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      retta carl

      Glad to see someone who actually looked at the issue instead of going with a knee jerk reaction and came to, in my mind, a correct assessment of the situation. Keep spreading the word. And hey, for your next topic maybe you could look at mandatory minimum sentencing. 🙂

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      Who is this guy? Never heard of him! Seems to be some random YouTube blogger, which means his opinion is about worthless, never mind that it was favorable. Still, if it perhaps influences persons in greater roles, who have a larger effect on society, to feel the same way, this is good. Failing that, this may be the end of his YouTube career. 🙁

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      Ah the pros and cons about the sex offender registry. I believe we touched on this at one time Fred on another post of NARSOL’s and yes the video was very impressive. In fact I was watching this several days ago and now its on here. Ir does make good since that the registry need’s to be abolished and also a lot of stipulations that go along with it. I am also impressed with NARSOL for putting up the falsee preachers video and I believe I have to thank Robin and Barbara and the team for that. If we can get that in the Washington Post or some major newspapers that would be good . Would be a project for someone the first of the year to work on. The whole stigma of a lot of this wants to make one cringe. So in actually we’re challenging civil government vs. Roman Government and I believe Rome Burned, so what are they doing to the sex offender now.

      Sure we can all give comments and suggestions and directions to NARSOL to go with helping those on the sex registry lead better lifes but NARSOL know what they are doing but still they need a bit of feedback also. Sure one wants to have some dignity, get back their living life and livelyhood also, but when someone takes one’s liberty away, and for the sex offender its almost like life its not a pretty picture. Now I’m single but for the families that have to go thru this its not a piece of cake. I have a sister and we quarl at times but in the end love covers all. Honesty is the best policy what can one say. We’ve all been wrong at times and done wrong at times. Happy Holidays.

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      William Stallworth

      As a sex offender that has been on the registry since 2009, I often get beyond aggravated just thinking that out of every single criminal offense in the United States, every single one of them basically vanish once you serve your sentence except sex offenders. We are the only group of “criminals” that serve a life sentence no matter what. I’m in Georgia and due to my level, I will have the opportunity in 2022 to appeal to the courts to be removed from the list. However, nobody has been successful since 2013. Hence, this is basically eternal dam nation.

      I am a great person that made a HUGE mistake in life as so many others like me. I served zero jail time for my offense and 3 years supervised probation with zero offenses. I have reported as the law prescribes yearly and never missed a beat. I have a son that goes to school every day. I refuse to take him or pick him up. I refuse to participate in any of his school activities. I also have a daughter and granddaughter. I refuse to go to see any children’s movies at the theater. I refuse to go to parks. When I was going to church, I refused to be anywhere but in the sanctuary where everyone could see me. If there was a special children’s program, I didn’t show up. If I am in a public bathroom and a child walks in, I basically freeze with fear! This, I’m sure isn’t just my life but many others as well. But why? Why should we have to live every moment of the rest of our lives in fear? No other “criminal” has to!?!?!

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      Penny Hamilton

      This topic is such a mess, what I mean is the sex offender registry is a mess. When my kids were lite I thought the registry was intended to protect little kids. However what has occurred is the registry became a mechanism to label even teenagers as sex offenders. If a 17 year old engages in any toe if sexual encounter with another teen 14-17 they too can be labeled a sex offender. The classification system 1-3 is a joke they can label people as a 2 or 3 and have their picture plastered on the internet even if in fact is was minor sexual interactions. The system for this is very convoluted. If we have sex offender registries, then why not registries for murder and burglary. Registries for every crime for the public to view. Very prejudicial to one type of crime that can mean so many different things, as indicated sending a naked picture, first base, second base encounters between a 14 and 17 year olds to actual rape, very different but can fall under these classications. This registry has the potential to be detrimental to all of society because of the interpretation of sex offender. It truly needs to be re-structured, it is separating a category of people to be seen by society as horrific people, when in fact that is not always the case. Not to mention how easy it is to label someone as a sex offender.

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        Hi Penny, I hear your frustration with the registry and as a registered citizen I concur. And your question about why we have a registry really boils down to one thing. It was created by someone politically, and influence to become so by someone who had something to gain. And my home state where I was convicted,there are programs developed for recovery of sex addiction. And these programs draw in a lot of money. They are connected to local government and Social Services as the only official treatment program. The people that profit from these programs sit on the board for sex offender management. They are the ones who put the rules together to decide who needs what kind of treatment and what the outcomes would be, and the prognosis for sex offenders, etc etc etc. Recently in that state and legislated measure came up to prohibit people who profit from the work from being on the steering committees and boards. But, in the end the measure failed. So the people who perpetuating false statistics and trading fear and that particular state are also continuing to control the regulations. The influence the politics heavily and the motivation is not truly to help or to line their pockets. I’m not normally cenacle about things like this, but I know that when we boil it all down it comes to where the money is. I work at an industry that would easily help sex offenders reform. I can also help people not offend you. But because I’m on the registry I cannot do the work privately. And the public works. There is no way to break into this very close system to bring reform. You would be taken away the livelihood of too many people. We all have to face the fact that managing sex offenders is a big and prop in the business. And it’s a wonderful publicity stunt for politicians. and with that in mind no amount of logic applied to a review of the sex offender regulations will ever move these particular people. Just like we see in Congress they make promises to reform to get elected, and then they go on and continue with the same old methods because they gained power. The only way that the registry is going to change is for unbiased civil review an outcry by real people. The gentleman on the podcast Which hopefully represent the average American if they would only take time to look. Unfortunately most of the sheep or busy eating grass and can be moved easily by the shepherds who make the money in this industry. So the sheep don’t do any investigation on their own.

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      Well I am glad that this guy did this video about this sex registry mess. As penny and willian said it seems that all this is a form of abuse not only to those caught up in all this mess but its effects to family members and the loved ones around. I believe nobody is an honest Abe today as you have those power type people wanting to intimidate others. Well look at the internet. Their is good things we get from internet use but somethings are a bit unethical. I can even understand talking to ladies on the net but when they play this type of game that is a bit alarming to those. Sure I’m in agreement that we all have to put a stop to this not for our sakes but for future generations. In common sense it makes not rational understanding. Sure if we all wanted to get caught red handed we all should know how to do that or how many speeding tickets does the average joe have.

      Sure government says they are there to protect but who are they protecting in this type of seneiro, or who are they conning into this scheme. When government gets money power they seem to induce or seduce people into believing a lie. Sure I didn’t spend time in jail but am still on the registry and writing letters to congress as a lot of this is unfair and the registry has a lot of downfalls to one’s fellow man. Sure jobs are a bit of a disadvantage to some and if your lucky you might get some type of work to support yourself or your family. Being self-worth and responsible is a good thing. We all make mistakes even government.

      Is all this a sin factor or police playing the devil and trying to overthrow the people. Sure protection is good but causing hysteria isn’t good for any government. Other people will think the worst of people than the actual crime itself, and I even wonder what is a crime if you prove you are not talking to kids via the internet. Would we all say government is inducing this type of hype hysteria when they themselves are the seducing power and all in the name of protecting and serving the public. Talk about a Godzilla movie gonna crazy. So who’s making you scared of your own shadow with this governmental ordeal and money scheme when I’m sure we all have moral insight at times. Sure the registry is depressing for anyone to undergo and intimidation is a bad characteristic of that. I wonder who is judging others today or causing this depressive weight on those on the registry. The registry is just a bad scene for those that have to go thru this.

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      Would NARSOL be content with reforming the law to exempt children 18 and under from the law? Or is the entire premise of the group to abolish the registry entirely? In a “normal” society that hasn’t been corrupted with the Frankist ideas of Marx, feminism, communism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, white privilege, male toxity, rape culture, compelled speech and sexual perversion as normal there is no need for a registry. For instance in S.E. Asia; the people here have respect for the man, the woman, the child, the family & religion. In fact the family is the most respected and treasured part of society. If a man or father is found to or known to have sexually abused his daughter, son or any child for that matter he is ostracized permanently from that community and any other he attempts to inhabit.

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