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Is your local Sheriff making up their own rules?

Here’s a scenario that happens frequently. We get a call or an email from a member that begins, “I just got back from registering and they told me I need to…”

What follows, too often, is a description of some “requirement” that’s either a complete misinterpretation of the law or simply made up.

Wanting to make sure the member simply didn’t misunderstand and to properly document the event so that we can address it, we tell the member to ask them to put it in writing or cite to the section of law where that requirement can be found.

The answer is almost always “we don’t put anything in writing” or “talk to your attorney”, but occasionally we’re surprised that they will, or more shockingly, that the erroneous information is posted on a sign right in the registration office!

Case in point: Duval County. The Duval County (Jacksonville) Sheriff’s Office posted a sign with their requirements for registering Internet Identifiers. Their requirements are that ALL require registration.

You can find FAC’s letter to them, as well as a picture of their sign here.

If your county registration office or someone in law enforcement is requiring you to do something you are not required to do or preventing you from doing something you believe you are entitled, by law, to do, please let us know.



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