Parents support gym opened by man on sexual offense registry

By Valerie Chinn . . . A month after pleading guilty to three counts of sex abuse, Demont O’Neal opened his own gym.

O’Neal, who worked as a cheerleading coach at Seneca High School and a security monitor at Minor Daniels Academy, abused a 17-year-old, according to the Kentucky Sex Offender Registry. He was conditionally discharged for two years and required to register as a sex offender for the next twenty years.

“It only takes one incident to change your life,” he said.

Documents obtained by WDRB News say before the 2016-17 school year, a student cheerleader claimed O’Neal sexually abused her. O’Neal said he can’t talk specifics about the case.

A month after his sentencing this year, he opened Outkast Elite on Outer Loop, which trains dozens of cheerleaders.

“I love doing this,” he said. “I love working with kids. I love helping kids reach their goals.

“I honestly will say that for people that don’t know me, it’s kind of like you may worry, but I’m really simple. I’m open-door.”

He said he’s open about his past and anyone with questions or concerns can contact him.

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      This is a great example of someone not allowing the SOR define them. This is the message I have been preaching to my son. People still have lives to live SOR or not.

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      He must have avoided probation I suppose

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      The comments to the article are interesting. One lady insisting the age of consent being 16 doesn’t mean someone that age can have sex with an adult. NOT true. He ran into the issue of the position of trust. In our state that’s called sexual misconduct

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      Notice they use the terminology “sexual abuse”. What does that mean? Did he hold her down and rape her? Was it a case of harassment? Did he use foreign objects to sexually “abuse” her? Or is it just the way the laws of that particular state are written?
      I’m guessing this was a consensual relationship that was only illegal due to his career/position of ‘power’ over the student. I’m quite sure there was no actual “abuse” of the teenager.
      But the law is written to call it “abuse” and so the article says “abuse” and that triggers people to think the worst. Just like my state refers to such relationships as sexual “assault”. No one is actually “assaulted” but the media loves the headline attention such words generate.
      This is something that should be on NARSOL’s bucket list: Argue with the legislatures to change the title of their general statutes from saying “abuse/assault” to something more factual like “sexual misconduct”.
      The words “abuse” and “assault” are what helps them to fear monger.

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