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“A gimmick to make people feel safe,” says NARSOL’s vice-chair

Reprinted with permission By Travis Loller, AP . . . Sex offenders under community supervision in Tennessee are required to be in their homes with the porch lights off on Halloween as part of a 10-day curfew surrounding the holiday. They also cannot decorate or give out candy. And offenders are not allowed to take children trick or treating or to…

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NARSOL ED speaks out about Halloween restrictions for RSOs

Reprinted with permission by By Lexi Spivak . . . Before trick-or-treaters hit the streets, Springfield Police Officers will check the homes of registered sex offenders to make sure they’re compliant with the state Halloween Sex Offender Statute. That statute states any person registered as a sexual offender under sections 589.400 to 589.425 must adhere to the following conditions on…

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Cop-watch hotline part of NARSOL Halloween Marathon

Reports have come in from several different states that the required Halloween “round-up” of paroled and probationary registrants has an even more sinister twist. In addition to these exercises diverting attention and resources away from where children are at actual risk of harm — both for sexual abuse and for injury or death on Halloween — some jurisdictions are requiring…

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