Those on sex offender registries targeted for telephone scams

UPDATE: 7/2: 3 REPORTED ATTEMPTS IN MARYLAND. 6/25: A scam attempt has been reported in CONNECTICUT 5/30: ADDING VIRGINIA   UPDATE 5/24: NOW IN MICHIGAN     5/21 UPDATE: WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED WORD OF A SCAM VICTIM IN GEORGIA.   5/8 UPDATE: THIS CONTINUES IN VARIOUS FORMS; NEW REPORTS FROM OK AND TX; BE AWARE!    UPDATE 4/4/18: WE HAVE JUST HAD A REPORT THAT A COLORADO REGISTRANT HAS BEEN TARGETED.    *UPDATE: THIS HAS NOW BEEN REPORTED IN NEBRASKA*        By Sandy . . . Scams offering to get someone off the registry for a fee have been around for a while. A new scam has appeared within the past few months, and as of this writing has targeted registrants in some form in at least four states: Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, and New Mexico, with New Mexico being the most recent. All involve telephone calls to registrants claiming to be from someone at the registry office or police department and claiming the registrant is somehow out of compliance. From there the verbiage goes in one of several directions. Some are told to bring cash to the registry office. Some have details about the registrant and his past and his family and use threats. Some claim to have planted evidence of a new crime and threaten imminent arrest if instructions aren’t obeyed. Some haven’t asked for cash but told the registrant to go to the registry office immediately.

Local law enforcement in Arlington, TX opened a case as a terroristic threat, impersonating a police officer, and extortion. Officials in New Mexico said neither the police or registry officials would make such a telephone call.

So be aware. If you get any calls from anyone claiming to be officials and saying that you are in trouble in some way and need to go somewhere, don’t do it. Capture the phone number if you can and call your local law enforcement and registry office.