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No increase in sex crimes on Halloween says NARSOL board member

By Lenore Skenazy . . . A Boston Herald article is calling for a new Massachusetts law to stop registered sex offenders from participating in Halloween. Such a law would violate the rights of sex offenders, for no public benefit whatsoever. The piece—as random as a piece can be, in that it is not tied to any actual news, crime, or person of…

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Ex Post Facto Lawsuit Filed

A lawsuit was filed in Federal Court challenging the Florida Sex Offender registry. The suit is a facial challenge, filed on behalf of persons required to register in the State of Florida. It argues that the registry violates the Ex Post Facto clause of the constitution, constitutes Cruel and Unusual Punishment, violates Procedural Due Process, violates Substantive Due Process, is…

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The official Halloween blog

Originally printed 10/10/2013 By Sandy . . . Why advocate for not monitoring registered offenders on Halloween? What’s the harm? I’m so glad you asked. Most Halloween restrictions apply to everyone on the registry or everyone under supervision, whether or not their offenses had anything to do with a child. This broad-brush application is bumping up against constitutional protections. Many…

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