Parents of disabled adults on sex offender registries along with their children

Adam has an intellectual disability, however, and functions with the mind of a 10-year-old. He would starve on his own, Nesteikis says. She and her husband had to move away with him, and spent $150,000 to find and maintain a home that meets another requirement of Adam’s probation: he must live at least 500 feet away from school property and daycare centers. His curfew, Nesteikis says, became their curfew.

“The dream is gone,” Nesteikis said. “We’re living in our own little prison.”

It’s a fate shared by many parents of people with intellectual disabilities and sexual convictions across the country. Because the children often can’t understand and comply with the rules and restrictions of their sentences, it falls on their guardians to suffer the financial, social and psychological burdens of the crimes.

Representatives from the Illinois State Police, which maintains the Sex Offender Registry, did not respond to a request for comment on the consequences of its restrictions for parents with children who have intellectual disabilities. In its website, the Illinois Department of Corrections says the sex offender registry was created to make information about people convicted of sex offenses easier for the public to access.

The office of Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul also declined to comment, but its website states that he is working to increase the supervision of sex offenders, as part of a commitment to community safety. Indeed, many of the restrictions lawmakers added to most sex offenders convictions across the country were aimed at protecting the community.

Parents of children on the registry feel the cost to their families is disproportionate, though. Many have to empty their savings accounts to keep up with the related fees.

Penny, 65, is the mother of a son with intellectual disabilities who is on the sex offender registry after he was convicted of sexual assault. Her son functions as a 10-year-old child, too, she says. She has asked that her last name, her son’s first name, and the state in which they live not be mentioned, as she fears that people will attack her son due to the nature of his crime. Studies conducted in various states over the years indicate that people on the sex offender registry commonly become victims of harassment, physical assault and property damage.

Penny estimates she has paid almost $137,000 to keep her son in compliance with the sex offender requirements. Like Nesteikis, the brunt of that expense went to the purchase of a new house. But the place gives Penny little comfort.

“If a daycare opens up within 500 feet of us, we have to move because my son can’t live alone,” she said. “It’s very much like I am on the registry.”

Read the rest of the piece here at the Marshall Project.


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      With Sandy’s article about damn statistics to disabled or challenged adults on the registry. Sure cases like this are sad to say and yes any parent wants to strive to safeguard their child. Do we all have some type of unbalance. Sure we all do thats why we all have to keep ourselfs in check at times.

      Don’t we all have a thorn in the flesh. I even mentioned that to my PO and he said your my thorn in the flesh. Sure we can all be handicapped in many ways. Even the person that wants to justify every action he or she does. While we all can be right this is an example about justice taking advantage of a situation of a handicapped or challenged person. One talks about the punishment, incarracration, the moving,etc. Stories like this tell one that things are getting out of hand. A lot of this whole registry is challanging if one thinks about it.

      Sure we all have our imput and views but treating people unjust seems to be the norm for those that are different than others when anything of a sexual nature happens . Even a lot of the whole nation is getting out of hand but the sex offender or registry is a big factor that needs to end in many ways. Some said when they took prayer out of schools that was our downfall now look at a lot of this mess.

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      Crime used to mean the person did something wrong to someone with intent of doing wrong. Now we are in a place were accidents and the deeds of mental handicapped people are criminalized. These morons in our government just wont get it until it happens to them.

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      Tim in WI

      The electronic blacklists will continue to expand in both scope and range because that is the nature of humans combined with the true nature of the database to obliterate notion of jurisdiction and implicating Sovereignty for ALL on various levels.

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      From statsitics to handicapped challanged adults, so where is the principal factor in all this. Where is the ethics in all this madness of the sex registry in many and much of theses ordeals.

      Articles like this are heart wrenching for any parent, even this internet ordeal is a bit much when police want to challange, induce, provoke in many cases. Where is police code of honor and ethical value in this setting one up via internet means. I’m sure one can understand visual contact one bases but this internet device is a bit much, who is pulling the wool over the other in this trial by numbers game or dial by numbers.

      Much of this internet thing is cruel inducement on mankind. Do these internet ordeals prevent, do they protect or do they serve in this game of lie’s.

      Sure the American public needs to actually know whats going on and I’m sure NARSOL and many of the other’s advocating for stopping this registry are up in arms over this or who has a thorn in the flesh today. One even wonders where is common value in America today or do the men in blue have a thorn.

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      Tim in WI

      I wonder if these parents confront politicians?
      “Our hands are tied” would be the refrain from administrative agents. NC V PACKINGHAM affirms the true nature of the database regime with respect to Free speech, namely the ban on registrants to participate in speech online. If speech implicated on a fundamental level a specific fundamental threat to liberty is in place too.
      Speech and voting rights to hand in hand in a free Democratic republic. Votes are the most fundamental speech right a citizen can have. I hope these voting parents think hard about who they’re going to support in the next election and those thereafter. Obviously the people are fed up with the political Discourse as evidenced by the rise of the unexpected Trump deplorables(*Hillary C.). It was her hubby WJC who signed OMNIBUS94.
      He is also not a lawyer nor former prosecutor, which each party has their own in droves! Congress is rife with lawyers and far too many former prosecutors. They are most advantaged by the surveillance state. FTRs are low hanging fruit. Always was intended to have that effect, because “probable cause” came precisely by ex post law use by congress responding to abhorrence. AS IF A DATABASE CAN PREVENT CRIME. Prevent employment, yes. Prevent speech yes, Prevent reintegration, yes, all embedded in the use of the database augmented regime.

      Any person with half a brain can figure what ultimately these uber powerful database machines will be used for. Political security for the advantaged few who control them.

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