Yes, YOU can make a difference

By Sandy . . . “A family member of mine is currently incarcerated for a sexual offense conviction and is due to be released in July, 2020. When he was first arrested, I thought I could make a difference by going to the legislature and lobbying for change. It soon became evident that I was not going to have a real impact in changing laws or minds, so I decided instead to change my small world.”

This is the beginning of an email that I recently received. The writer, a determined lady named Carolyn, continued telling me what she did to change her world.

With the initial motive being to raise money to help with legal bills, she started a business. An additional goal was to hire those with sexual offense convictions; she had quickly learned how difficult it can be for those on the registry to find employment.

To protect the privacy of the employees, the company is marketed as part of a national mental health awareness program.

The company started with making wine jelly, and it soon took on a life of its own. Others with family members on the registry became involved. The registrants who were hired designed various products. Their families became involved with taste-testing, determining the nutritional value of the products, and marketing. Whoever designs a specific product receives 100% of the profits for his product, giving him income to help him in his rehabilitated life.

The chef of Herbert’s Wine Jelly has been with them from the beginning. Upon his release from supervision and satisfaction of his full sentence, he was made a partner of the company and receives a salary.

A family member is helping support the fledgling company because he believes in the cause.

The jellies, as well as an expanded line of products, are currently for sale in several stores in Virginia and on Amazon. Long-range goals include starting a non-profit employment agency to assist felons in obtaining jobs, advocating in communities for increased understanding of the facts about the registry, and most of all helping as many people as possible live meaningful, productive lives in spite of their lifelong sentences as registered sexual offenders.

Company profits are used to enable current and future employees in having a safe working environment and restoring to them the dignity of providing for themselves from this point forward.

Carolyn is another in a growing list of individuals who are choosing to make a difference. She is proof that one person can make a difference.

Each of us can make a difference. Whether you are writing letters to editors in rebuttal of “hyped” news stories, doing and publishing research that reinforces the facts, testifying at legislative hearings against negative bills – or for favorable ones –, running a podcast, standing up to discrimination, or starting a business, you are making a difference. You are one more voice in the growing chorus of citizens who are all working in furtherance of our vision:

NARSOL envisions a society free from public shaming, dehumanizing registries, discrimination, and unconstitutional laws.

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      Opt for trial. It will make a difference. The case is being made to federal judges and most agree that ex post application is unconstitutional. That same case can be made to juries across the U.S.
      IMO the ” dehumanization ” rests in man’s subservience to machine database maintenance by law. Plain indenture to property AND intended to unnecessarily impede liberty based on irrational fear.

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      hello Sandy i would like to know is why you didnt put my post up, if you can give me a reason please.
      Here’s the post;
      Hello now i don’t mean to sound like a butt, just don’t give them what they want, even if you have had fantasy while masturbating thats non of there business and i dont care what you say because how does admitting to a fantasy cause to send you to prison if thats the case how can polygraph be used in court to send you back to prison since a polygraph is inadmissible in court and if they want you to talk about any other past incidents which you were never charged then dont tell them about it only talk about the one you were charged for, i know in Ca. you sign a paper that you are protected by the 5th amendment so can someone tell me how is an offender protected under the 5th amendment but in other states your not? I know for a fact the polygraph tests do not work and how i know is someone in counciling with told me the had to take there child to school and had to walk on school grounds and thats one of the questions on the test and he answered no and passed, so what i want to know is the court says polygraph is inadmissible in court because it cannot be relied on why are they allowed for probation to use it and the other is the constitution is written for the entire United States not just Ca. and few other states an not those states thats discrimination, what i cant figure out is how can they claim supposed high rate of recidivism ( 80%) and to know that they are lying besides evidence is if sex offenders are such a high danger why are not keeping them in prison if they’re such a danger? Because they’re lying! Proof also is go on the Doj an website there is proof the federal government knew the truth before the enactment of the registry the government did several studies from 1994 to presnt and in 1994 that study shows recidivism rate at 9% every study after that done by the government is below 5%, there are study after study showing rates are below 5% from every state in the U.S. plus at least 100 other studies all done by government and states in the U.S. plus other reputable sources and on top of all of that the statement that judge Kennedy made about frightenly high recidivism is where is his proof the courts are supposed to follow the law and evidence, the only time it was ever stated that sex offenders have a recidivism rate of 80% is in an article in Psychology Today magazine that was co-written by Megan’s father without any proof and out of anger and enraged heart after what happen to his daughter, so the evidence is out there, i have only been searching for the past 2yrs and i have found a mountain of evidence that proves that sex offenders are Not a danger and have the second lowest rate of recidivism rate an murder is the lowest rate so what i would like to do is create a organization to gather all of this evidence and create an push for legislation to take down these laws however that needs to be done, i think it’s great for sites like this one but most of the people that see this site are offenders themselves, i had people in counciling that didn’t know about Rsol and i had councillors tell me not to mention Rsol in counciling so i told people about Rsol before and after, freedom of speech i love it. If you would like to help in creating something that will reach the public without revealing you individually but get the real evidence to the public and to legislation to take down these because they were put up under false allegations an false evidence then get in contact with me, we have to start somewhere, 90% of public have no idea what sex offenders have to put up with from the laws that are in place besides the false hatred from most of the public the same as Jewish people in Germany the Japanese Americans after the attack on pearl harbour on claims of witch’s in Salem the African American used as and for slavery plus many many more and they’re also going after Muslim Americans, Let’s Stop The Hatred. L.s.t.h.

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        Sandy is not the person who deleted your comments. I am. The reason is because you are going from post to post and copying and pasting the same thing. I will approve it on only one post.

        There are several comment moderators and we all exercise our best judgement at the time. I do not appreciate you calling out Sandy and accusing her as you did in your other comments that I am deleting.

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          Yup thats what i thought

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          Ed C

          Thank you, Fred. Not only is Mike’s post painful to read because it contains virtually no punctuation, it rambles from subject to subject. I believe psychologists might describe the post as “free association.” Additionally, it violates at least two of the rules for postings, i.e. staying on topic and excessive length.

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            How disassociated you are with what i wrote, so it’s only painful because there’s no puncuation or written proper as far as structure and not the content. Maybe i was upset about things that we all go through and i inadvertently took it out you all, and nobody asked. Maybe i seen no hope for my future and then i get knocked down by the very people who been through or are going through what i am going through. There are day’s i wish i was dead or that i had died here or there, it’s not the answer but what is my answer? I need a job, so i dont lose where i live and try to live my life and to forgive those who enacted these laws and those who have abandoned me.

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      Hi Ed im here or can you not face up to me and talk to me this is the very thing the government does and how these laws are enacted just because i dont punctuate means you cant understand or that you dont want to try? If i go on n on is my right you have heard of freedom of speech, how about instead of fighting between us is we help one another achieve the goal we all are trying to do. If you talk about two rules i broke then what i did say about the moderator which i assumed was Sandy because her name an comment was at the top, and what i did say was true, because i witnessed it myself, what happened to compassion even on here i dont always see it, eems as though people on here are ready to jump down peoples throat without asking if they meant this or that or reasons why your post was not posted. Sandy if jumped on you and it was not you i do apologize, but i was unfairly treated but i suppose i should be used to that by now.

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        Hi Mike, I hear your pain and frustration. I would venture that few if anyone on this site has any argument with you that the registry and all it pretends to be is based on blatant lies. We all know the recidivism rates are low, and many of us fight hard to get that info out. But the bottom line is, politicians, vigilantes, and others don’t really care about facts. It’s about their “cause” or their self-aggrandizemente. After all, they get votes and applause.
        One issue I think we can all agree on is that too often this forum gets used to rant a bit, which is expected, but it’s easy to forget when we are preaching to the choir. For myself, I like to attempt to focus in what I’m doing or not doing to better my situation and that if others. I learned long ago, people will hear you out if you simply keep the comments on your own self as much as possible. I know I feel like a victim more often than I care to admit. But telling others who also feel that way doesn’t help me, or them. I own my mistakes because I made the stupid choice that I’m suffering for. I hope for change, and I will work towards it. In that focus, I made myself a job. My job now helps others. Those others include my fellows who are likewise impacted by the registry. I’ve been homeless. I realize that is frightening. But it’s something we a have in common, the weight of the registry. I hope you will find community here. I for one welcome all who will try to make personal progress. Punctuation and spelling won’t stand in the way for me, but I would hope you show all of us the grace you feel you were denied. Charlie

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