Rhode Island residency restrictions update

By Larry . . . In 2015 Rhode Island extended residency restrictions from 300 to 1000 feet for level 3 offenders and retroactively applied the increased restriction to those already living within the expanded buffer zone. In response, the ACLU of Rhode Island filed Freitas v. Kilmartin on October 29, 2015 against the Attorney General and director of the Department…

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Appellate Brief Filed in Miami-Dade SORR Case

The ACLU and Legal Services of Greater Miami, who represent the John Doe plaintiffs living homeless in Miami-Dade County because the Sex Offender Residency Restrictions (SORRs) restrict their housing options so drastically, have filed their Appellate Brief in the Appeal yesterday. Miami-Dade SORRs have been notorious for creating colonies of transient persons required to register. Most recognized was the encampment…

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Registry Matters Episode 76: Social media ban upheld by 8th circuit for supervised release + Guy’s cats

RM76: Social Media Ban Upheld by 8th Circuit for Supervised Release + Guy's Cats

We were joined by Guy Hamilton Smith on this episode of Registry Matters! Guy brings an incredibly insightful point of view about the policies surrounding the registry.  We also cover: A listener question about being coerced into taking a polygraph – can you refuse and what would happen if you did so? A man with terminal cancer won’t die soon…

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