NARSOL’s Connecticut affiliate hosting restorative justice conference

By Sandy . . . April 6 and 7, One Standard of Justice is hosting a conference focused on the concept of restorative justice as a means of healing for everyone impacted by sexual crime — former victims and former perpetrators, as well as those in the lives of both.

The program includes presentations from some of the most prominent names in the criminal justice/sexual offense research community, including Dr. Jill Levenson and Dr. Alissa Ackerman. Keynote speaker Philip Kaso, NARSOL board member and supporter, shares his own personal story of recovery, compassion, and love.

Cindy Prizio, OSJ’s ED, says, “I am eternally grateful for learning and exploring the absolute fact that there can be another way. The carceral way can be replaced by the principles and practice of restorative justice. This conference is bridging the gap between “us and them” and recognizing that we are all human beings who have suffered trauma to differing degrees.

To register and for information and questions, contact

Created by Fred, NARSOL Volunteer

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      derek shepard

      It’s good to see good things happening, to heal people and help

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      Teresa Salazar

      To say that all sides suffer is a quote that had me in tears…because I stood by my son, my ex-daughter-in-law cut me out of my grandchildrens’ lives…and because of the “attempted” molestation charge, my son was sentenced to 15 years in prison in Arizona and lifetime probation. Since I live in New Mexico, I only drive 7 hours each way every six months as it is all I can afford as a senior. So, not only do I miss my son, but I have lost my right to hold my six grandchildren….to say my heart is broken is an understatement…I only hope that things change so that, once my son comes out of prison, life will have some semblance of peace and we can move forward. Thank you for giving me some hope that things are changing.

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      While I’m sure these conferences are good and I’m sure everyone believes in restorative justice, Yes, one has to understand what is justice or what is true justice in this world of kayos.. Sure respecting authorities are good but who is the Maxwell Smart doing these unjust things that are confusing with this type of temptation.

      Is it just to set up someone? Sure I believe in Restorative justice. So who is going to restore the pledge of Allegiance or who really holds authority today. Seems the red, white, and the blue has been stained a lot and now we have this sex offender ordeal to Restore to Justice. Are we all confused in all this or is it the nature of the beast in todays’ world.

      Now I’m sure many suffer in a lot of this ordeal. Even after probation, I’m sure they still hound one. Talk about the flesh is weak or talk about who is abusing their power. Restorative Justice is good and that is the aim of any group fightening for others rights.
      You know honestly I don’t know why they gave me probation as I wanted to go to court on this one but that really woundn’t solved anything. I’m glad NARSOL is there to help those that are effect by this that a lot are facing. Yes, true justice in many cases needs to have some restorative value. Sometimes I wonder if law enforcement watched to many reruns of Flip Wilson.

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      Hello i found some interesting information on the Doj they have a report stating recidivism rates are 3.5% and yet don’t say anything about but yet it is on there website for anyone to see & it’s on website almost identical report 3.5% I don’t understand why then is the registry is still up n running?

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