Don’t be scared! Get ready for Halloween

By Sandy . . . NARSOL will once again this year host a Halloween Marathon. This will be the third extended program of this nature that NARSOL has done, and we hope that everyone will participate. The intent of the marathon session is to monitor law enforcement’s Halloween activities and carefully evaluate where we will litigate next. Last year we gained information that the sheriffs in two counties in Georgia, Spalding and Butts, had taken it upon themselves to require everyone on the Georgia sexual offense registry to display signs either on their homes or in their yards “warning” potential trick-or-treaters away from those homes. NARSOL sent letters of protest to both sheriffs advising  them that they were acting outside of what the law permitted. In the absence of any recognition of our letters, we are, through Georgia attorney Mark Yurachek, bringing litigation against them both and asking that such action not be permitted this year.

NARSOL is committed to ending Halloween hysteria and unconstitutional practices that prevent families from enjoying the event. Our previous programs have been successful, and we expect this year’s to be even more so. We need YOU to make this happen. We need the participation of our contacts and affiliate organizations in every state. We need you to call in and report on conditions and situations in your states. We need volunteer attorneys in as many states as possible to be on “stand-by” to take calls and answer questions or comment on laws or situations in the states you are in. And we need everyone who is reading this to participate by tuning in to as much of the call as you are able and calling in to report actions being taken by law enforcement against those on the registry, especially those who are no longer under community supervision.

Do not assume that because your state has previously not enforced Halloween sanctions against registrants that it won’t. In spite of our Arkansas affiliate’s best efforts, that state’s legislature passed laws targeting those on the registry that will be effective beginning this year. And in many states, laws and ordinances in individual jurisdictions or counties are added each year, laws that in no way enhance public safety and are well-documented as having no basis in reality.

If any of our state contacts or affiliates or any attorneys would like to make an early commitment to participate in this year’s important Halloween marathon, send an email to We need you to help us safeguard the freedoms and liberties of registered citizens during this family-oriented holiday.

Please help us help you.

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      Supervised registrants in TN have already received their laundry lists of “shall nots” for the 10-day annual “Operation Blackout” curfew. From Oct. 21st until the morning of Nov. 1st supervised registrants must be inside their homes from 6 pm until 6 am. No exceptions for curfew other than a verified evening or night shift. There is no provision that will allow officers the discretion to allow their registrants who attend church to attend evening services. This year I will very likely be forced to miss 2 consecutive Wednesday night Bible study services on October 23rd and 30th.

      However, I have a little plan in place. I will be talking with an attorney from the TN ACLU next Thursday or Friday about this. The right to worship as one’s faith and conscience dictates is enshrined in the 1st Amendment. A curfew that aims to protect from a NON-EXISTENT THREAT will have a hard time trumping my right to worship as the Bible demands.

      I’m going to say something that is rather pointed but it is needed: To all you registrants and supervised registrants who whine and cry about how horrible the registry and community supervision are but won’t lift a finger, donate a dime, or take any risk to help change it all; those of you who want to reap the benefits without any “skin in the game” SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU WHO WANT THE BENEFITS WITHOUT ANY PERSONAL INVESTMENT IN THE EFFORT TO MAKE THINGS BETTER! If you are really as tired of being trampled as you say, then by dang stand up and do something! Don’t just sit there below the radar like a coward while everyone else takes the risks.

      End of rant. To those of you who do invest the time, money, effort, and PERSONAL RISK, THANK YOU!!

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        I spoke with the ACLU attorney for nearly an hour and a half. He is going to be sending a letter to the state asking them to respect my 1st Amendment right to worship as my conscience and faith dictates. We emphasized that Church is a big contributor to my rehabilitation. He says the letter is our first step. If that does not work, we will move to something more aggressive. He is very interested in challenging the curfew as a whole, but we don’t have time for that now with regards to my going to church on Wednesday evenings during curfew. He saw several strong issues both with the curfew and the community supervision that he is genuinely interested in challenging. He pointed out that I have a stronger stance because regular parole is simply a privilege that allows one willing to follow restrictions on their freedoms, but with this community supervision, it’s not a privilege; it’s mandated and means my rights could be subjugated indefinitely. He was interested to know that there aren’t any restrictions on any other holiday in TN. We can put up Christmas lights, Christmas trees, etc.

        Times are interesting right now. I will keep you posted as things happen. I gave my officer a heads-up and he isn’t holding this against me in any way. In fact, he would let me go to Church if it was strictly up to him. I made sure the ACLU attorney knows this because my officer in all honesty and fairness has been good to me and my family.
        When you have a fair officer; one who treats you and your family with respect, you don’t repay that by throwing them under the bus.

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          Robert Webb

          Would the attorney be interested in the future in challenging the Halloween Restrictions in their entirety? If so, my wife, who is currently on community supervision, would be interested in getting involved.

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            He had mentioned the possibility of challenging the curfew as a whole down the road. He said it’s ridiculous and that it goes way, way overboard. He pointed out that being on community supervision for life gives a stronger argument because this supervision is not a privilege like regular parole. It is mandated by statute and has no guaranteed end. I will speak to him again about his future plans to challenge the curfew head-on and let you know what he says.

            It would be wonderful if we could get the curfew scaled back to just a few hours on Halloween night like 6:00 pm – 10 or 10:30 pm. That would be better than this 11-day 6 pm to 6 am garbage!

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          UPDATE OCTOBER 10, 2019:

          My officer received a communication from his chain of command yesterday and had me get a signed statement from church that states they know my offense history, my restrictions that apply to the church environment (not being alone with minors and not being involved with the youth group in any way), and that they have no problem with me being a member of the congregation and participating in all areas of the ministry that aren’t aimed specifically at the youth group. I had to provide a church bulletin to verify the schedule of our services. I got the statement signed at Church last night and my officer has sent it up the chain of command. I spoke with the ACLU attorney this morning and he is getting that letter out to the T.D.O.C. I will be receiving a copy of the letter.

          I suppose just the fact that I gave my officer a heads-up that the ACLU is getting involved sent a shock wave up the chain of command and they started responding wanting the verifications I mentioned above. He’s glad that they have started moving, but still will send the letter to the ACLU so that I don’t come off as making an empty bluff. The attorney told me to keep him informed of what’s happening and if the state should refuse the exception then we will go to the next level and take legal action in court.

          If the state denies my exception I will have to miss two consecutive Wednesday night services on the 23rd and 30th of this month. That’s not even almost acceptable to me, especially when it’s over such a ridiculous publicity stunt called “Operation Blackout”.

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      R M

      So far, no one has given me hope in fighting DCS’s ability to just do whatever they want to those on supervision. A few have said fight it but the chances of winning are close to nil.

      Suppose DCS decides those on supervision must do x or go to jail. Be it drive because of the safety of children, or go to Walmart because of the safety of the children, or be it whatever, when will enough be enough?

      I do understand in most states people get parole or probation… both of those end at one point. CSL/PSL is in the case of CSL “as if on parole, PSL is actually parole… both are for life until no “crimes” are committed within 15 years in the least (lvl1 NJ CSL). No “crime” includes violations, technical or not. The difference between CSL and PSL is only that with CSL you get due process. On PSL, you go back to prison, no if’s and’s or butts.

      My question “Can anyone state how a supervision department such as the DCS (Department of Community Supervision) can just ADD whatever restriction they want to a group of people (such as making those under supervision report to the Sheriff/jail/courthouse and be detained on Halloween)?”

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      Will Allen

      “People” who think Registries are acceptable are just truly awful, anti-reality, anti-American, harassing terrorists. “People” who CANNOT mind their own business or leave other families alone. They are Registry Nazis/Terrorists (RN/Ts). Wage war on them.

      Registries are idiotic. It is also easy to prove that they aren’t needed or beneficial. Easy.

      Today, Registries have a life of their own. They are part of the big government industry and $$$. The reason they exist is to help keep big government big. Just like with their 100% failed War on Drugs, big government will keep growing and do stupid forever. As long as the money flows.

      Registries are naturally worthless and do nothing of value. But I’m personally committed to ensuring that they are much worse merely worthless.

      Regarding this Halloween stupidity, I will do what I’ve done for over a decade and will leave my home and go mill about in some community somewhere, completely anonymously. Big government will not have the first clue where I am or what I am doing. I guarantee it. That is what their Registries and Halloween stupidity have done for them.

      If you are a Registered Person (RPs) who is not on probation or parole, I strongly encourage you to do the same thing. Even in places such as criminal Duval County, Floriduh, where they have wasted a huge pile of resources to harass RPs regarding Halloween, I expect that you can legally do the same thing. There is nothing LEGAL that can be done to prevent you from getting in your car when you feel like it and driving around public roads. Nothing LEGAL at all. So do it. Go to dinner. Drive around. Just be sure to not celebrate Halloween! Because that’s illegal and dangerous.

      If you don’t want to drive your own car, get someone else to drive. What the heck, get a gang together and drive around checking everything out. See what is going on and see if you can spot ANY situation where RN/Ts think their Registries might do ANYTHING at all that is useful. See if you can spot any Halloween issues that big government’s harassment will protect against.

      I bet you can see plenty of “loopholes”. I usually see all kinds of very young children running around with no supervision at all. I suppose their “parents” trust the lies of the criminal regimes that they’ve improved safety in some way. You can also check up on law enforcement and see if they are doing anything useful for public safety. Or if they are too busy harassing RPs.

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      Today I passed out 30 pages – each with the ATSA Halloween statement printed on it.
      I was super scared of a mob!
      I put them in 3 local supermarket entrances – Publix, Aldi and Walmart.
      I pray that they got into good hands and made people think!

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      Incredible story there. What occurred after? Good luck

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