Unnecessary Shaming: NY Daily News

The NY Daily News has unnecessarily shamed a man who died yesterday. Charles Cheeseboro, Jr., 43, was involved in a scooter accident that left him with a serious head. He succumbed to his injury two days later. He was living homeless at the time. He used to work with the Doe Fund, a nonprofit that assists homeless people. He was…

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ACLU Michigan Attorney Advocates End of Registry; Provides Updates

In a recent NPR interview, ACLU Michigan attorney Miriam Aukerman stated she believes that sex offender registries should be abolished.  In support of that belief, Aukerman stated that registries are ineffective and make society less safe. Aukerman criticized both legislators and law enforcement for the current challenges now facing registrants.  Legislators have passed and keep https://cpa.ds.npr.org/michigan/audio/2019/08/SS_20190829_Aukerman_Sex_Offend_Registry_Update.mp3

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NIA 8/26/2019 Registration Removal Process

NARSOL in Action

During the first hour, Atlanta attorney Mark Yurachek will walk us through how the deregistration process works in Georgia. The Georgia process is open to more offenders than other states that permit removal via a similar procedure. In addition, Mr. Yurachek will provide a brief update on the Halloween lawsuit NARSOL plans to file in Georgia prior to Halloween. Mr.…

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