9/13/18: Deregistration, Can they do that?

NARSOL in Action

Our September program, like last month’s popular program, also dealt with deregistration petitions and included an hour of Can They Do That? A third hour dealing with the pros and cons of negotiated pleas was scheduled but was cancelled due to technical difficulties. Expect to see this topic on a future show.

NARSOL was pleased to have two talented attorneys as guests on the call. Colleen Kelley was welcomed as a repeat guest,  and Jennifer Burrill made her first, but we hope not last, appearance with us.

In addition to Ms. Kelley’s presentation, audience questions were taken about the deregistration process.

Both attorneys as well as host Larry were kept busy with questions and answers during Can They
Do That?, and questions on a variety of topics were interspersed with phone calls and updates dealing with the plight of registrants in North Carolina dealing with Hurricane Florence without being allowed in the emergency shelters there.

The full program can be heard here.

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