Colorado’s CSOR involved in multiple advocacy initiatives

By Susan Walker . . . In Colorado the Coalition for Sexual Offense Restoration continues to work with men and women in prison and coming out of prison.  We offer assistance in finding housing and in mentoring men and their families regarding the pitfalls that can be present in the community as they parole out. We educate the same men and their families on current issues that CSOR is working on here in Colorado and with NARSOL nationally, such as residency restrictions and registration, as well as helping support case management functions inside CDOC and here on the outside as it regards parole and treatment.

We believe that answering letters from men in the Colorado Department of Corrections and in federal institutions, as well as civil commitment facilities, helps to integrate those men into the issues that we are working on, not just while they are inside but also as they look forward to being on the outside. CSOR leadership has been invited to visit with the treatment groups at Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility during August, to share what CSOR and NARSOL are doing both locally and nationally, and to get their feedback on a variety of issues of concern to them. We are looking forward to this visit.

We joined with Mile High Workshop in Aurora, Colorado, in the viewing of the documentary Untouchable on July 19.  Mile High Workshop is a “second chance” partner, teaching trades and special skills in the workforce, and funded by grants as well as contracts from businesses who need trained employees.  This film drew its audience from its own men and women, CSOR, AFC, and other second chance providers that work specifically with registrants, as well as the standards coordinator from the Sex Offender Management Board.  A discussion group following the film was productive and evoked many comments from individuals in the group regarding the complexity of the challenges faced by activists in our field!

Our next education and support meeting on September 5 features a magistrate from Colorado Springs whose life has been personally touched by sex offense/registry issues through her son.  As one of many with special challenges convicted of a sexual offense, her child has struggled to meet the demands of the system.  She plans to share some innovative ideas with us from the perspective of the court!

On a sad note, Alison Ruttenberg, the attorney who won the recent case in Judge Matsch’s courtroom here in Denver, has announced that she will close her practice in the next couple of months due to personal issues.  While we are unhappy that Alison must leave her crucially important work, we are incredibly grateful for all that she has done for so many.

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      Tim L

      Any thoughts toward her taking a seat on a bench once the issues are resolved?
      My gut tells me she’d make a formidable Judge! I’m going to send her a thank you card myself. I do not currently live in CO myself but have twice in the past. Colorado is a great state. The legal community and justice suffers a blow by her absence. Good luck CSOR. TIM L.

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        Susan Walker


        I have not talked with Alison since she announced that she would be leaving her practice due to health issues, so would not venture a guess at this point whether she would be available for any other appointment. It was my privilege to be present for all of the argument in this case, and she did do an amazing job, as did her clients in their testimony.

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          Tim L

          @Susan W.

          “as did her clients in their testimony.”
          I sure wish more Ex post FTR defendants would opt for trial.
          Most fail to realize they can put the law itself on trial.
          By definition they are easily identified even by laymen (jury)
          “On its face ex post” is a big problem for the other side. & they will move to quash constitutional argument via limine. The phrase should be used AMAP in the presence. A direct comparison can be made between what the NOTICE OF CONVICTION content reveals and the statutes applied.
          State cannot extricate itself from the ex post stat but motion to exclude the staT based on conviction date which BTW could be read plainly to absolutely exclude. My state law uses December 26, 1993. Since notice date always predates Act implementation date, reasonable doubt rears defacto. Depending on states choice for admin of SOR another issues favorable develops. DOC, DPS defendant are advantaged precisely because it’s the same agency used to punish AND term of commitment length plainly conflict.
          You don’t logically call a plumber to do your electrical work & Who pays more than they were told they had too?
          Pro se defendants can expect some leeway in cross IF foundations laid properly during states open.

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      I lived in Colorado for 13 years, that’s where I picked up my charge, at the time I was not required to register because there was no registry when I lived there, once Pa started sorna in 03 that’s when I had to reg, currently have been removed from the reg in Pa last week, I have seen a few people get put back on and then removed and then put back on for whatever reason, hopping that won’t be the case with my case..
      Would be nice to see them knock their sorna reg down like Pa and some other states have, at least Pa is taking some sort of action unlike Michigan.

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