Broward, FL task force issues report and recommendations on sex offender housing problem

A subcommittee under the Broward County Reentry Coalition, which is comprised of representatives from the Sheriff’s Office, Florida State Department of Corrections, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, County Reentry programs, treatment providers, legal professionals and registrants, has issued a report and recommendations on how to deal with the County’s homeless sex offender population.

Approximately 27% of the registrant population in Broward is homeless. That percentage is higher than any other county in Florida, including Miami-Dade, which has become notorious for it’s homeless sex offender population.

Among the recommendations; preempt the patchwork of city ordinances in favor of a county-wide restriction mirroring the State Statute and create transitional housing to accommodate the hundreds of currently homeless who are excluded from shelters.

A copy of the full report can be found below:

Broward Sex Offender Housing Report and Recommendations

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