Not a conspiracy theory – just sharing facts.

Since Jeffrey Epstein died this past Saturday, we’ve really been holding back on writing anything about it for fear of contributing to a practice we’ve always discouraged; perpetuating personal theories or myths. As people required to register, we absolutely do not want anyone to jump to conclusions about us without knowing all the facts.

Since this has been the biggest “sex offender story” in the news for so long and given the dramatic turn it’s taken, we thought to end this week with some commentary. Not a conspiracy theory… just sharing the facts and our disbelief that this could happen.

Initially, we had a very hard time comprehending how the most high-profile inmate at a federal detention center could kill himself or even be in a position to do so. What we’ve all learned since, has only added to our disbelief.

So let’s start with the first fact. Jeffrey Epstein, one of the most high profile inmates (if not the most high profile) in the Bureau of Prisons, who potentially could have implicated a sitting President, a former President, a British Prince and other wealthy and powerful people in a sex trafficking ring, was found dead in his cell. Anyone who did not see that one coming was probably also surprised to learn Harry and Sally wind up together at the end of the movie.

Next, the BOP’s supervision (or lack thereof) during the final hours of his life was either grossly incompetent or blatantly intentional. If incompetence; this was a colossal screw up by multiple people on a gigantic scale! If the Federal Bureau of Prisons is so inept to allow the most important inmate to die on their watch, everyone in BOP custody and every member of the public should be very scared. If intentional (either he was placed in a situation where he could carry out a suicide or dare I say something worse), inmates and the public should be even more scared!

There’s a lot we’ve learned, but here are five facts we know so far:

  • Guards that were supposed to check on him every 30 minutes didn’t actually check on him for hours before his death, and if that’s not already suspect…they falsified reports to make it look like they did check on him. [1]
  • One of the two guards on duty was a new guard who was not a regular corrections officer, but was “temporarily assigned” to the special housing unit the day of the death.[2]
  • At Epstein’s level of supervision he was required to have a cellmate, but his cellmate was taken out of his cell hours before he died and nobody else put in. [3]
  • The coroner is being very careful and has still not announced a cause of death, but preliminarily, the autopsy showed he had multiple fractures in his neck bones, something that is more common in death by strangulation than by hanging. [4]
  • When his lawyers last spoke with him, his mood was reported to be very positive. [5]

Again, no conspiracy theories here… just facts. We’re sure that a lot more information will come out over the next few months that will put an end to all the speculation.

The one conclusion that became pretty definitive as we were putting together this week’s FAC Weekly Update, is that if law enforcement can arrest a man for eating breakfast too close to a tennis court and run a three month, multi-agency “Operation Bullshit”, there were definitely enough resources out there to keep a better eye on Epstein, they are just being misused.


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