Book’s ‘Childlike Sex Doll’ Bill advances

I just had to laugh at the debate over this stupid bill that took place in the Florida legislature yesterday. To back up; Senator Lauren Book whose life mission is to perpetuate panic and fear over anything sexual in order to stoke funding for her charity, has proposed a bill to ban ‘childlike sex dolls’. It would be illegal to own, borrow, lend one out, etc…

You have to wonder how they are going to make a determination on what’s ‘child like’. Would the next phase of this bill require that sex dolls come with birth certificates, like a Cabbage Patch Kid? Are they going to train a forensic expert to determine whether the doll is 14? Will there be strict liability or will ‘but officer, the packaging said she was 19’ be a defense? Will the age of consent be a factor on determining whether 16 or 18 are the threshold?

If you thought these considerations on ‘childlike sex dolls’ are laughable, wait until you hear the arguments from actual politicians on the topic of ‘childlike sex dolls’:

  • Sen. Lauren Book: “It’s like tempting an addict with their drug of choice, These kids deserve being protected.”

Really Lauren? These are blobs of plastic. Maybe, as Therapist Richard Siegel argued yesterday, the dolls enable someone to get their fix and thereby protect REAL kids?

  • Congressman Dan Donovan,”The dolls and robots not only lead to rape, but they make rape easier by teaching the rapist about how to overcome resistance and subdue the victim,”

Seriously? What’s wrong with you, Dan? What goes through your mind to come up with these things? The same can be said of CPR dummies.

We’re not going to waste our effort on doing a call to action for this bill. We don’t really care if it passes because the feedback we’ve gotten is that it’s simply laughable and we all can’t wait to watch the law play out!

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