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UPDATE: Since printing this, we have heard from a significant number of people who are registrants and do business with USAA with no problems at all. I called a company rep with them, and she, however, verified that they would not accept as clients anyone on the registry; it would be considered moral turpitude. There are clearly discrepancies. I’m thinking now that they were constrained somehow from canceling already existing clients but will take no new ones with “moral turpitude” convictions. Just my guess…


By Sandy . . . We may need to start a list of companies that registrants can’t do business with.

We have already discovered that a company named Compassion International headquartered in Colorado is not interested in receiving donations to help support needy children from anyone on a sex offender registry.

Now we are receiving information that an insurance company who markets itself as THE go-to company for military families is not interested in insuring anyone in a military family who has a member of the family on a registry. To be fair to the company, it appears they may cancel or reject anyone who has even been accused of a crime of any sort.

This is the communication I received today from Daniel Silverman, one of our members and occasional contributors to our blog.

USAA is a well-known company that mostly seems to provide car insurance and banking to service men and woman and their families. My dad has been with USAA for decades, and I was once a USAA member as well, since I was 16, in fact. I thought they provided a great product at a good price and I was proud to be a member.

Then, when I was charged (not convicted yet) with my sexual offense, I received a letter from the DMV stating I did not have car insurance. USAA was my provider and I was paid up to date. I contacted them. After getting a rep on the line, she looked up my info and I was told I would have to speak to a supervisor. Once passed on, the supervisor informed me that I was not welcome as a USAA customer due to my upcoming trial. I was flabbergasted! First of all, how did they even know? Second of all, I had not even been convicted yet. And thirdly, how can a company discriminate like this?

I have since found out that this is pretty standard for USAA. In fact, one serviceman, whose WIFE was convicted of a minor crime, found that HIS insurance was canceled due to HER conviction! What?!?

It’s been over a decade since I’d originally been charged. Today, on a whim, I went to the USAA website and tried to recover my USAA information. When I tried to get my login info, after typing in some personal information, the website told me flatly that I am restricted from using their website. I’ve been barred from USAA or using their products. And this despite having been honorably discharged from the US Marines and being an awarded Desert Storm vet.

It must be nice to have so much business that a company can choose to refuse to do business with anyone who might possibly sully its reputation.

If anyone reading this has first-hand knowledge of companies who refuse registrants as clients or customers, please let us know.

I have discovered that at least one other bloggist wrote about this situation with USAA some years back, and I will borrow his impression and conclusion about the matter as they echo my feelings exactly:

That’s a pretty low blow, especially for a company that services veterans and their families. More than a few vets later have scrapes with the law, the Washington Post reported . Once they’ve paid their debt to society, though, it’s counterproductive to shun them from routine, productive commerce.


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