DeBary ordinance expands sex offender regulations

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DeBary’s City Council passed an ordinance expanding regulations over registered sex offenders.

The ordinance bans registered sex offenders from community pools, water parks, school bus stops, and other private and public areas. The ordinance also increases the distance sex offenders can live from these places.

The previous ordinance kept sex offenders 1,000 feet away from parks, schools, bus stops, and other areas you can find children. Now, the distance is 2,500 feet.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood says he worked with community members to update the ordinance after people voiced concerns. He says registered sex offenders in violation of the ordinance must move.

“You better read this ordinance, before you rent to somebody and do a background check,” Sheriff Chitwood said, “because they’ll be relocated now with this ordinance. There’s no grandfathering-in or anything.”

The ordinance took effect upon approval. Sheriff Chitwood hopes surrounding cities will also update their sex offender ordinances.

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