Extended NARSOL in Action big success

NARSOL in Action

By Sandy . . . NARSOL’s latest marathon NARSOL in Action telephone conference call combined three topics of high interest and urgency for persons on sexual offense registries and those advocating for them.

During the first hour, we had an attorney from the ACLU of Michigan, Paul Reingold, discussing a class action lawsuit filed there. Growing out of Michigan v. Doe, this suit addresses the constitutionality of Michigan’s sex offense registry. Rulings of unconstitutionality were made in 2016, and a decline by the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case on appeal left the ruling from Doe intact.

Nothing has been done by the state to address the situation. It is important that NARSOL members and supporters keep abreast of current litigation that could, somewhere down the road, affect them and their families.

Hour two was devoted to the telephone scams targeting registered citizens that are making their way around the country. Those with first hand information, from Oregon to Florida, called in to share their experiences on air. Lori Hamilton, affiliate leader of one of NARSOL’S Oklahoma groups, was on the air with Larry explaining some of that state’s attempts to identify the scammers.

We learned quite a bit of information. The scammers in general are sophisticated and very believable. A common thread among most of the calls was being told that a criminal warrant had been issued for some form of non-compliance and then being given the option to settle the matter “civilly.” This often involved purchasing gift cards in various amounts. Most of the calls came late at night, some very, very late.

When registrants involved actual law enforcement or registration personnel, some of them were respected and some were not. More than one story revealed the fact that, in more than one state, authorities would not even allow a report to be filed.

These scam attempts are highly unlikely to cease. All on the registry need to be aware that NO criminal charge can be resolved civilly. Neither law enforcement nor registration personnel call registrants to tell them they are out of compliance or to ask for money or gift cards to settle the situation. Do not ever comply with these requests.

And even though the response may not be what it should, those who are targeted should notify actual law enforcement and insist, even if discouraged, on making a report about what happened.

Hour three dealt with the topic of international travel, specifically the legislation known as International Megan’s Law which requires, among other things, for the passports of some on the registry to have a special designation.

Paul Rigny of RTAG – Registrant’s Travel Action Group – was on the program, along with Louisiana attorney King Alexander, to discuss this topic. Registrants whose offense involved a minor who are traveling internationally, or are planning to so, should be prepared to be told at some point, if they have not already been, that their passports have been revoked and that they will be issued a new one bearing the special marking.

The discussion also included possible legal challenges that could result from some of the provisions of IML. The topic was so popular that callers wished to extend the time so that they might pose questions, and Attorney Alexander complied by staying and answering, thus turning hour three into hour three and a half.

The audio of all three and a half hours may be heard here: https://narsol.org/narsol-in-action/

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      Richard Pruett

      Are y’all suggesting that I might eventually get some kind of monetary restitution, man that would be nice, although it wouldn’t be as good as traveling back in time and preventing my extended stay on the registry, along with added restrictions that came about two years before I was supposed to come off the registry, I guess the best thing about restitution would be the chance to point out to people that you can’t judge people according to what the law says, since the law don’t even follow it’s own rules

    • #43855 Reply

      I am in texas.. was on the list for the past 22 years. they state of Texas made me that part of fraud and as I point out for the state it was forcing me to take part. I am working to try to get compensation. i wish some one would call me for which I would tell you…

    • #43852 Reply
      obvious answers

      But but the registrys are civil not criminal… The crooks in Congress who have been using tax payer money to fund their criminal sexual crimes said so….

    • #43872 Reply
      Mike Woodall

      Thanks once again to NARSOL for its diligent and unrelenting force to conquer the greatest injustice of our generation. Each year the pinhole of light piercing the darkness becomes brighter. This was exceptional. Great job to Sandy and all those who contributed. I appreciate you and all of the other national organizations committed to the cause.

      Mike Woodall
      The Final Blow

    • #43888 Reply

      Should this be clarified above in the article to state it is applicable to those who are convicted of an offense where a minor is involved since that is what the special text refers to: “Registrants who are traveling internationally, or are planning to so, should be prepared to be told at some point, if they have not already been, that their passports have been revoked and that they will be issued a new one bearing the special marking.”

      As written, it appears any and all RCs are getting passports revoked and new ones with special text which would incorrectly imply all RCs are worthy of this text when that is not the case.

      • #43894 Reply
        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        You are correct, and I will edit the text to reflect that. Thanks.

    • #44194 Reply

      Sandy, I wanted to chime in on the NARSOL in action if you dont mind and it seems NARSOL has been plugging along pretty good with their efforts. While I’m sure a lot of these comments are good and some are just opinions its all in the struggle we all face.

      While I did notice a few things about all this NARSOL in ACTION. The lawyer from ACLU seemed to throw in the towel after I’m sure giving good effort. Here’s a fact I didn’t know, it seems that the supreme court has primitted the USA to lie in the mist of finding guilt. I find that as I’m sure you all do pretty unconstitutional.

      Sandy all or a lot of these sex stings or whatever the case are questionable or questionable guessing, even the passport thing. The scamming on the internet is just like someone scamming one into all this hop scotch sex ordeal ordeal which is defrauding thousands of Americans, but you see they are only scamming themself in all this injustice. Government makes up their own rules and regulations as someone said on here. And the latest we all have to have a picture ID to buy groceries. Is the law oversteping and making its own laws.

      While I am glad NARSOL is trying to fight this and striving to give a voice to America on a lot of this issue, I’m afraid to say its going to take more than NARSOL. We can all either stay bias on these issues or seek the Lady of Wisdom.

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