NARSOL seeking candidates for its board of directors

The Nominating Committee (NC) of the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL) is seeking board of director applicants.

The application deadline is May 31, 2019, and applicants from every walk of life and profession are welcome to apply. All applicants will be screened and vetted first by the Nominating Committee’s Application Review Sub-committee. Qualified applicants, as determined by the sub-committee, will be scheduled for an interview with the full nominating committee. Based on submitted information and the interview, the Nominating Committee will vote to slate the applicant as a director-nominee.

So, what does an appointment to the NARSOL Board of Directors entail?

 An appointment to the board requires commitment to the cause and ideals espoused by our organization. It requires attendance at monthly board meetings, as well as any monthly committee meetings on which a director serves. The time commitment is roughly five hours weekly (usually directors contribute many more hours weekly).

Preferred Qualifications

In priority order:

  • Agrees with NARSOL’s vision, mission, goals, and assertions;
  • Purpose for involvement is clearly to benefit ALL registered citizens;
  • Demonstrates an appreciation of a director’s responsibilities as outlined below;
  • Demonstrates involvement at activities by attendance at board/committee meetings, webinars, and annual conference;
  • Has experience as a volunteer for NARSOL, a NARSOL affiliate, or a comparable civil rights organization;
  • Has experience in the areas of marketing, fundraising, non-profit management, member recruitment and/or public speaking.

Responsibilities of a Director 

  • Support NARSOL as an active paid member and volunteer;
  • Attend all board meetings (monthly or more often as needed);
  • Attend NARSOL’s annual conference and strategic planning retreat;
  • Attend other major sanctioned events on behalf of NARSOL, as requested;
  • Commit to roughly five or more hours weekly spent directly on NARSOL national business, such as board and assigned committee/project tasks and meetings;
  • Diligently attend to committee and project duties as assigned;
  • Respond promptly to all NARSOL email and phone communications;
  • Serve as chair, director, lead or liaison on at least one committee or project and be an active participant on at least one more;
  • Report to the board monthly with a summary of progress made or actions taken on any chair/lead/director roles under its purview;
  • Promptly and carefully read communications from other directors and provide feedback and consultation as appropriate;
  • Must be able and willing to keep personal, political, and religious ideologies separate from public NARSOL work;
  • When speaking as a representative of NARSOL, stay true to NARSOL’s vision, mission, goals, and assertions;
  • Willingly share network contacts and be willing to personally recruit from within your network;

So, I’m ready what’s next? Declare your interest – there are two ways…

 Self-presenting – applicants may present themselves:

☐ Do you have what it takes to be on the NARSOL Board of Directors?

☐ Are you motivated and possess the preferred qualifications?

☐ Do you understand and are willing to assume the responsibilities of a director?

If so, then declare your interest in becoming a NARSOL board director by sending an email to the Nominating Committee no later than May 31, 2019, after which we will invite you to complete an application and provide additional supporting documentation.

Member-presenting on behalf of – NARSOL members may present others:

☐ Are you a NARSOL member in good standing?

☐ Do you know someone who you feel would make an excellent NARSOL board director?

If so, then discuss the possibility with the prospective applicant in advance and encourage him or her to self-present; however, if you are uncomfortable doing so or for any reason wish your nomination to remain anonymous, then please send your director nominee’s name and email address to the Nominating Committee no later than May 31, 2019.

Please include a brief statement as to why your nominee would make an excellent NARSOL board director and why you choose to nominate on his/her behalf. Your anonymity will be respected, if so desired, and a representative of the nominating committee will invite the prospective person to complete an application and provide additional supporting documentation if they wish to proceed.

Self-declare your interest or member nominations of others to:

Nominating Committee with a subject line of: “NARSOL BOD Interest (self-declaration)” or “NARSOL BOD Interest (member-declaration).”


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