NARSOLs Brenda Jones on Law and Disorder Radio

Tayler Boncal was a 22-year-old student teacher and track coach at Conrad High School in West Hartford. She was arrested this past February and charged with three counts of second-degree sexual assault for having a consensual relationship with an 18-year-old male student. The young man initiated the relationship and was not a member of the track team. If convicted of sexual assault Ms. Boncal will have to register as a sex offender. Doing so will most likely alter the course of her life.

NARSOL, a nationally recognized non-profit dedicated to restoring the civil and constitutional rights of registered sex offenders, believes that criminal charges in this instance are unwarranted. The group contends that any law that allows an adult to be criminally prosecuted for having a consensual relationship with another adult should be abolished.

Guest – Brenda Jones, has been involved in this cause since September of 2009. She has been executive director of state affiliate FAIR (Families Advocating Intelligent Registries) since its inception in 2010 and in 2012 became the first executive director of NARSOL.

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      Lori OK Voices

      Great job Brenda. Good questions asked and answered.

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      Dan SIlverman

      I served our country in the US Marines and am a Desert Storm vet. I am ashamed of what our country has become. Ashamed.

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      Great work Brenda! Thanks for all you do for the voiceless.

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      Brenda I enjoyed your talk on some of this sex offender plight but I have a problem that just came up also Seems a lot of this sex offender issue is about facts and extortion if you would like to call some of this so we all have to remember their is all types of sex offenders on the registry so here’s my delimna. I know your address was good on the raido and you gave some good facts so here’s my situation that just came up by the letter I received today. Please bare with me on this:

      Folks I need your help with a matter that just came up. It seems I am schedualed for a polograph test in Oct and have to take a provide a co-payment of $125.00 for the test and the last time , which was last year, my PO said, and I quote the good news its free. Talk about taking advantage of someone without work. I’m sure these are the same letters that some have gotten in the mail that are involved in all this.
      Its very upsetting to me and its just like the love of money to them and they don’t care as long as they get their money. Facts and proof are two different things. Fact is you all set me up, Fact is you lied to me, fact is you wanted to get dirty, fact is you wanted me to come down even to meet you even before the fact. Fact is you were breaking Gods Commendants in giving this opportunity, Fact is you were creating a stumbling block and deceiving all the way,

      Fact is you ask and implied for a picture, when I showed you a picture you wanted more, Fact is you ask for condoms and others stuff to bring with me. Fact is if I was going to meet you I didn’t want to meet you as the house as you suggested, Fact is on day two I made a decision to go down their to prove that it wasn’t a teenage person, Fact is over the telephone conversation I had the intuition that it wasn’t a teenage person, fact is when I was texting it was a trying of the spirit.Fact is on one condition on going down there I ask for no sex, Fact is there was no teenager involved just a candid opportunity of an undercover nature. Where is the proof that it was God ordained . Are not God’s servants suppose to be servants of good. I’m sure this is all recorded for data purposes. And by the way fact it all this was a temptation.

      Yes, the fact is is who offered the opportunity, Fact is are we not all sinners, Fact is, Fact is I had to repeat the sex offender class again, Fact is two or three weeks latter they decided I didn’t need the class and all parties agreed, So what is fact that the heart is deceitful and we will never be able to clense our heart or are the police abusing their God ordained power. Any advice would be nice. Extorting money in a situation such as this is like being morallity wrong.

      Any advice in this matter would be good,

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        Debi Bochmann

        Fact is cops set up a lot of people. Men across the nation especially in Florida and California are being turned into criminals, into sex offenders, who in fact were set up by the cops, enticed by the cops, and falsely accused. In Florida this happens all the time. Hundreds of men a week. Florida also restricts what your defense can be. You are not allowed to claim entrapment, role playing, or fantasy. You aren’t allowed the defense you thought the person really was an adult because there photo proves it. There are no restrictions on what cops can do, they can do anything they want to trap you and have you arrested. It is a business for the justice system. They get millions of dollars a year to run these stings and convict people. The more convictions they get the more money the state gets and it is distributed from the cops to the judges. Everyone wins but the poor sucker they set up. Basically if you are arrested on a cop sting you are done.

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      Chris in Baltimore

      Ok sheeple, is it time for Shock and Awe?

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      Patricia Borden, Director AZRSOL

      Great points especially regarding legislators and ex post facto laws. Thanks for all your excellent work.

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      Sorry Brenda I sort of lost my cool on here and wasn’t thinking, even when I said you I ment they. and $125.00 is not to good for some of us to pay when a lot of us have already paid court cost and other things. Sure police can set you up in a lot of these operations and sure we can see the good work that NARSOL is striving for to help all in this ordeal and also help mankind.

      While we all make stupid mistakes at times we are only human. Does that mean we are all bad. Sure when I corresponded with you several years ago via e-mail you mentioned about relatives and friends and yes I do have to say NARSOL & others are making a bit of difference for change. Now I know some of the people on here have mixed emotions and seem to let their frustrations go at times but sin is sin but ptoving justice is not all just the facts & does get twisted at times. Even courts will try to justify themselve and I’m sure Paul, NARSOLS attorny, understands that as well, but Brenda I do like the idea of rational laws, change and better understanding.

      So were is liberty in all this, or is a corrupted thing of the past. in a corrupt nation today. Again Brenda my hats off to you for this radio interview that you had with this attorney and the explaination about some of this sex offender ordeal or the abuse of the nation going on today and I do believe a lot of us will overcome in all this sex issue battle.

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      Good point Brenda, some how this will all matters to more and more people. Two young people having a normal relationship, but the laws again, the way they are written takes something innocent makes it a Sexual Assault. Our Country the USA needs these young capable people in the work force not in jails or prisons. Money would be better spent on keeping them out of this type of System. The Sexual laws need changed so that the real meaning to sexual assault would be looked at. There is to much emphasis put on a persons age and or a persons position and not on what really occurred. In this case I think this was consensual sex between two young people not a sexual assault. I would think a lot of other people would look at this the way I do.

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