Guy Hamilton-Smith: It’s like a choose your own adventure book…

You gotta love Guy Hamilton-Smith! Guy is a legal fellow of the Sex Offense Litigation and Policy Resource Center at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, an advocate for reform and author of some of the most classic social media posts (among scholarly stuff, too) I’ve read.

In response to a comment on one of his own tweets, which said, “One often under appreciated feature of sex offense registries is that you can call three different law enforcement agencies and ask what the legal requirements are for compliance and you get three different answers. Ignorance of the law is standard if the law is incomprehensible.” He wrote the following:

It’s like a choose your own adventure book where most of the options are felonies.

Anyone who has had to navigate the registration requirements, who has dealt with the Sheriff’s office or FDLE and who grew up with “Chose your own adventure” books, knows just how true his observations are!

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