Registry Matters Episode 69: Windsor Locks repeals excusion zones

We are proud to release episode 69 of Registry Matters.

  • We start off with a conversation about separation of powers where judges are trying to determine their working conditions;
  • A listener phoned in a question about moving to another state;
  • A patron phoned in a question regarding Interstate Compact transfers;
  • Cops utilize Marcy’s Law to protect themselves after they shoot someone, and they call it “common sense legislation”;
  • New York wants to ban repeat offenders from public transportation;
  • Windsor Locks repeals exclusion zones for registrants due to cost of federal lawsuit;
  • Prosecutors aren’t held accountable for proprietorial misconduct;
  • Bill moving in Florida is trying to restrict former felons voting with a poll tax;
  • Nearly the entire sheriff’s department quits in protest over deplorable jail conditions, including the K9;
  • Don’t run away from the police; you may be shot in the back;
  • New Mexico Governor is poised to sign law extending statute of limitations;
  • A general overview of how a bill is introduced and how it moves through the legislature.
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