Two sex offender petitions for Writ of Certiorari to be considered by SCOTUS

Two cases are scheduled to be considered during the Supreme Court of the US’s conference scheduled for Friday January 4th; Vasquez v. Foxx (a case that we previously described as a “Bad decision out of the 7th Circuit“) and Bethea v. North Carolina

According to Vasqez’s Petition; “Illinois law makes it a felony for people who have been convicted of certain offenses to “knowingly reside” within 500 feet of home daycares and other facilities. The ban does not exempt residences that were established before the opening of a new daycare, meaning that whenever a third party decides to operate a home daycare within 500 feet of the residence of someone subject to the law, that person must move out of his or her home or face arrest and criminal punishment.” They ask the SCOTUS to decide whether that’s constitutional.

At issue in Bethea is “Whether the retroactive application of North Carolina’s sex offender registration statute violates the ex post facto clause.” It effectively says, ‘fine, Smith v. Doe said “registration” is not punishment – but that was a completely different registry which did not include half the punitive requirements that this “second generation registry” contains.’
That same day, the Prison Legal News case will also be considered.
We will let you know as soon as we know whether any case is picked up to be heard.
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