Is your Sheriff’s Office trying to collect your DNA?

We are being notified by Members across the state that their Sheriff’s offices are either contacting them to come in and provide a DNA sample or, in some cases, even showing up at their doorstep to collect DNA!

Upon information and belief, the FDLE has sent letters or emails instructing all Sheriff agencies to collect DNA samples (i.e., “Project DNA”) from specific individuals listed on the Sex Offender Registry. It is unclear under what authority the FDLE can collect DNA from individuals whose offense dates are prior to the dates set forth in F.S. 943.325.

FAC has put in a public information request to the FDLE to ascertain this information.

In the meantime, some registrants have been told that providing DNA is voluntary. Other registrants have consulted with an attorney and been advised NOT to volunteer for the collection of DNA unless they come with a court order compelling them to provide the sample.

We will continue to update you as more information comes in.

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