A new sex offender list: “Make them scared”

By Sandy . . . Accusations of sexual wrongdoing fill the airwaves and crowd into the headlines. They reverberate from the hills of Hollywood, echo in Wall Street offices, and bounce off the walls of senate chambers.

And now they have found a place of their own, a place where they can come together with others, some true and horrific, some exaggerated, some trivial and petty, and some, almost without doubt, totally fabricated.

That place is called makethemscared.com. The name says it all.

It is, in the words of its creator, “…a communal wiki based out of the University of Washington created to give victims a voice and a place to expose the names of their sexual harassers/attackers.”

It is a place where anyone can make an accusation against anyone about anything of a sexual nature. One complaint is that her partner wouldn’t use protection and was emotionally distant. The majority are accusations of rape and sexual assault with a generous number of sexual harassment accusations mixed in. A very few say they were reported to authorities; the vast majority were not.

The accused include University of Washington students as well as others, some not even U.S citizens. Some of the accusations are of years-old incidents, one from when the complainant was in middle school, another an accusation of child molestation when she was six.

Initially the complainant could remain anonymous, but that appears to have lasted only two day before the site administrator realized that was a bad idea. Nevertheless, the complaints from those two day still stand. And, of course, for none of them is the person making the accusation named.

The site has been up since September 26, 2018. My reactions upon seeing it were, first, fury followed soon by a mixture of sadness and sympathy.

Young women flocking to a place where they could pour out the details of sexual violations speaks to many things that evoke sadness and sympathy: their need to talk about it; their reluctance, based partially on a fear of lack of support, to come forward in a more official manner; the lingering and corrosive effects of sexual violation, especially when it is not dealt with at the time of occurrence.

But far stronger than this is the fury that such a site can exist.

Regardless of the trauma to those whose accounts are truthful, a public forum that allows uncorroborated accusations of behaviors, many criminal, where no charges have been filed, where the accused have no opportunity to face their accusers or defend themselves, where the opportunity for lies and false accusations is rife, is an abomination that takes everything that is bad about a public sex offender registry – which is everything — and makes it worse.

According to an article posted about the site, the university is aware of its existence. Still, NARSOL sent a formal letter of complaint to the university president with a very strong appeal to do whatever it took to have the site taken down.

Another strong possibility is that one or more young man, falsely accused or not, will initiate legal action for public defamation. Hopefully, that will occur. Regardless, this is a situation that we will follow closely and report on with any significant new developments.

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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    • #47366 Reply

      We shouldnt be surprised. This makethemscared list is the affect, and next logical step of the madness we, here, experience everyday. It is apparently a hybrid type list and registry, of sorts, rising as a result of the new and growing philosophy of the #believeallaccusers type movements. Due process, ex post facto, and cruel and unusual punishment were the first to go; now, the presumption of innocence and the burden of proof are being placed upon the burning stake. We are witnessing the return of “Salem” in the 21st Century.

      Obviously, I am against this list and all registrys. However, to be honest, this and similar events are unfortunately what it may take for the public to begin understanding what we have been saying for years. Welcome to our world. Perhaps now, this will wake up many Americans.

    • #47368 Reply

      I know this is going to sound like some wicked, demented thought but imagine for a moment, since this new sexual abuse trend is about nothing more than tearing down MEN in our society and far too many allegations are LIES, imagine pretending to be a victim and posting on that sight anonymously and naming someone who is part of the construction of that site as the perpetrator 🤣😂😂
      Yep. That thought went through my mind. Just to stir up controversy so that these idiots who made the site can taste the medicine of modern day witch hunting.

      Oh, the temptation!!! (But I won’t do it. I’m just thinking of what a kick in their own asses that would be, since they seem to get some kind of rise out of criminalizing even typical childhood behavior. Oh, the fear! Smh).

      • #47440 Reply

        Good one Bro!

      • #47469 Reply

        Lol kinda like what happens with the guy from mugshot.com, now his mug should be up on there by now.

    • #47373 Reply
      Obvious answers

      Counting the days till some schmuck in congress concocts a law to mirror makethemscared. Com. …before you say it will never happen please review the current form of registry.. It will happen and innocent men and children will die.

    • #47380 Reply

      Every link to that site will help increase it’s page ranking and move it up the search results. So refrain from linking to it.
      Right now they have less than 30 names on their list. Let’s hope some people take legal action to shut it down before it grows much larger. This is about money. Another person saw an opportunity to create a potentially popular site and sell ad space on it. They are cashing in on the metoo movement and sex hysteria. I promise they are not concerned about anyone’s well being.

    • #47381 Reply

      Great article Sandy. I saw this site a few days ago and was pretty angry about it. I hope it’s not only taken down.. I hope the person responsible for it is prosecuted.

    • #47382 Reply

      How about everyone report the “founders” of this website as sexual harassers? Since there are no filters on the content.

    • #47383 Reply

      This is as ridiculous as the me too movement. I was raped by so and so. Me too. I was molested by so and so. Me too. This is just plain stupid.

    • #47387 Reply

      Read the article linked to here in Sandy’s article. You’ll see at the bottom of the article, it shows links to other stories where those who are doing similar actions are being held accountable.

    • #47388 Reply
      Thutmose IV

      Give that the general public beliefs all sexual assault/harassment allegations, I’ll make 5:1 odds that some EVIL S.O.B will try and use this site to EXTORT money out of some poor sap. Something like this: “fork over 10 grand or I’ll smear your ass with a sex assault allegation on “Makethemscared”. Any takers?

    • #47396 Reply

      I don’t know about anybody else, but I wish Christine Blasey Ford would post Brett Kavanaugh’s name on the site. The answer to the “How did they handle it?” question would be, “Confirmed to the Supreme Court.”

      That ironic twist might even get through to the site’s moderator. I can’t add anything to Sandy’s article. I am too flabbergasted.

    • #47398 Reply

      Metoo, I have been taken advantage of when I was 7, I kicked him in the head, hard. He later said he was sorry and that he would never do it again. He never repeated his actions. We became good friends, and I never said anything. When I played hide and seek an older boy always seem to be there with me. He would rub up against me and put his hand over my mouth. He was my friend as well, someone that I knew would never hurt me. When I was 11, a lot of boys wanted to show me their penis. It was told it was a way of asking if you wanted sex. When I look at all the things that happened to me in my lifetime and there is a lot more then most of the things that I have heard from the metoo movement. I think to myself this is what makes me, me, and I am happy with that. I hate the metoo movement, being raped or being taken advantage of or being beat up on a regular basis, and I was all three. This is not the end of someones life that would be called murder, and I am alive.

    • #47399 Reply

      I look forward to a day when all people are registered sex offenders.

      • #47403 Reply

        Or registered drunk drivers
        Or registered tax readers
        Or registered prostitutes
        Or registered theives
        Or registered wife beaters
        Or opiate addicts

    • #47407 Reply

      Sandy this is shocking, talk about a support group of sex and scare tactic’s. So who’s making who scared and who’s making who intimidated in all this. One should make a site Makethemprove.com if thats the dot one is looking for. Speaking out is good but an internet platform is loses its fizz at times. Is this the way to do it. Talk about a Gabby Hoffman movement. sorry Abbie. Isnt’ all this justice all about “Proving” a person today. Proving what that we are all equal as some say, that we all are evil and sinful at birth, that someone went on air somewhere and said you can grab em by the pussy and get away with it and than become president.

      Is the internet some new wave of false foundation of American Justice or is American justice about to see their character over a lot of this sex offender romp. Yes I use to love to watch American Justice on TV. Seems women want their 15 minutes of fame even if they are annomyous but one can easily find out who one is, if necessary. So who is sliding real proof under the table. Are we all writing sexual novels of encounters today for some yet to be published book of college crimes of the ivy league or college day memorial.

      Now I’m not going to step on any women’s toes. This me2 movement is a bit over rated at times. So should one excuse Justice for using some type of plotting or conspiricy scheme to set us up others and make it legal or should we all listen to the many rapes that I’m sure women would like to forget or the many rapes of man voicing out, even in victimless crimes.

      Rape does not have to be physical but it is still form is immoral activity or should we question today Who’s Raping America in the Justice System. Should not law be questioned in truth or who holds supreme authority. Are we still a sovereign nation today under God’s rule or man’s rule. Should an “attempt to prove law” be needed in a lot of these issues today. Guess one doesn’t care these days or I don’t remember the past today. Its like a do it and get it over movement today. No wonder they took down the Ten Commandments as Government would like to be 100% right. I guess thats man’s logic.

    • #47409 Reply

      We need to #scarethemback! Take a stance, defend your self, your rights and fight anyone, anywhere and make your life matter. Screw all the hype and fame the media and these sorry excuses of people including reporters, lawmakers and politicians that are using us to gain popularity and votes at our expense and freedom for a false sense of security.

    • #47415 Reply
      Jeremy from Indiana

      I just attempted to go to the website using the direct URL rather than a link and the page appears to be shut down! Good work NARSOL and anyone else who helped shut this down.

      • #47419 Reply

        The website is still up

    • #47417 Reply

      You are correct about avoiding generating traffic achieved through hyperlinking. It should be heeded by those here. Unfortunately it’s kinda like asking people not to shop at Wal-Mart. They just don’t get why it’s a bad idea.

    • #47437 Reply
      William Gratchic

      There era of unsubstantiated sexual abuse allegations has come to a head, with Chief Justice Cavanaugh’s witch trial. There will be repercussions from this exaggerated and baseless allegation by Dr. Ford.
      What people do not realize that even posting something of this topics nature that is unsubstantiated, makes a person vulnerable to a slander lawsuit. These people need to think twice since items posted on the internet stay there. They do not go away.

      • #47992 Reply

        The era has been here for some time now, but the effects have now begun to spread throughout. The metoo movement now demands our society accept an allegation as fact beyond question. To even question an allegations validity now labels one as shockingly disgusting and insensitive, or even a sexual assault supporter.

        The proponents for witch hunt tactics have existed for eons; from the times of the crucifiction, the Spanish inquisition, Salem, to now 21st century America. We never learn…til after the devastation is done. And then, we just mix it up a bit…and repeat.

    • #47435 Reply

      All during the Kavanaugh debacle I kept hearing them say “we are all equal under the law” and I thought – yea right, ‘all’ but sex offenders.

    • #47456 Reply

      Here is the follow up article to this original article from College Fix. UW is not referenced anymore in the article: Anonymous rape accusation site drops reference to university after College Fix report (https://www.thecollegefix.com/anonymous-rape-accusation-site-drops-reference-to-university-after-college-fix-report/)

    • #47473 Reply

      @Art. Excuse me! Everybody execpt the sex offender. So actually whats so different. Is it govermental abuse, is it statutorial abuse, mental abuse or any of the following that makes a sex offender different. I am no psychologists and don’t even know how our own brain works at times, but I believe we should know how govermental systems work by now. They are either for one or against one.

      So who’s the fall guy or girl if thats the point, some Tom boy type girl or some agressive type college honcho. If we are all guilty than whats NARSOL all about… Dignity and honor for a country and justice and liberty for all. I believe we should all agree with that. Remember we are all just little people but speaking up is very good for all parties for change.

      Justice is never sweet or should one give in. Nothing is instant but who has to clean up the dirty diapers , We the people or We the government. Doesn’t one think the USA has been raped enough since Washington’s time., and I’m sure everybody that was ever borned has dirty diapers or are they teflon coated today. Should we all be scared today or feared upon or does the expression.. Nothing to fear but fear itself ring a bell of liberty.

    • #47487 Reply

      Narsol should support it not go against it for all these reasobs and premands
      * First, maybe now they would care about sex offebder kist hurting people’s life.
      *if everybody is now in the sex offender list then no body really is.
      *Is it unconstitutional ? Which are the bounderiegavGovernment re create them or siciety will end up killing eachother.
      * government gave people freedom to judge without proves in tv magazine internet so now lets judge the judges and let then drink from your own laws and have a taste of it.
      *Government gave power to society when created the list , now take it and let see where it goes.
      *You created the sex offender list for the neigneighbourhood and gave people the power to see , control and judge offenders- now try to control them!
      *Life threaten for being sex offender? No worries.. You are not the only one. Come to join us Mr. Kavanaugh and others. All welcome.
      As more in the list ( fake or not official or not) stronger we become Narsol.Dont fight it back.Let is roll !

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