Appointments to the board of directors

NARSOL’s 2018 electoral committee has concluded its annual business and has re-appointed incumbent directors Brenda Jones and Sandy Rozek each to serve new three-year terms on the board of directors. Their new terms will begin on August 1, 2018. The board has also re-appointed Tammy Jackson to a three-year term in the seat reserved for the board’s discretion.

NARSOL was blessed this year with some very strong candidates who the electoral committee felt were fully qualified to be directors but who did not meet all of the minimum criteria stipulated by the board. The electoral committee passed these names to the chair for consideration as candidates for an advisory board should NARSOL choose to create such a board in the future, or for other volunteer involvement.

With its business completed, the six-year-old electoral committee will cease to exist on August 1, 2018, to be replaced by a nominating committee tasked with annually recruiting and presenting to the board qualified candidates from across the spectrum of NARSOL’s advocacy. All of these candidates would be elected by vote from the general membership of NARSOL.

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