenses…”

NARSOL is pleased to see another of our affiliates launching its own conference focused on bringing factual information about the sexual offense registry to the public. Several of our other affiliates have held their own conferences, including Connecticut, Texas, and Illinois.

Brenda Jones, NARSOL’s executive director expressed her pleasure at Arizona having a conference. “It is great to see our state affiliates grow and develop and expand in this way,” she said.

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      You know they say Actions speak louder than words. Sure words can hurt but its the actions if carried out. Sure we can all get upset over many and much of this sex registry issue. Are a lot of these issues man-made via some internet device.

      Sure we can all talk about biblical issues, man-made issues, deceptive issues but were is the real strength in much of this understanding. If money is the root to all evil than somethings wrong with government and this internet sex offender game.

      Sure conferences are good when they get to the heart of the issue. Sure I’m impressed with many view’s even on NARSOL by others involved in this sex registry disgrace that appears to give one a black label or who is really protecting in much of this sexual enticement.

      Either one can commend justice or defend justice but who is playing this dreadfull game on people all over the U.S.A. Where is the true value in this rhyme or reason word game if one wants to call it that. So where does conscience come in much of this downfall via this internet device.

      One can look at much of this sex registry in the negative view or a positive view and the negative view’s outweight the positive views. Pressing on for the goal of doing away with much or the abolishment of this callous registry that has so many pitfalls is a goal that all advocates involved in this issue should take and yes NARSOL and many others are working to resolve this unorthodox and deplorable situation.

      Sure we can all look at this from a biblical standpoint or a man-made standpoint but remember nobody goes to war without a charge or who is usurping in this unscruplous game.

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