NCRSOL also warns it’s members of scams targeting persons required to register.

Yesterday we put up a post reminding members of scams targeting persons on the registry. That wasn’t the first time we warned our members, but despite putting up the posts and adding it to our weekly update, we get frequent calls from people who’ve been targeted or worse, taken for thousands of dollars.

These posts help the 2000 or so who belong to FAC, but not the other 72,000 whose information is on the Florida registry but don’t know about us yet. If FDLE is going to put our information online and make  us easy targets for being victimized, they should be the ones warning and educating registrants, not us!

What adds insult to injury is when registrants report this to law enforcement, we’re told they do nothing about it. If these criminals know they have free reign to impersonate police and scam those on the registry, it just gives them the green light to continue. We need to hold law enforcement accountable. Insist a police report is filed.

And it’s not just Florida. Yesterday, the Executive Director of the NC affiliate shared his own warning, including a recording of the scam voicemail message he got. His message and recording is below:

This is a message of what those scam callers sounds like:

They do sound very convincing to the average person. But states that restrict registrants from accessing the internet should accept some responsibility. Additionally, private companies such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or other platforms that exclusively ban registrants should take some blame too. The reason for my directed blame is that these laws and policies could have reached registrants if they had not been threatened or unable to learn of such scams from enterprising agencies that often promote overall safety.

What is much worse is that people in North Carolina that attempt to report these scams are turned away from receiving an actual police report. Therefore this gives any scam artist the green light to continue such practices if law enforcement isn’t going to do its job.

Feel free to share this voicemail sample with others. Remind registrants that “police do not call for warrants. Just as registrants do not call to be a cause for alarm.”

Dwayne Daughtry

Executive Director, NCRSOL


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