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RM64: Judge forbids sex offender marking on license

An amazing decision out of Alabama is the feature segment on this episode. We also covered a question from Patreon supporter Mike in Florida regarding the 6th circuit decision and its larger ramifications and a voicemail question from a Patreon listener in Alaska. Other topics include:

  • A compelling article on capping prison sentences at 20  years;
  • Public defenders in Wisconsin are lowest paid in the nation;
  • Marcy’s law is a bad plan and horrible public policy for several reasons;
  • Retired Detroit homicide detective found with boxes of evidence in his home;
  • Questioning the victim of a crime isn’t re-victimization;
  • Iowa says it’s a burden to do compliance checks of offenders and wants to hire civilians to do it;
  • Police officers want to give registrant data to private corporations to assist in tracking offenders;
  • Alabama judge pushes back on registrants restrictions





[56:50] TV star alleges assault – asking for evidence isn’t re-victimizing




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