NARSOL quoted extensively in Cincinnati Enquirer Halloween piece

By Sandy . . . This time of the year presents many opportunities for advocates to educate the public about facts pertaining to any connection between those on the registry, children, and Halloween. And actually there is only one fact: there is no connection. It is a totally made up issue.

As NARSOL’s communications director, I am often the first to be approached by journalists with questions or for information or a request for an interview. Almost without exception, the interviewing journalists are respectful and very accurate in relating what I have said during the interview. Cameron Knight with the Cincinnati Enquirer is no exception. He has written a very accurate and informative piece; as the piece is available to the public only with a subscription, it is viewable to our readers here.

Many thanks to the Cincinnati Enquirer and to Mr. Knight.

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      I was wondering if you could write a letter to someone in these state(s) and the reporter who wrote this article about them spreading misinformation about Halloween? The way the article reads it wouldn’t surprise me to see them trying to enact new laws about it. I have a link to the story but the forum rules say I can’t enter it here. It’s a story put out by TAMARA SACHARCZYK, NBC 10 NEWS in Rhode Island and dated Monday, October 28th 2019.
      Thanks and keep up the good work.

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      Jonathon Merritt

      I hope you guys can stop Sherif Lee Cone in Fitzgerald GA. My Father is from there and I lived there many years. It’s an oppressive place for most people.

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      John S

      Just a reminder–
      Dr. Jean Kennedy is my scheduled guest on It Could Be You tomorrow (Wednesday, 30 October), 3-4 PM Eastern,
      2-3 PM Central, 1-2 PM Mountain, 12 Noon-1 PM Pacific.
      We’ll be talking primarily about the Halloween hysteria, and I plan to put an emphasis on the research done that reveals the myths as just that–myths.
      It’s a phone interview, so I won’t be able to take any calls. But for all of you who can, please listen in. Go to and then click on the appropriate listen live link.
      I should have copies of the program available to share with any interested persons or groups.

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        Douglas Martinez

        I am definitely interested in getting a copy of that because I do not think I will be able to listen in live since I run my own business. Good luck to you and thanks

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          Joseph McQuiston

          I’d love a copy too. It’s hard running your own business and balancing the identities of your heads of admin. I’d actually encourage NARSOL if it hasn’t been addressed about the almost impossible fact that I can’t gain employment due to my background and what I’m doing with a self made company. It’s the only way to live for me. I’m more qualified to be in the field I originally was than half the people in it and as soon as they run across that tidbit, their image rolls in. Expose the lies and air out the truths of this anomaly I die from every day.

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      ‘”It’s designed more for community dialog than anything else,’ Demasi said. ‘We’re in the business of protecting people, not in the business of ostracizing people.”‘

      They don’t put signs on homes of people convicted of murder? People convicted of assault? Domestic violence? Armed robbery? Protecting people is always the mantra when violating other people’s rights.

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        Jonathon Merritt

        I want all registrants to know that there is employment waiting for you in the trucking field. I was released in 2003 and I have been a driver since 2004. I am happy to give you the info to get into trucking if interested.

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      Tim in WI

      The darn purpose of Halloween is TO BE AFRAID! To scare the little punks before they soap your window or dump over your trash cans. NARSOL did the public a real service. Who swims against the torrents more than they? NCMEC dropped their maps of perps, exposed by their development as retributive. An intent they deny.

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      Jonathon Merritt

      I have been in touch with Sheriff Lee Cone
      And he told me that he was being pushed into that course of action by his constituents but fortunately the Judge shut down his choice to the right choice.

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      Only sex offenders are forced to live the rest of their lives under the shadows of the worse thing they have ever done. Imagine if everyone had to live like that? No redemption. No chance of rising above it. No chance of a normal life.

      Sex offenders- especially those who are non violent and have never physically harmed anyone, need the hope of the possibility of being removed from the registry with good behavior. The continual beating is inhumane and counterproductive. Many offenders feel they have no hope and end up on the streets, addicted to drugs, or engage in other type crimes. They are no longer productive members of society- or at least have a difficult time trying to be.

      If the registry worked, then why are we not doing it to murderers, robbers, those convicted of violent crimes? I’ll tell you why: Because the registry was designed to marginalize, punish, humiliate, and target anyone convicted of a sex offense weather they got a fair deal in court or not. Plea deals are the worse. My son was charged with producing and distributing and NO ONE presented any evidence that he was! He took the charge on a plea deal- something he now regrets.

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      Well two facts the registry was enacted because as they say “80% recidivism” frieghtening and high” which is a lie. Our own government had done study on recidivism rate on SO’s since 1991. From 1991 thru 1994 jus before the registry was enacted every study the government did since 1991 the rate’s start at 9% on the first study and below 5% every study they’ve done since. The government knew the truth before they enacted the registry. If you don’t believe me go on Doj’s & website, it’s all there. “They” say they want to know who’s a danger an such and the registry is for the dangerous offender. Did you know that the most dangerous sex offender can’t be seen on Megan’s law by the public, law enforcement are the only ones who can view them. I thought the registry was made so the public know who the dangerous offenders are? Funny how it’s morph into what it has, Democrats & spouses & scam artist an the list goes on are using the registry to manipulate peopleto get what they want

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