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“We’re using child abuse to treat child-on-child sexual abuse”

By Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg . . . Seth (not his real name) describes himself as an outcast as a child. “I was the fat kid with glasses that got picked on ever since first grade,” said Seth, now 40, who grew up in New Jersey, where he still lives. “I was always a socially awkward kid.” In 1993, when he was 14,…

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Judge dismisses charge against sex offender

Following are excerpts from an article in The Providence Journal Recent misdemeanor charges against Richard Gardner, a registered sex offender who caused a stir among neighbors when he moved to Providence last month, were dismissed Monday in District Court. At a probation–violation hearing in Superior Court, Warwick, on Monday morning, Judge Bennett Gallo ruled that the misdemeanor charge did not…

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