That has to be all

UPDATE: The school district has denied the details of the incident as reported in the article I linked and here. I am attempting to investigate further, but if I don’t get any further confirmation of the facts as they have been presented, I will remove the post.

By Sandy . . . “That just has to be all.” One of NARSOL’s board members is fond of saying that when something has occurred that seems outlandish or over the top. What he means, of course, is this is as ridiculous as it gets; nothing can top this.

And then a week later, he will say it again because something even more outlandish and over the top has occurred. I have lost count of the number of times something has been declared to be “all” only to be replaced by something even more “all” in a month or a week — or a day.

But this time I am saying it, and this time, it really does have to be all.

The headline says, “5-year-old autistic boy ‘put on record as sex offender’ by school for hugging classmate and kissing another on the cheek.” Initially, knowing the media’s propensity for hyperbole, especially when the term “sex offender” can be used, I assumed there was more to the story. Surely he had an older accomplice who was running the show. Surely he held a gun to someone and forced them to disrobe. Surely … But then my “get real” side told my Pollyanna side to stop the nonsense, that there was nothing a five-year-old could do, especially an autistic five-year-old, that would justify using the term “sex offender” in describing him.

And there doesn’t seem to be more to the story. Apparently, unlike many autistic children who don’t want to be touched, he is a hugger. He feels and shows affection. He hugged one classmate and kissed another on the cheek. Classmates. Other five-year-olds.

In what obscene, perverse world are these actions by any five-year-old determined to have a sexual motivation? In what sick, twisted world would a teacher of five-year-olds, someone hopefully trained in early childhood education, someone who hopefully understands the impulsiveness of five-year-olds and the total lack of sexual predation in five-year-olds, feel compelled to notify school authorities, who then notified child services — child services!

And then my “get real” side totally took over and kicked Pollyanna’s butt out the door.

Oh yeah. The world that created sexual offense registries and put them out for all to see. The world that decided that  young teenagers should be charged with child pornography for taking videos of their own naked selves. The world that decided that it was right, fitting, and proper for a teenager to be put on a sex offender registry for reciprocal  sex with his teenage girlfriend and then kept on it until he died even though they married, had children, and raised their family together.

Oh yeah. That world.

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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    • #60103 Reply

      Isn’t this special!! The school system is denying that they ever had any intent of labeling this autistic 5-year-old as a sexual predator. They can say “We didn’t say that!”, but then they turn around and say “We can’t discuss what was said due to privacy laws.” Isn’t it convenient how a school system can try to back-paddle by hiding behind privacy laws intended to protect children! Isn’t it amazing how school systems are allowed to duck and hide behind these laws!


    • #60105 Reply
      Old Offender

      There will be no end to it as long as politicians use sex offenses as “especially tough on Crime” platforms and the media sensationalizes and exaggerates anything that might be sexually related. For example, when my incitement for possession of child pornography hit the news, one TV news started the story with “this next story is about a very bad man”. The courts are our only hope.

    • #60111 Reply

      If a government benefits from criminalizing its citizens, gets to make laws, and gets to decide the meaning of words like sexual activity, and child it will not be long before we are all sex offenders. If people in power have the desire to lower population then sex laws, Health care control, and abortion legalization are very high priority’s. The enemy is government please vote for less!

      • #60177 Reply

        I don’t think it’ll be long at all, at least in the of men. Women will enjoy sexual freedom for quite a bit longer.

    • #60112 Reply
      Barre Flynn

      Politically Correct “Sexually Correct” brings our culture and society to a grinding halt. No matter what you do, you will now offend someone. People are so fearful that even the simplest decision can no longer be made with some degree of intelligence. There is no doubt that the availability of information via the internet and media has caused an inability to create reasonable laws that reflect good moral value. Legislators have bent to the interests of small groups of people to protect their jobs, i.e. get votes. This story is what happens to a community that is incredibly misguided and full of unfounded fears.

      As another example, My grandson in 6th grade is now forced to use a Gender Neutral bathroom with no urinals. This is in the middle school of Montpelier VT. He is seriously embarrassed to use these facilities. The NYC Sexual Harassment course mandated by the city to be administered by all employers is another example of being forced to acknowledge ideas we know are completely insane.

      It is extremely sad, that it is a Narsol group that has to remind our society and leaders that we are completely off-kilter in every respect. Our leaders lack the ability to be visionary. Making laws for profit is unethical.

      In the late 70’s God was pronounced dead. The simple 10 commandments were now irrelevant. It is no wonder we are in such a mess 40 years later. Thanks for sharing this article.

    • #60118 Reply

      How we allow these people to gain power(and remain there) is beyond me.

      • #60141 Reply

        People are generally stupid…

    • #60120 Reply
      Jeremy from Indiana

      Sexual offender and sexual predator are two different things. A [former] sex offender isn’t necessarily a predator. The school only denied they labelled him a predator. You notice the articles regarding the denial are specific about what they denied and claimed it to be “inaccurate” not a denial. They labelled this little boy a “sex offender” not a “sexual predator” which is why the statement was inaccurate.

    • #60121 Reply
      The Criminalized Man

      It’s BEAT all. Like Andy Griffith used to say to Barney, “Don’t that beat all?” And nothing like this would happen in Mayberry of course.

    • #60123 Reply
      John S

      I don’t know if some very pertinent details were seen in the original story. Please set me straight if I get anything wrong.

      But it appears interesting that no one, certainly at least one responsible adult, who really knew the “sexual predator”, his classmates, and the time and circumstances of the “major offense” was apparently consulted, interviewed, interrogated. . . . If this person/these persons were consulted, it appears interesting that their first-hand knowledge was so cavalierly tossed aside. Apparently no one in authority was either on hand to more thoroughly investigate, or there simply was no one in authority to investigate.

      The recent arrests of 2 young “troublemakers” at that Florida school, including the one 6-year-old who threw a temper tantrum, and who is described as having a sleep disorder (a disability), apparently ended with the arresting officer’s termination of employment. Is there no one at this school who can similarly advocate for sanity? Or at least for persons responsible for the steps already taken to be held accountable? (Do I hear crickets–again?)

      It will be interesting to see just how badly damaged this “dangerous person” will be, given the studies that show persons on the autism spectrum are so negatively impacted. Apparently little or no thought was given to this aspect of collateral damage, or to any such damage that will engulf all the families involved.

      Just now, Lester Holt of NBC News made an appeal for people to ask questions, to find the truth. While he was talking about the developing drama in DC, his words could & should be applied to this case–and to so many, many more that we all know too well.

    • #60126 Reply
      Frank Stuart

      “5-year-old autistic boy ‘put on record as sex offender’ by school”! What gives anyone at that school the right to label a person as a sex offender? That term, unfortunately, can only be bestowed by a judgment in a court of law either after the accused pleads guilty or being adjudged as so after evidence and testimony have been entered.

      How can people group of adults, dedicated to the education and welfare of ALL of the students under their care and influence be so insensitive as to place any kind of label on any child, let alone the worst label of any kind? We may say that the autistic boy will probably never understand what he has been called, but there will always be others around that will tell their children to be careful and to stay away from “that one”. Even when he is older, the stigma of having once been labeled as a “sex offender” will always be attached to him.

    • #60128 Reply
      James Coghill

      A lot of people asked how can this happen. How can they brand a child a sex offender for life? And for hugging and kissing a girl in his class. We are in a time very similar to the French Revolution, specifically the Reign of Terror. The Reign of Terror employed the guillotine to terrorize the public into conformity. Todays terror is inflicted by a courtroom and its version of the guillotine the sex offender registry. The use of the guillotine was very effective at keeping the public under control in the beginning until they began executing the innocent. After that the guillotine as a tool of control was no longer useful. Citizens began to revolt and the old order was destroyed. It’s happening again right here in the USA. I pray that they make sex offenders out of every pillar of every community from coast to coast. Because it is only through the shock of the innocent being convicted that people will begin to wake up. Just like they did in the Reign of Terror. Oh the more it changes the more it stays the same and the hand just rearranges the players in the game.

      • #60139 Reply
        John S

        Please note, too, that the Reign of Terror was itself, certainly towards the end, an exercise in fear. Even an accusation, a suspicion of not supporting the Revolutionary government was enough to have the person hauled before the Committee of Public Safety, tried for treason, and almost always found guilty–and usually executed within 72 hours. The Committee, notably its head, Robespierre, was more than willing to turn against fellow Committee members. This after nearly 16,600 executions between June 1793 and July 1794. (See “100% Americanism” and “get tough on crime” for some more recent examples.)
        Ultimately there was the so-named “Thermidorian Reaction” that finally brought these excesses, in this instance, to an end. Arguably everyone in France at that time was so afraid they would be caught up in more trials and executions that they finally rose up to shatter the Terror. What happened afterward is still the subject of historical, legal, social, even moral debate.
        Perhaps we are providing the information, perhaps some legal and moral backbone, for what I hope will be another “Thermidorian Reaction”, of a more particular kind–collecting stories such as this one I hope will be some of the ammunition needed.

        • #60186 Reply
          Joe Snyder

          Many innocents are regularly convicted all the time. You just have to be poor and get an appointed atty. He’ll tell you to accept the plea bargain and plead guilty unless you want to get many more years to serve. Just decide to fight and he’ll leave you hanging in the wind and you’ll lose anyway and beware of the lawyers that you may barely afford that wants to fight it and says we’ll win. when you do lose, he say’s “Damn we lost” to you but “we” didn’t lose, you did! He goes home with your money whether or not you were innocent in the first place. You see, the system isn’t broken, it works exactly how “they” want it to, only the rich get away with, I mean get justice here.

    • #60132 Reply

      Not just sex offenders but this entire country is totally SCREWED. The weak wimpy whiny people in this country will get a wakeup call, when they are fighting for their life, when many of the other countries in the world decide our winey citizens are too weak to defend their selves. When they are fleeing bullets and eating garbage to survive, they wont be annoyed by the beautiful innocent act of a 5 year old autistic boy hugging a class mate. They will have something more pressing to take up their spare time. I have been on the registry for thirty years and have been harassed and insulted for the whole time by the police and citizens whom I pay their wages. I hope this happens in my life time, for me to see the suffering of the people who have made me suffer for so long for a consensual sex act I committed 30 years ago.

      • #60160 Reply

        I support this message!

    • #60138 Reply
      Don Thurber

      While I agree that treating this child in this manner at all is nothing short of despicable, I think we have people in various positions jumping to conclusions and making unfounded rash assumptions. Neither the school nor Child Services can label a child a “sex offender.” As another commenter has pointed out, a child would be put on the registry only if law enforcement criminally charged the boy for what he did, a prosecutor was willing to prosecute the case, and a court of law actually determined him to be guilty of the charge. There is NO indication in these news reports that any of this has happened.

      Most states now have mandatory reporting laws, so that failure to report any questionable activity makes the teacher/administrator guilty of a criminal offense. These foolish laws result in school officials reporting ANYTHING that could possibly be construed as sexual harassment or assault just to cover their butts. They report not because they think he was guilty of anything, but because they are afraid that if somebody else thinks these actions were significant and they don’t report, they (the school officials) can go to jail. Were it not for the reporting laws, activities like these would never get reported.

    • #60149 Reply
      robin watts

      Dear Fellow Members and Concerned Family and Friends,
      The Puritans are yet alive and well and living among us.

    • #60151 Reply

      This story Sandy is just so hard to phantom. I remember when picking up my daughter from daycare she was maybe 5 at the time. She is now 42, finding her behind the door kissing and hugging a little boy around the same age. Everyone thought it was so sweet! They are friends till this day, but that was the first and the last that they ever had any contact. Children we think of as innocent and yes they are. But then we think that when it comes to physical contact that only the boys know what they are doing, and the girls are being controlled or manipulated somehow by the boys. I for one beg to differ. I was raised with boys, I always thought that even though my brothers were older then me. They may have had more knowledge from books. I know I had more knowledge from the streets. So in a lot of the ways I was smarter about life growing up. Girls do mature faster then boys that has always been a fact!

    • #60155 Reply

      This is part and parcel to the recent moves to make pedophilia normal. If a 5 year old can be a sex offender/predator, then it must imply that children of that age are capable of appreciating sexual acts. What do these administrations think will happen when they start teaching grade school and kindergarten age children about LGBTQ rights and life styles, when children are displayed in transgender situations? If such education and beliefs are promulgated, then the breakdown of sexual mores is hardly far behind. But as with most perpetrators of evil, they don’t see the damage they are doing… all the while pointing fingers at others.

    • #60157 Reply

      This makes me totally sick to my stomach, to think a five year old could be a sex offender. What is wrong with people. What is wrong with this world? Yeah it sure does beat all.

    • #60163 Reply

      Let us not forget that the punishment for failure to report has been made = to the crime in regards to sex offences. Some states put them on the registry now. These people at the school might just be covering their own bottoms so must screen wolf even when they think it might be a squirrel. What a tragic mess this country has become.

    • #60167 Reply
      Tim in WI

      An effort to expose the State of Michigan legislature refusal of Mandamus could be made. When Judge orders to start moving are being ignored they tend get impatient. This is especially exacerbated when the refusal is in the press. It seems ‘ rational’ for NARSOL to support the judge in severely restricted ” database use and approach ” with SOR.
      Why MI Registrants are not assembling given that ruling is incredible. Too beaten to fight I guess. Perhaps a nudge or prompt is needed.

      Ultimately the best position possible for this group is one that embraces protecting kids and vulnerable from the unfettered uses of databases themselves.

    • #60171 Reply

      This does beat all (and, as The Criminalized Man states above; “don’t that beat all” is indeed the expression). I hope the school gets ground up and made into kedgeree in court.
      Still the important question remains: What are WE going to do about it? We’re not really getting anywhere fast, and the pre-election shenanigans have already begun. I’m beginning to think we will never get justice in the courts, no matter how many constitutional judges get put into them. No one wants to be seen as “weak” by taking our side.
      I have punched, clawed and kicked my way free of the system, and have just the State Dept. to beat by forcing them to re-instate my passport. I’d like to kick Nevada and Florida in the teeth yet, but I do believe I’ll be hauling ass outta here before anything ever gets done about those two states as well as the recalcitrant pricks in Michigan, May they all Rot In Hell. Maybe it’s time to break out the yeet cannon and start the boogaloo…

    • #60175 Reply

      Yes this ordeal with this 5 year old does beat all and I’m sure there is a reason for all season. While I had a comment to get up here I’m sure the comment wasn’t in good taste as we as subjects can’t solve anything even with a database but it is good that they have one. From what Brenda Jones told me several years ago is that NARSOL is there to help eliminate much of this registry and to bring some dignity back to others. Sure there are people that don’t like any of a lot of this registry. We all have pains and trials but much of this registry is nonsense plain and simple. Even this ordeal with this 5 year old would get any parent up in arms over this abusive and abrasive situation. Call it behavior or men behaving badly but steping up for justice is taking a good stand.

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