Salvation Army, practice what you preach

By Sandy . . . Ah, it’s winter. Christmas and Hanukkah are approaching. Half the country has snow on the ground, and all the kids in the other half wish they did. Christmas lights, excited shoppers, special church services, and general joy and goodwill abound.

Oh – and the homeless. The cold, the poor, the shunned. Thank God for winter shelters – except when God turns His back on some who are most in need.

In Amarillo, Texas, where it does indeed snow every year, the nighttime temperatures for the next ten days will be at or below freezing, and history indicates that will be the case for months to come.

The Salvation Army has sprung to the rescue, as they are wont to do. They take the “Salvation” part of their name very seriously –except when it comes to those who for any reason whatsoever are listed on a sexual offense registry.

Craig Stockstill is director of social services at its Amarillo center; he says everyone is welcome –almost. “ ‘Really one of the only restrictions we have put in place are registered sex offenders cannot come into the shelter and people who are a danger to themselves and others wouldn’t be allowed to come into the shelter,’ said Stockstill.”

Refusing everyone registered as a sexual offender is not a policy exclusive to Mr. Stockstill or the Amarillo facility; this seems to be a general Salvation Army policy, one about which I have previously blogged under my Shelly Stow pseudonym. I called it an atrocity then, and it is an atrocity now.

The Salvation Army prides itself on being a Christian organization. Salvation through Christianity is on an individualized and personal basis. There is no “group” salvation. You are not saved because you are on a membership list as a Methodist or Lutheran or Catholic. You are not saved because you come from a church-going family or your father is a minister. You are saved based on your individual faith.

How then can the Salvation Army, that Christian organization, deny salvation from hunger and sub-freezing temperatures and physical misery and sometimes death based on something as all-inclusive and generalized as being on a sex offender registry? Where is the individualization? Where is an acknowledgment of everything that research shows about the extremely low risk of registrants living in the community committing new offenses and that almost all new offenses are committed by those not on the registry? Where is the recognition that some on the registry had non-contact offenses, some have lived offense-free in the community for decades, some were put on the registry for a single offense committed when they were children, and some were and are innocent.

Where is even the lip-service to the words of its Founder, “Come unto me, all of you . . . ,” and “As much as ye have done to the least of these, my brothers . . . ”? Where is the acknowledgment that those championed the most by that Founder would today very possibly be on a sex offense registry and not allowed into a Salvation Army shelter?

Also excluded are those “dangerous to themselves or others.”This seems logical. But how are they determined? Is there a “dangerous” list? Do they have a “D” on their foreheads? Do they emit a radioactive glow? Or are they determined individually by looking at their individual records and a judgement call made for each individual?

Why are those on the registry not so determined?

If they are judged, by the criteria set for all, to be dangerous to themselves or others, then exclude them.

To do so based on any other criteria or standard is the rankest of discrimination and the total antithesis of the very foundation of the faith which the Salvation Army claims as its own.

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      Dan Holstein

      Sandy, I love your articles, however, sometimes I can’t read them all the way through because I get so angry at these hypocrites! I just want to scream and cry, which does no good for anyone. I am doing all I can to help, but sometimes it just seems hopeless. I truly commend you for what you are doing for our community. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

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      Diane Palladino

      What has happened to America’s ethics. Jesus would not agree with treating anyone different. Guess the Salvation Army is a big money maker, and can change the rules if they don’t fit their needs. Maybe people should stop putting money in those kettles every Christmas, I am
      Certainly learning real fast who I want to associate with, and The Salvation Army is not among my associates by a long shot. Salvation Army, it’s time to put Christ back in Christmas if you really know and understand Christ, maybe you have forgotten!

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      Then they needs to make sure no previous murderers, arsonists, thieves, harrasers and more cannot come in. All of these I listed target children and more too in essence.

      I will not be supporting this social agency anymore.

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        Your info is wrong. The Salvation Army has to ensure their services for children are safe and must exclude sex offenders if children are present. All the others you mentioned you can’t easily screen for.

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          Hi Matt, the fact that registered persons are “easy to screen for” is in fact the very issue. The facts are, strangers and registrants pose a far lower risk than family and friends, staff, and others. Yet it is because registrants are so easily identified that they are singled out. To say, “for the sake of the children” is hollow and misinformed. Registrants also have children and shelters who have a blanket policy of discrimination vicariously discriminate against those children who are also God’s precious ones. If SA wants to truly “protect” then they need to create a system that helps all and protects all, or at the very least, uses actual facts regarding who is at risk from whom. More damage is done to children and families from substance abuse, domestic violence, poverty, and homelessness than exists from registrants. The data is out there for anyone who cares to read it. Let’s not reactively protect our sacred cows simply because they are ours. Let’s look at facts, not assumptions. SA may indeed do good work. But that in and of itself does not exonerate them from irrational and unsupported maligning if grouos with irresponsible policies.

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      This why I refuse to support the salvation army. Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. They also run a probation department that demands money instead of rehabilitating them. As a matter of fact, they use probationers to ring the kettles during the holidays. I suggest to every member we boycott these hypocritical people. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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        This is not the case. You need better facts. Those in Salvation Army rehab programs are beneficiaries and pay nothing for the programs & services. They live onsite, do work therapy, and have active case managers who see them through the program. Lots of success stories.

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      What a shame. I know one registrant thst will no longer be a donor. So sad

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        R M

        Ditto here.

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      Old offender

      No more of my money will go into their kettles. Like so much of the so called Christianity in this county, they refuse to forgive those of us who are in need.

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      I think its outrages that the Salvation Army partakes in this type of hate mongering! Its stuff like this that continues to spread falsehood, innuendo and lies!
      Perhaps they should educate themselves a little more about the registry and who and how you can end up on it!! Life as a registrant is difficult enough for the registrant not to mention his/her family! Where is your christianity?
      I myself will no longer be a customer nor donate to this organization and I will encourage everyone I know to do the same!
      Shame on you, really…..SHAME ON YOU!

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      Lorraine Hodge

      I wanted to cry when I read about what the Salvation Army is doing (or I guess what they are NOT doing). I have been donating to them for a number of years because I thought, of all the non profits asking for donations, the Salvation Army is doing so much more for people. They ought to be ashamed to be known as a Christian organization. Jesus helped the sinners first. He never shunned anyone. This is so upsetting to think that ANYONE (especially Christians) would turn their back on someone hungry and freezing.

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        I hope that everyone who is reconsidering their donations to the Salvation Army will let them know why. Our objective is for them to reconsider their policy. Write them and tell them, nicely, of course, why they should. Give them some personal stories. Help them see that people on the registry and their family members are human beings deserving of salvation and love and help when needed.

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        I was a person who had a strong belief in the Christain faith.When I was released from prison and went back to Orlando Florida. I was told I could not stay there I was released on december 13 2001. That night when a fellow member of the same faith told me I was not allowed to stay there that cold night. I stop and asked God to forgive me because I never went back to church. I was treated better by Muslims and Jewish people who help me find a place to stay.To this day,I will not give the Salvation Army any type of donation, and when they came into the prison bring a small gidon bible and some cosmetics I threw it in the trash can. The same thing could be said about the YMCA as well.They don’t practice what they preached background checks and high price memberships. I was 10 years living in New Jersery The YMCA was free to join and the place to be. Now it is a place where I am not welcome because I made a mistake in life. The Same thing with Churches, Certain people play churches but yet have no trouble wanting you to fill the offering plate. But say you a person who has to register your money is welcome but not your person.

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        The Salvation Army doesn’t turn people away. Many times they refer folks to other agencies and even transports them in some cases to get help/shelter. I’ve seen this myself. They’re literally the best organization that puts $ to maximum use.

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          Hi Matt, I believe you are sincere, and likely have had a good experience with SA. However, I know first had that locations not only turn registered folks away, I’ve been “escorted” off property just for asking if they would allow me to volunteer there. You may not have experienced this persinally, but it is a policy for at least some sites, and I have encountered it. I have called various locations who are registered with my University and made my own inquiries after being turned away. SA will not knowingly allow registered persons to work there, shelter there or volunteer. I can’t say if a soup kitchen would turn you away, but a shelter will, or at least some will. And for myself, I was turned away when I tried to volunteer as a college intern after passing all interviews, and was eagerly wanted for the position, until the topic of my registration came up. I’m non-violent, not convicted of underage issue, yet still persona non grata, all because of my status as a registrant. So, I’m sorry to say, you are incorrect about them not turning people away. Maybe some local administrators won’t. But that do want speak to all.

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      So….I have just printed the article and will be placing this in area red buckets with a note saying I appreciate all the good work, but can no longer support when the organization is selective in those they help. My money is the only way to let them know how I feel about this injustice.

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        Visit a local Salvation Army and ask the officer on site questions. They’ll tell you the truth and give you a tour. Don’t believe everything you hear or read.

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      It’s very sad, and as a person of faith, it angers me to see the black eye that such ignorance causes the faith as a whole. There is a simularly uninformed group in Virginia Beach where I live. I was invited to apply for my internship there, my pastor being a lifetime donor, and our church being a supporter. I was an associate pastor. When I interviewed, they couldn’t wait to get me in staff. I was way over qualified, and they wanted all I had, for free of course. But, when I asked them about their policies regarding who they help and how, they proudly told me they help everyone regardless, as Christians. Then the gave me the exception. No sex offenders. This was their board’s policy. When I pressed, they of course told me of inability to be ‘cured’ and risk having pedophiles, etc. So I told the man in charge. Well, I’m on the registry. So I suppose you no longer want me. He immediately escorted me off the premises and observed my car until I passed out of the property. Needless to say, this major institution of Christian benevolence lost all it’s goodness in my mind. Union Mission no longer gets my money. And I am vocal about why. God redeems, He doesn’t not condem the repentant. Too bad so many will have to stand before him and try to plead ignorance when the data is clearly available.

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        I agree with the way you think . I was not aware of The Salvation army acting in this way . I will also no longer put my hard earned money in their kettles . I do know at least where I live , there is one person in charge of counting the money in those kettles . Saying that , I wonder if they would pass your note on . If you are successful doing so I will certainly join in and do the same . I certainly would turn the article over to someone higher up , yet I dont know the morals of all the kettle counters . I hope you are successful . Update any progress ! Is a good idea if it works . Thanks

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      Defending humanity itself,

      Here we realize the impact of the “necessity” of electronic lists of bad humans prescribed by our leadership. Few however recognize a plain fact in taking such action imposes detrimental restraint upon plain liberty itself by definition. Too make by law a human’s needs subservient machine needs is abhorrent. A mathematician would couch the equation.
      Machine need > Human need.

      The “need” is a perceived notion and completely so. It is also based on the fallacy that humans (sex offenders) do not learn. The people want safety but machines and their uses factually exacerbate the underlying social issues that cause violence. What is advertised as “Social Media” that broadcasts world wide “useful information” (SOR) more accurately reflects the antisocial tendency for tribalism and feudalism inherent in man. This antisocialistic trend has permeated institutions like The Salvation Army. That was always going to be the outcome of such broadcasts. The Salvation Army has embraced ostracism let them suffer it.

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      I started to write a commet to this post but I stopped but after reading C.C’s. and other comments about the Salvation Army I said Let God be true. Nothing wrong with Salvation Army if a person wants to give. Their is more to this Sex offender stuff than just saying who’s bias by not giving shelter. Would not you all think government is behind a lot of this inducement or is the blind leading the blind today in truth today. Sure we can all receive grace but one can’t have one without the other.

      Sure all of these comments are good but they all have some negative flavor to them. When one falls off a horse what do they do. I hope they get back in the saddle. Sure suffering can come in many different stages in a person’s life. Now if one hurt a little one I can understand a bit of this ordeal but are we not little ones also. I wonder who the great physian is today. Is it government or those social thinkers or could it be hard headedness, or is loth thy neighbor down a whole different reality.. Sometimes we all have to bridal thy tongue at time and keep silent yet focused on good. Sure its a shame about the Salvation Army and other relief shelters.

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        R M

        Absolutely the government is behind all this inducement… but I WILL NOT support anyone (Salvation Army, etc) who believes the lies and continue the hysteria that the government has created. NOT GONNA HAPPEN! I obtained a beautiful Doberman from a friend about 6 to 7 months ago and decided that I wanted to volunteer at the local animal shelter. I wrote a letter to the director of the shelter asking if they allow sex offenders to volunteer… got no response. I will not adopt a dog from them… ever. I also worked with 2 Doberman rescues looking to adopt a second Doberman; they both denied my application for B.S. reasons. They’d rather let a dog die than have one adopted by a RC. Those are just a few examples of how our government has brainwashed the USA.

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      I can tell you one thing; this ol’ boy’s going to print a note of explanation to stick in the kettle and tell them EXACTLY why they have lost my support. I will sign the note as well. We are going to have to step out of the shadows and stand up and be counted and heard for a change. The system that keeps us under thumb counts on our shame to keep us silent and passive. It’s time that end and we all form every town, city, county and state in the union come together with one concerted voice and say ‘NO MORE!!!!’

      If we stay in the shadows and only bellyache about how we’re treated among ourselves, we’re not going to make headway. We all need to band together and take the fight head-on to the enemy and run that enemy to ground.

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      To add to this article, I will share I interviewed with Goodwill several years back, where I learned they will not hire registrant’s to work for them, though they are willing to hire others who have criminal issues in their background to work for them. I did not complete the application process with them after the first interview when I was saddened to learn of this position which they were not going to be flexible with.

      I know of one person who is fully employed with them as a recovering addict and has done well for themselves while in the employ, so it is for them I continue to still donate to Goodwill (besides being close to the homestead). If it was not for this one person, I would follow suit and not donate to them, but go a bit further to another non-profit who takes donations.

      I have known of this policy by Salvation Army for some time know since they have a shelter in the town here as well as the Rescue Mission does. There seems to be some larger policy on this topic because both of them, at my last knowing, would not allow registrants in despite the cold weather when the shelter is open. Under the guise of God, they shun people regardless. Shameful.

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      Hi Saddles, et al,
      I’m not sure if I got Saddles point or not, but for me, it goes beyond bias about who won’t shelter, or who won’t employ. It’s about how so many drink the koolaid about “those evil sex offenders” and then make policies, applaud ill advised actions, promote specious rhetoric, or otherwise support blanket hate. God has nothing to do with the actions of people when these things take place, anymore than He did when the same ******* was being applauded about slavery and other human atrocities. If we don’t push back every time we get collectively or individually violated, then we are lost to our own apathetic weakness. Anything worth as much as one man’s or woman’s freedom is worth dying for. I for one have grown sick of being silenced out if fear of being targeted for retribution if I dare cry foul!

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        Jonathon Merritt

        God ordained slavery. He even told you how to buy your slaves and that you could beat them so long as they did not die in two days. I do not believe in your invisible man and I do not believe in a book that supports slavery,genocide and child murder.
        I am morally superior to your 2000 year old comic book.

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      Catholic Charities too. Accepted my donations from prison but refused to help me parole.

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      Frank Nunally

      Here is the main reason I left christianity. Your religion boast about Love and Forgiveness when none of you are willing to practice it. This is a symptom that is summed up by a simple truth, you have accepted a lie. That lie being that there are those that do not deserve forgiveness or, for that matter, love. Look at your own history, this is nothing new. Evil persists when “good people” do nothing. Sin is defined as three things doing what is wrong, saying what is wrong, and failure to do what is right: in any case a standard has not been reached. If the “good people” all stood up and corrected the wrongs of these small organizations, they could unite. Once united they can have the push necessary to correct the elected officials or replace them. But it all starts with one of a few people.

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        Brother Frank, I am sorry you too have not received from people, the love and forgiveness every human being on the planet needs, and craves. That is truely the fatal flaw for many when they seek a church fellowship. However, I must take exception to your comment that “none of [us] are willing to practice [love and forgiveness]. Fortunately, that belief is based on a fallacy that your experience represents all people’s experiences.
        First of all I have experienced a lot of love and forgiveness from Christians over the years. Not all Christians, but a lot of Christians. There are those who do practice the tenants of faith to the utmost of human ability.  But some do not. I myself spend 30 + hours every week sitting in my counselors chair as a Christian counselor helping people, sex offenders included, to overcome their issues. I do this out of love and forgiveness. There is no judgement in the safe space of my office. And I don’t get paid one red cent. I have bootstrapped a ministry for five years to bring counseling to people from a Christian perspective and have paid out of pocket to make it happen. No one pays me. I believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to have a safe place to vent and complain and whine and argue and struggle. That is love. And I do that to the best of my ability as a Christian and as a human being so they can feel the grace of forgiveness and acceptance. I don’t always like what individuals have done just like I don’t always like what I have done. But love and forgiveness is something that I live for. It is the defining tenet of Christian faith. To receive forgiveness from God you must be willing to give it to others. I and many of my friends live this out everyday. No we’re not perfect and sometimes we make mistakes. But I believe that we should not paint with the broad brush any faith based on subjective  appointment. I hope that you can strive to look disappointment. Please look a little farther to find fellowship with people who will give you that love and forgiveness. I have never found a body human beings that is universally perfect. But I do know that if you’re looking for love and forgiveness you will find it most likely in a sincere Christian. Please keep looking, there are plenty of us to be found. And some of us are on the registry just like you.  Chuck

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        Jonathon Merritt

        I share your position on religion and the fact that I consider it a complete sham.
        crawled up from being homeless in 2003 with the help of a charity that helped me for a time but didn’t really want to help me at all. They scrutinized every thing I did and treated me exactly like Washington has treated President Trump.
        They do not want him there and they did not want me there in 2003. I am in a position of security now and have been for many years. We need to help each other with information,jobs and housing. At one time I had two other registrants renting rooms from me. I have no use for such registrants who shun others in their situation and want to just bury their heads in the sand and live with Mommy.

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      I wonder who’s naked today? Is it the salvation army, law enforcements, churches, or one’s self. I wonder if anyone really opens their eyes on here. The poor will always be with us but all these things will come if one lets them. Should we all say sex offenders are poison or do we all make mistakes. Sure you all can talk about churches snubbing you or giving to the needy but than again one has to understanding the reasoning behind it all.
      Sure offenses will come but who is offending who with some of this sex offense stuff. Now it seems all want to get down on the Salvation Army, churches, society in general, so what does that make you in society. I wonder who’s the loser or the abuser is today, the drug addict or the one without wisdom, or understanding. Could we all say we don’t have a lack of knowledge than those that are smarter than others, but in the end are no better than three blind mice.
      I wonder if the Salvation Army prevents or protect? I believe they should protect or would that be a bit snobbish to reject a sex offender. I wonder if society today is going to hell in a handbag with their social standards of deception to protect and serve. Don’t get me wrong but I like to stay positive. I believe theirs a reason for all seasons.

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      You know I do like these interesting articles that Sandy and the other with the NARSOL team bring up as it makes us all aware of this matter that is effecting all in America today in ways means and form. Now Sandy and Maestro on here have rode me a bit and I’ve even addressed Sandy as the Maw Barker in the past, but actually we are all colorful people on here with view’s about this Sex offender ordeal that is effecting the nation and the human’s that get involved in this mess and even families of loved one’s.

      We all have our view’s but its helping others is what counts. I even have began to understand these view points a bit better but I wasn’t a wiz in my civics class or even religeous matters. Sometimes we all have to wonder where does one start in trying to correct this sex offender issue and all the bumps and turns it throw’s at everyone in different stages of human endeavors. Here’s an interesting video about that can help one understand more of this confusion we are facing today and its also about government. As for me its a bit over my head at times but I’m sure Robin and even others on NARSOL’s board would like to review or even oneself.

      Now I believe in honesty just like everyone else and I do believe in true justice for all. So I thing we on this sex offender reform should take a positive approach to all this in this coming new year. Sure I believe some sleep and try to cover up some of this sex offender stuff but honesty is the best policy. What can one say.

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      Dave Tynes

      A minister friend of mine in southwest Virginia once told me that he had tried to find housing for registered citizens in shelters from Knoxville TN to Roanoke, VA. That’s a distance of about 250 miles, mostly on I81. No Salvation Army shelter would take them. Since I learned this (around 2011 as I recall) I have not given a dime to the Salvation Army. If they are going to call themselves Christian, I expect them to fully commit themselves to acting like it, and if they are not willing to do that, I have no interest in supporting them in any way. I know some would say I’m throwing out the baby with the bathwater because they do help a lot of people. Maybe so, but they are taking this position with regards to sex offenders because it is the path of least resistance. I’m pretty sure that is not what Yeshua had in mind.

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      I have some nice looking things and what I want to do with them is put them on Freecycle in my area, I also know a group of Hispanics that could use them. I have personal knowledge of the shams of both the Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries.

      And to Jonathon Merritt, all’s I can say is that you never knew God, because if you did then you could understand the huge spiritual fight going on. But you can’t understand because you don’t know God. And just because someone hides behind the Christian name, doesn’t mean they’re Christian. If you ever read the Bible you could see that Jesus said that you can figure out who a person is by what they do. It’s one way or the other, good or evil.

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      Are used to donate to the Salvation Army but after reading this article that they don’t help those who are most in need who are suffering in the cold and homeless because of their past mistakes I will no longer donate to the Salvation Army

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      I had the same experience with Catholic charities in Spokane Washington. I was told they provide zero assistance of any kind to sex offenders. The hipocrisy is not limited to a few certain individuals and organizations, it’s a systematic problem within the religion and ingrained in the Bible itself. I know many of the wonderful and caring people here are Christians, but your religion isn’t what made you wonderful and caring. I came to my conclusion about Christianity and the Bible by reading the Bible with an open, unbiased mind and trying hard to remove the preconceptions I had about it (“the good book” for example). This can be especially hard for people, like myself, who have been indoctrinated into Christianity from a very early age, but I encourage every Christian to do exactly that- read the Bible. I hope nobody finds this offensive or intolerant, as it’s definitely not meant to be.

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      Dale Snyder

      I find this article as disgusting as anything ever written. Shame on you! Not only is this article bigoted, completely off base and irrational you incite the name of Jesus to do so?????? You sit back at your computer spewing bigotry not knowing ANYTHING about the actual circumstances.

      Salvation Army shelters are FAMILY EMERGENCY SHELTERS and there are very few of them around. It is very, very well documented that the salvation Army does more with less than any other national charity by far, it’s not even close. They are funded entirely by donations, usually in dire need of help and staffed by people who are usually way over worked and way underpaid. People who work primarily because of their conviction to help others. The vast majority of time the shelters have a single employee on premises, two at best there to monitor and care for up to 50 people including many children in up to 5 individual dorms. It is a daily challenge! to care for, monitor, feed and try and help those there, even being very discriminate of who is allowed in. DAILY they have to discharge(kick out) people over fights, arguments that can’t be quenched, drugs and alcohol snuck in. Many people who come in have very deep emotional and psychological issues and are very challenging just to keep in line and respectful of other people. It is a very challenging job that usually tests everything you have. The monitors simply have an extremely difficult time keeping everything supervised and orderly as is. They simply DO NOT have the resources or man power to interject sex offenders, drugs, alcohol or the more severely mentally ill into a FAMILY EMERGENCY SHELTER safely. It’s not a maybe, people WILL get hurt if they do. Who are you to condemn these people working their guts out to do everything they can with the funding they have?? Seriously who do you think you are? I would love to see 10 or 20 monitors at every shelter, trained to handle a larger diversity of social issues but between the finances, finding people willing to work in this environment and the huge turnover rate many shelters struggle to keep even a handful of employees. Jesus died for sex offenders who would come to him, alcoholics, drug addicts, the mentally ill and those struggling with any issue and my heart goes out to them all but when trying to safely give emergency shelter to women and children who likely have already been through trauma, all of those issues need to be handled strategically not thrown under one roof with one person or two at best to care for them. Even the worst sex offender is welcome at Salvation Army food banks and to apply for other services but housing homeless sex offenders with women and children with limited resources especially is simply not realistic. I have no words for how challenging it is to maintain a safe environment in a homeless shelter for families. You have no idea and honestly owe a deep apology to the Salvation Army for this ignorant hit piece. You have no idea!

      • #52055 Reply

        I reject your claim that salvation army shelters are “family emergency shelters”. Their website states that they serve both individuals and families. So most of their shelters likely have separate facilities for individuals and families as most other shelters do. If they don’t, it is not difficult to separate them, so its no excuse. My guess is that your argument that they are all “thrown under one roof” is factually wrong. What you have presented here is known as a red herring fallacy, but you also presented appeals to pity, ad hominem attacks against the author and too many other fallacies to list. The article addressed the hypocrisy of salvation army. Instead of addressing that argument, you went on about all the good they do and how hard it is for them. I don’t believe anyone owes anyone an apology, except perhaps you for your ad hominem attacks against the author.

      • #52427 Reply

        It’s difficult to hear the truth when it hits something you hold as meaningful. Yet we all must absorb the shock of truth and accommodate truth into our personal paradigms. Christianity gets attacked, and so do other things I hold dear. It’s hard. But, the article us not attacking Christianity, it’s attacking hypocritical application of unwarranted judgment by an institution which presents itself (their choice) as representative of Christ. Therefore, they invite righteous judgment on their actions, the fruits and the spirit if their actions done in His name. This is not wrong.
        I agree, there is a tremendous amount of “good works” at Salvation Army, and I am sure a huge number of those contributing time and money are very well intended. This is not the complaint. The heart if the issues is a CHOICE made by the leadership at S.A. to categorically exclude a group of people based in politically supported group think, not based on need, risk, or individual threat. No such blanket policy could possibly exist for the others you name as disruptive, e.g. mentally unstable people, drug addicts, drug dealers, potential rapists or killers, or thieves. In the case of Registered Persons, the likelihood of direct danger to others for incidental contact crime is lower than this ohers. It is ONLY the SINGLING OUT opportunity provided by a prejudiced data base that supports this policy.
        If S.A. had access to all data on all person’s and filtered services based in all the bad things they did, or more to the point, might do, then the argument could change. But as it stands, this is a blanket policy based on junk facts that serves no real purpose, other than to shield them from negative press and (unlikely) liability.
        In fact, the more risky person would be those with hotheaded or reactive coping strategies, like those who commit domestic violence, assualted, and attack with words. These person’s attack quickly and without warning, and walk among all of us all the time. How would you filter them out? Would you want a registry for everyone about everything anyone did wrong? If so, what might place you on such a registry? We’d all be on a registry like that.
        Consider how you’d feel if that were the case for you? Would you feel the same about being summarily discriminated against for misguided verbal attacks on people without first considering the global implications? It would be as unfair as the RSO being asumed to be dangerous. Just saying….

    • #61622 Reply

      Denied shelter at Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center in Hartford Connecticut, because I am on the Registry for an 1989 offense. Been out for 11 years now. Became physically ill and lost my job, housing, car and everything else I worked hard for.
      I am so upset and cannot believe the SA would not give me shelter into their program. It’s winter time and now I am stuck with no roof over my head.
      Thank you Hartford Salvation Army.
      Good bless you.

    • #66825 Reply
      Gregory Welker

      Interesting Matt states Salvation Army must keep kids safe. A total ridicules statement.. Are the kids safe with Murderers, drug addicts and other oeople who have commited crimes. The reoffense rate for those on the registry are lower them all but murderers.. You can not call yourself Christian and exclude these individuals period. More like a mole in the rough..

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