Homeless sex offenders prompt camping ban

Similar to what took place in Florida, but on a much smaller scale, the Ringgold City Council unanimously passed an emergency ordinance banning homelessness Monday night.

According to the Times Free Press, “Some of the people under the bridge have previously told the Times Free Press that their Georgia Department of Community Supervision officer told them to live there. The department has not publicly addressed the issue, previously telling the Times Free Press that discussing the practice would require speaking about individual cases.

But, a spokesman added, “sex offender laws’ severe and inflexible proximity restrictions make it very challenging to find housing for sex offenders and there are significantly fewer resources, statewide, to help sex offenders overcome homelessness. The lack of housing options for homeless sex offenders is often exacerbated in rural areas.”

The issue underscores the problem people required to register as sex offenders face finding employment and housing. It is one that won’t stop until these laws are repealed.

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