Registry Matters Episode 65: What a Surprise! (Alleged) victims do lie

In this episode of Registry Matters:

  • We answer a listener comment comparing the Alabama decision versus marking passports;
  • A new listener asks a question regarding federal supervision from one state to another;
  • Circling back to the recent case with the actor alleging assault, turns out it was staged;
  • A Georgia attorney uses his legislative position to delay court for his defendants;
  • States are putting forth bills to assure due process for accuser and accused;
  • A Montana DA is trying to reach beyond the statute of limitations;
  • Koch brother pushes for hiring people coming out of prison to conservatives and libertarians;
  • SCOTUS unanimously rules policing for profit by the states is no longer cool;
  • A Philly DA stops imposing bail on low level crimes and one year later you won’t believe what’s happened;
  • Federal prosecutors violated the law in Epstein case;
  • A Detective commits suicide when CP found on his computer;
  • Legislators in Nebraska are trying to reconcile registering of juveniles.

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