Registry Matters Episode 71: Illinois rules for sex offenders unconstitutional

In this first episode of April, we received a large number of questions and voicemail, and we cover a wide range of topics:

  • Strong support shown for people using or purchasing products manufactured by those who hire formerly incarcerated people;
  • A man in Missouri soon to be executed requested a different method of execution, and SCOTUS denied it; the 8th Amendment doesn’t guarantee a painless death but does prohibit a more painful death;
  • How inconsistent we are with providing a religious adviser at  executions for those of diverse religions?
  • Instead of revealing the software tools being used in stings, prosecutors drop charges after being questioned;
  • College student sentenced to 12 years in prison and says he didn’t do it;
  • Alabama prison has “horrendously inadequate” medical treatment;
  • Decision from Illinois where individuals are held past their release date, thus violating their constitutional rights.

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