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Weaponizing social panic

By Michael McKay . . . What happens when social panics are weaponized in order to create and persecute a leper-class in our society? Nothing good, according to history. But if that is so, then why do we keep doing it? Let’s examine some examples of how social panics have been weaponized in America by revisiting the Salem Witch Trials…

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Sexual offense residency restriction laws: cruel and ineffective

By Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg . . . Since he was released from prison almost five years ago, John has never had a place he can call home. Suffering from Parkinson’s disease, he spends nights outside in remote areas of Miami-Dade County—sleeping outside on a mat or in the front seat of his son’s truck. John (not his real name) was convicted…

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RM64: Judge forbids sex offender marking on license

An amazing decision out of Alabama is the feature segment on this episode. We also covered a question from Patreon supporter Mike in Florida regarding the 6th circuit decision and its larger ramifications and a voicemail question from a Patreon listener in Alaska. Other topics include: A compelling article on capping prison sentences at 20  years; Public defenders in Wisconsin…

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