Sexual offense convictions: “When is enough enough?”

By Emily Horowitz . . . Last week, Anthony Weiner was released from federal prison to a Bronx halfway house after serving 21 months for sending sexually-explicit messages to a 15-year-old girl. Next, like approximately 4.5 million others on probation/parole, he’ll spend 3 years on supervised release.

Supervised release is no cakewalk; while on it, one is subject to unannounced visits and random searches, needs approval for travel and housing, and must regularly report to probation (in New York, reporting can take hours, resulting in missed work). Each year, more than 600,000 people leave prison and face a web of re-entry challenges — first probation/parole, which often act like a “tripwire” by creating barriers rather than supports for re-entry, with infractions like late curfews, moving violations, or missed phone calls from officers resulting in penalties or more prison. In Weiner’s case, he’ll also pay a $10,000 fine.

Most significantly, Weiner is also now about to become one of the more than 900,000 Americans on sex offense registries for the rest of his life (only Level 1 offenders in New York are removed after 20 years). We’ve spent decades now adding people to these lists without thinking hard about whether the ostracism it engineers is effective or humane.

So what will this mean for Weiner, and for us?

His address and personal information will always be public, and communities may be notified when he moves in. He’ll have to register in other states if he travels (if he travels to Florida for five days or longer, he’ll also be on their registry for life; many other states have similar rules). While on probation, Weiner may face residency restrictions as well as other regulations regarding contact with children, including his son.

If he moves, he’ll have to notify police there and be on that registry. Other numerous lifetime restrictions in New York include reporting annually to the state sex offender office, notifying them within 10 days of moving, reporting yearly for updated photos, and providing all Internet screen names and email accounts.

When is enough enough?

Set up to prevent young children from “stranger danger,” named after abducted and murdered children (“Megan’s Law” and the “Adam Walsh Act”), sex offender registries were never intended for people like Weiner. They emerged from hysteria, not research, embraced after press reports, now debunked, inflated the numbers of “missing children.”

Read the remainder of Emily’s piece here at the Daily News.


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      The more the law backfires on the lawmakers the sooner it will be fixed.

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      hears the Facebook comments on this.

      not sure why you all are post the link to the very artical we are reading in the comments now.. do wish you would get read of the mail requirement. really dont feel safe providing it. sorry remove this part if you want just how i feel.

      OPINION: Anthony Weiner has to deal with his own wrecked life and career. We should spare him and others of the onerous consequences of sex-offender registries.

      Posted by New York Daily News on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        That first “comment” on every post is not something we do purposefully; it is something that the program the site uses does, and I agree; it is totally unnecessary but we can’t seem to make it stop. And you can remain anonymous and not use your correct email as you wish. The only problem with that is that occasionally we wish to communicate with a commenter to let him know why we aren’t publishing his comment or to tell him something in private regarding his comment or his situation. You are certainly not the only one to make up an email address.

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          The unwanted link that has recently become a problem is a format issue. It occurs when generating the original. The addition is default. It is necessary to alter the default format utilized during story\ post process. The issue may lie in Headers options in format. The group may want to make sure each member is starting with the same default conditions.

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      I didn’t follow this Anthony Weiner case that much but one never know’s who’s next. Police can do anything to set one up these days via this database thing as timothy preaches on. No offense Timothy. I thought before computers it was called gossip or men’s clubs, now its wide open. I guess with some clout people are treated a bit differently. After all he was a congressman elected by the people. Seems like the homosexual or gay is more valuable than the one labeled sex offender by these methods.

      I guess the saying is Judge not or you will be judged. I wonder if we are all carnal or solid as a rock. A lot of this internet stuff is a bunch of hype anyway or shou;ld someone ask for any more pictures after you have send your high school pic. Sort of tells one something if one listens when on a sex site for adults. Course I don’t know if this Anthony guy was on an adult site myself, so what are kids underaged doing on there. Something’s wrong in denmark, but look where we all are, seems we are the outcasts.

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        Yes it appears the Mr. here has some ties to the Clintons. I believe Hillary got most of the LGBTQ, Rainbow coalition, et al vote. But I doubt that former relationship holds under his conviction. Mr Epstein is back under attack too, he’s in the other end of the spectrum politic. That is an aspect not yet fully realized by the people whole. Not long ago the pitbull was talking “ghosting”, and I lamenting the electronic blacklist’s ability to ghost political opponents.
        Certainly once committed, by choice or force, D&R, to the maintenance and broadcasts any subsequent political opinion muted in affect & nullified. Who would listen to a man on such a list? I cannot speak on the Mr. sexuality but those who despise such are on the far right. ” Jokers to the left of me, jokers to the right, Here I am….. ”
        BTW Any ideas
        for safety & harmony discarded as well.

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      Ok its time to stop being a joker or a smoker or some midnight toker and stop dancing in the dark people. Timothy,I’m sure that people actually get sick of trying to understand all this sex offender stuff and police wanting to do this hail Mary trip on others others if one wants to say that.. Is this some humaniterian Watergate scheme gone bad. Common sense is a lot of this sex offender stuff is a reality of public safety run amuck?

      While internet safety and public safety are two different enitities police seem to be a bit over zealous in the wrong way but thats America.I mean having a zeal is ok but being over zealous is a bit much. Seems like man can justify everthing with their scientific approach. I wonder if man can justify temper flairs or behavior patterns gone bad. One can even wonder if they can justify war at times. Look at Vietnam.

      I’m sure it erks a lot of people to even have a registry of this type. Sure one can keep up with the registry and it seems to tarnish everyone on it but where is the real truth in a lot of this? Sure we can all go with facts that Elvis married an underage girl or Frued married a cousin or all that to justify things but where is common sense. Sure we can hold to biblical understandings or toss that into the trash or go with a police state of majority rules.

      Timothy we have camera’s everywhere in public today to spy under the safety guise of public safety . We could go with gay rights or the women’s movenment but when the facts underline the truth its not a pretty picture.. Should man do that. There is only one creator or is one still serving the God of money. I wonder if man is sucking up today for some bonus check at the end of the year for the most sex offenders duped or caught up in a lot of this unorthodox reality.

      So does one put their faith in government, one-self centerness or when things get out of line like the sex offender trap who takes the fall. Is all this a trap waiting to happen or does the dollar bill say love thy neighbor or love thy money. Being scared to walk our of one’s front door is a bit stressful to put it mildly.

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        “Should man do that?”
        That the most acute question. Should a gov “of for and by the permission of the people” utilize law to indenture humans to machine maintenance because of criminal behavior? It is one thing to list electronically a person’s criminal record and quite another to indenture. This is my issue with the first two SCOTUS cases which did not make ” the plain indenture to the people’s property’s upkeep” the question of law. Class B felony conviction in Wisconsin carried a max sanction of 20 years and not life. (93WIstat939.50) Many many constitutional home rule statutes, we’re outright obliterated under the Federalists regime. That is a viable claim for all registrants. We suffer the agenda of the burgeoning big data brokers, who used federal funds via Byrne Grants to manipulate each state’s individual sovereign freedom to establish their own remedy for wrong doing. In many cases outright fiat laws have overtaken state’s statutes where set constitutional standard resides. This is the case I will make to the jury of 12. The prima facie case exists in the law changes themselves over time. In my case FTR defense timeline begins in 1992 and the laws in place then. The people may not ignore laws they do not like, even if that law changes.

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      Why Timothy, I believe your wanting to know justice. Is it not for you to know judgement? I wonder who know’s the thoughts and intent of man. Isn’t it the intent of NARSOL to help those in all states to seek fair Rational LAWS in all this Sex offender ordeal. I will admit that a lot of these ordeals are intimidating to put it lightly. I believe in justice and true justice and I believe Robin does also.

      Sure we can use Florida as a model of harsh punishment. Well lets face facts, Florida is a vacation capital with beaches and kids but that would be a government rebuttle in all this War of the sex offender outcry. Now government can weld the sword in vain but the sword of justice is a lot better don’t you think. I wonder who is kissing who in this voter fraud or sex offender fraud. A lot of this sex offender fraud is a unnecessary just like a wall.

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      Hello, why doesn’t everyone here find every news story on everyone that is or was an elected official and even actors n actresses and create a website and put that info n pics on it, guess what that is perfectly legal a gentleman has already been to court for this and he won his case AND there are studies done in every state that shows recidivism is below 4.5% and U.S. government did study also and came up with the same results that recidivism is below 4.7% AND the guy’s paper whom the government went by to make these laws (80% recidivism) has since retracted his story & has done a actual study has shown recidivism is below 4.5%, by using his paper and now with all these studies proving recidivism is below 4.7% the lowest of all other crimes thats called FRAUD and we bring it to the media & legislature they will have no choice but to take the registry down & legally we can sue the states & the government for FRAUD.

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