RM36 – How to go to the library and get arrested

Episode 36

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[3:55] From wcpo – Springfield Township man claims Ohio’s sex offender parole law won’t allow visits with son

[13:45] From Green Bay Press Gazette – Brown County library branches in Denmark, Green Bay trapped by conflicting laws, security concerns

[19:24] Supreme Court Sets New Evidentiary Standard in Child Sex Abuse Cases https://www.law.com/njlawjournal/2018/08/01/supreme-court-sets-new-evidentiary-standard-in-child-sex-abuse-cases/

[36:40] More Ex-Prisoners Can Vote — They Just Don’t Know It

[47:09] Wisconsin Supreme Court Holds Lifetime GPS Monitoring IS NOT Punishment

[1:17:00] On Twitter, Lenore Skenazy posted:
Megan’s Law gave us the public Sex Offender Registry. But research shows it isn’t making kids safer. In fact: Most crimes against kids are by people NOT on the registry, and most registrants don’t re-offend.

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