Deadly collateral consequences of the “non-punitive” sex offender registry

By Michael M . . . It is easy for some people to feel that no matter how oppressive the hardships imposed upon former sex offenders may be, they probably deserved it. The most common refrain we see posted by unsympathetic social media commentators typically contains some variation of, “He (or she) should have thought of that before they committed their crimes!” While such a response may be emotionally satisfying for the person who makes such a statement, the unspoken assumption is that any punishment, no matter how cruel, can be justified by the fact that you’ve committed a crime, no matter how trivial. Oh, so you were beheaded for jaywalking? Well, you should have thought about that before you stepped outside the crosswalk!

It also completely ignores the plight of the innocent bystanders who often bear the brunt of our country’s draconian sex offender registration laws. The families, friends, employers, landlords, and associates of former sex offenders often become the unintended casualties of the current wave of anti-sex-offender hysteria sweeping the nation. Recent studies have begun referring to these tangential victims as “collateral damage,” as if we were talking about accidentally backing the car into the neighbor’s mailbox, rather than the complete destruction of innocent people’s lives.

By the way, it isn’t just the families and associates of sex offenders who suffer.   Most of the states will admit that their sex offender registries are difficult to maintain and contain inaccuracies. One study discovered that as many as 25% of the addresses on the registry were incorrect, which resulted in the addresses of family homes where no one was a registered sex offender being listed on the registry. A Detroit, Michigan couple didn’t learn that their address was incorrectly listed on the registry until they tried to sell their home. They reported the error to the local police, who told them that nothing could be done about the problem until they tracked down the former owner who bought the house three years previously from a registered sex offender.

In Cleveland, Ohio at least one large real estate brokerage’s property questionnaire includes the question, “Have you ever been notified that a registered sex offender was living in the neighborhood?” Say yes, and your property value may plunge. In other words, you don’t have to be a sex offender; you don’t even have to know a sex offender, to be “collaterally damaged” by social hysteria.

For the families of former sex offenders, it can be much, much worse.

One eleven-year old juvenile sex offender’s profile popped up during their landlord’s internet search for offenders, and the boy’s family was given two days to move out of their home. In Fallon, Nevada, a registrant’s failure to update his information in the registry resulted in news stories which, in turn, led to death threats, burglary, and vandalism against his innocent wife.

The 8-year old daughter of a registered sex offender whose offense was 31 years in the past found herself at the center of a public outcry when her school sent out information about area sex offenders in 2007.   She immediately began feeling the effects of being disinvited from events and shunned by friends. A couple of years later, in middle school, she became the constant target of sexual harassment and lewd propositions. Eventually, her family left the country in 2013 to escape the persecution.

Research into the “collateral damage” suffered by family members of RSOs reveals that 49% often felt afraid for their own safety as a result of their family member being on the registry. 66% said that shame and embarrassment often kept them from participating in community activities, and 77% experienced feelings of isolation as a result.

The children of RSOs report alarmingly high rates of suicide ideation, with 13% exhibiting suicidal tendencies. Other reported consequences of being the child of an RSO include harassment (47%), ridicule (59%), physical assaults (22%), depression (77%), and anger (80%).

Sadly, one needn’t be related to a sex offender in any way to be “collaterally damaged.” A widely reported recent story from Kissimmee, Florida, featured a man who poured gasoline into the motel room and vehicle of four persons he believed to be registered sex offenders with the intent of “barbecuing all the child molesters.” Two of his intended victims were not RSOs.

In Dallas, Texas, a man who had just moved into an apartment that had recently been vacated by an RSO was mistaken for the previous tenant by a vigilante and beaten with a baseball bat. In another Dallas case, a man who was mistaken for an RSO was beaten by four men and had his teeth knocked out as his attackers shouted “Child molester!”

In Kern County, California, a 32-year old man was stabbed at least 50 times and his body dumped in the desert after a Facebook rumor falsely alleged that he was a sex offender.

A Las Vegas man shot and killed two homeless people because one of them (Alfred Wilhelm, age 53) was an RSO stemming from a 1984 rape conviction in Hawaii. The second victim (Rhonda Ballow, 27) was an innocent bystander who was killed simply for being a witness to the first murder.

In 2013, a husband and wife team of vigilantes in South Carolina told RSO Charles Parker, 59, “I’m here to kill you because you’re a child molester,” before killing him. They then killed his wife, Gretchen Parker, 51, simply because she lived in the same house. Both were shot and stabbed multiple times.

These examples are not as isolated or anomalous as some would have you believe. We often hear that victims of sexual abuse are afraid to come forward for fear of being disbelieved, but rarely do we consider the fact that victims of registry “collateral damage” are often reluctant to tell their stories for fear of being targeted for further vigilantism and harassment. For every case that gets reported to law enforcement, there could potentially be dozens more that are endured in silence. Police reports are a matter of public record and are often reported in local news media. What sane person would want to invite even more scrutiny and abuse?

As long as the media continues to stoke the public’s vitriolic anti-sex-offender hysteria and as long as our government continues to furnish vigilantes with a convenient “hit list” (which may or may not even be accurate), absolutely no one is safe from becoming “collateral damage.”

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Michael McKay

Michael McKay is NARSOL's Director of Marketing and a frequent contributor of articles to the NARSOL website. He is the published author of several non-fiction books, an editor & board member at LifeTimes Magazine, blogger at The Registry Report, and host of Registry Report Radio on BlogTalkRadio.

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      As long as we act weak and meek, people will attack us. Cary the attitude of pride and self respect, and most people will see you as someone who wont be pushed over. If you can, congregate with each other RSO’s then you’ll find strength in numbers. Your families and friends can find comradery with others in the same situation. Our children can play and be friends with each other.
      There really is no need to be defined or controlled by members of society that hold malice toward you. And, even though some of these stories hold exceptions, (like home invasions) personal violence that can’t be intervened before it becomes overly damaging is rare. If you live in a neighborhood as a RSO, then the chances are that there are more close by. If your kids go to school then the chances are that there are more of the same children in school. It’s time to click up and stick together, no matter what.

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        @citizen @NARSOL

        I have often thought that we need a website that does nothing more than put RSO’s in contact with other RSO’s. RSO families especially need to be connected with other RSO family’s in their area. Single RSO’s need support from other single RSO’s.

        NARSOL has the perfect captive audience to point to a place on the web for that to happen.

        This would not be an advocate website, just a place for people to form a local support community with other RSO’s.

        I know I am reaching, I am sure that some here will poo poo this idea as they have others, but Citizen is right….there is strength in numbers and we need each other in our own communities just for support alone.

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          You should look into our fearless project. It is basically what you said, although it’s more about in person and less online.


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          Sex offender dating web site? I wish someone would capitalize on this need. Lets face it most sex offenders do not stand a chance unless the people know upfront what they did and know the facts. It also would not hurt if they other person was also on the list.

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            A dating web site for RSOs won’t work. Offenders who have “violent” sexual offenses (child molestation or rape) have limitations on their Internet activities because many of us, like me, are on lifetime community supervision even though I served all of my prison sentence minus the good time I earned. We cannot use social media or dating web sites. I guess the rationale behind not using dating web sites is that supposedly some child molesters have used these sites to find single parents with young children. They develop a relationship with the single mom just so they can have easy and often unsupervised access to her child(ren) and sexually abuse them.

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            “the rationale behind not using dating web sites is that supposedly some child molesters have used these sites to find single parents with young children”

            Yes, that is their lame rationale, however, there is nothing stopping an offender from hooking up with a single mother without the use of the internet. No probation officer can dictate your life to the point of telling you that you cannot ever be in a relationship. In fact, over the years I’ve been on probation (and when I was FORCED into SOR “treatment”) their favorite thing to say constantly is: “We want you to have healthy, consenting relationships. We don’t want you staying single forever”.
            However, if you DO end up meeting someone with a child, their idea is that the single parent MUST attend a course on how to spot you doing something wrong or suspicious. But they cannot flat out say “No, you cannot fall in love with someone who already has kids”. They’d be sued up, down, sideways and in between for that.

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            Packingham said otherwise. You cannot be denied access. They can only prohibit you because you let them.

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        One of out every 325 United States citizens is a registered sex offender (approx).
        Militancy would hurt us more than help because we are seen as ignoble. Militancy would reinforce that negative.
        The ideals of MLK, however are seen as noble (they mirror the tenets of Christ). We are, however, too quiet, perhaps?

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      Michael I do enjoy all your facts and data but should we all start getting out our Klingon Ray guns or should all sex offenders be controlled and dominated. Now do bring up some good and interesting articles on this sex offender theme and I do comend you on this non punitive or sex offender escapade.
      Should we all be dominated and get everything over with or is Human Rights a better way or change as NARSOL wants to work all this out. I just wonder how much money the state or government or Feds have pocketed since this registry. I’m sure that would blow peoples minds and I’m no better than the next guy.
      Today it appears we are all collartal damage if we say the wrong things, use the wrong bathrooms, talk to the wrong person via the internet or make a mock sexual story, and some people don’t even have to do that just go with the lead or come on that one induces or opportunity.

      Sure we all have foe’s and enemies but we try to reconcile all this out. Even the democrats and the republican’s can’t even agree together with an iron fist and the money to back it up also.

      It sadens me about all these principals that are gastpo ordained in America today. Maybe it would be better living behind the iron curtain but it seems all on the sex offender registry punitive or non-punitive are labeled just the same as they comitted some Manson murder with no way to excape. It seems today once labeled one is labeled for life and I’m sure a lot would go with proof before fact anytime.

      Opening the eyes of people is what good jouralism is all about and speaking out for the truth is the best medicine but some seem today to want to go above the truth and figure it all out like rocket scientists or should we all go back to Klingon Ray guns

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      This is excellent and needs to be published where it can be read by millions.

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      Btw, my registration apparently ends today (June 18), however, not only do I still find my info on my state’s SOR list, I also received a notice to update my photo. 😮
      It’s ok when the state can’t do their job accurately and makes mistakes but don’t YOU (i.e. we) dare make a mistake like being late to mail that address confirmation letter.

      I’m also not too surprised at the police department telling home buyers/sellers that there’s nothing they (the SOR police) can do about fixing an error in the home being listed on the registry. The laziness of the people who get their paychecks from our taxes. And we praise these people as “heroes”? Ha!

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        You have been saying for some time that you will be off probation and the registry this summer. I had been waiting to hear about that. If you are still on the registry at the end of the week, I would like to know.

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          I contacted the state police about the letter I received and the officer I spoke to said that my registration actually ended on Sunday the 17th. I am still on the site because, as the officer explained, the person in charge or updating is not in the office today. I was told I do not have to go there to update the photo and that I should be receiving a letter stating that my registration obligation is completed.

          I’m unfortunately stuck on probation until September 18th thanks to the violation from 2012 which took 3 months to battle. This 3 month hiatus of probation pushed my probation end date to September, otherwise, I’d be done with probation as of yesterday, June 18.

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            Maestro, congratulations on finally getting off the registry. I hope that your name is removed from every list, website, etc. very soon. I can only imagine how great it feels. Just curious (as I am sure many who read this are) what state are you in and for how long did you have to register?
            I have enjoyed your posts here.

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            Don’t you think for one second that we’re going to let you off the hook that easy!! You’ll still be expected to read and comment here!! 🙂

            Glad to hear SOME folks can get off that infernal hit list. Too bad I won’t be able to. When you mess with a little kid under 12 years old, you’re on that list for LIFE no matter how many years one goes without re-offending.

            I won’t try to minimize the seriousness, the deviousness, and all around evil of sexually molesting a young child, however, I do take issue with this being called a violent crime. The “violence” is the age difference and nothing more. The “violent” label is there to further viIlify such an offender. I wouldn’t care if I had touched a kid and he told me to my face he was going to tell on me, I’d just be on my way to prison because it is not in me to be violent with a child. It is not in my nature.

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          Edward Nightingale

          I’m in PA. With the supreme court’s (PA) determination that the retroactivity everything is in chaos. If/when we get paperwork, it’s confusing. Even the PSP is confused. People are being told at registry locations that that the citizen doesn’t need to register, or not at this time because they got bumped back to less frequent registration requirements only to find out that they are in violation. One citizen talked to parole, PSP, and twice to the state Megan’s office. They told him that he doesn’t need to register only to have violation charges. They don’t know, but we are supposed. How can we do it correctly if we can’t get accurate information. I registered at my regular interval having to remember it myself because that paperwork didn’t arrive. Two days later, I get paperwork telling my that my dates are changed requiring me to do it a second time this month as though I have nothing else to do. End result, even if they don’t know what’s going on, we are supposed to know. I guess ignorance of the law is acceptable for authorities, but not ft. Or the average Joe.

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      Michael McKay
      Michael McKay

      Congrats on reaching the end of your registration term, Maestro! And thank you for your kind comments about the article! I agree, the information should be shared as widely as possilble by anyone and everyone who cares a whit about this issue. One of the only ways we’ll be able to energize the general public enough to care about this problem is to remind them that the registry hurts a lot of innocent people as well as the registrants.

      By the way, I am going to apologize in advance (before I get scolded, lol) for using the term “sex offender” an awful lot of times in this article. I know that ticks off some people. I’m going to be brutally honest here. This article wasn’t written for registrants, their families, and their associates. They already know just how horrible it is being on the list, and how it harms everyone involved (and even the uninvolved). This article was written for the REST of the world, using their terminology to facilitate their understanding and perhaps evoke a response. It was also written in such a way as to get noticed and ranked by search engines using their relevency algorithms, ensuring wider dissemination. “Placing ourselves in the path” of the average internet user requires that we anticipate what their search terms and language patterns will be. I know not everyone agrees with me on this, but I can only do what I think will be most effective at spreading the message. I promise to be more sensitive to this issue whenever I can in the future!

      • #42255 Reply

        I agree with you. I was actually having this conversation with someone recently, about how we need to work the most searched for key phrases into our articles.

      • #42291 Reply

        “This article was written for the REST of the world, using their terminology to facilitate their understanding and perhaps evoke a response”

        I get what you’re saying, Michael, but perhaps there’s a way for writers to slip it into an article that people who have 1 offense of a sexual nature (or any type of 1 time crime) should not be continuously labeled by that crime.
        I’ve mentioned before that I am a cigarette smoker so if you call me a smoker, I can’t argue that. But to call me a sex offender for a 1 time incident that happened 14 yrs ago is just not a correct assessment of who I am.

        I often wonder why people who have not touched alcohol for 20+ yrs still insist on referring to themselves as “recovering”. You’re not “recovering”, you have long since recovered.
        This is that victim mentality. I wouldn’t be surprised if “victimhood” becomes a new profession to go to college for. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I just wonder if such a profession would pay by the hour or by the number of times we can say we’ve been victimized.

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          If you do not feel that you are a sex offender after 13 years. That proves that sex offender therapy does not work. They constantly remind you that you are the lowest thing on earth a sex offender. They want you to identify as a sex offender. even if what you did may not be considered a sex offense you will come out of therapy feeling dirty. How can that help a person. They make you take lie detector test to see if you ever have a sexual thought or masturbate. Because no one should ever have a sexual thought that’s not normal. It is a very sick system meant to destroy the offender. but it doesn’t always take. I am not a sex offender. No registry or therapy will ever make me identify as a sex offender! They failed.

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        Great article. It details many of the tragedys that have affected registered folks and their family’s. It also caused me to wonder and question, what becomes of the registry profile of those that have passed away. Upon a little research, I found very little happens. What I discovered was, in many cases, many registrants now deceased remained on the registry- and in some cases many years after death. For example, I found this:

        “Seven years after Justin's parents found his lifeless body in his bedroom, they received a letter addressed to Justin from Karen Johnson, manager of the Sex Offender and Registry Enforcement Unit, saying that Justin would be removed from the public part of the registry and he might be eligible to have it removed from the registry altogether….

        When asked about Justin's name remaining on the registry seven years after his death, state police spokeswoman Shanon Banner said that names are not removed from the registry unless a family member sends the registry enforcement unit a death certificate.”

        It just further illustrates the ineffective ability of the registry to protect the public by continuing to list those who have paid their debt, and even deceased resigistrants as threats. And sadly, for many, the punishment of the registry clearly extends even beyond life, as in the above mentioned cases. It’s simply a shaming, and banishment tool offering little, if any, “Public protection”.

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      A complicating factor is the propagation of “risk assessment” tools such as the Static-99R. In California, for example, the tiered registry law will use the Static-99R to place people into Tier III. Currently, the Megan’s Law profile for each offender may have a risk assessment score that purports to classify people in risk levels from low to high. Unfortunately, such Static-99R — or SARATSO — scores are mostly misleading because they are the “risk” estimates from when a person is released from incarceration and/or sentenced (the latter if an offender is sentenced to straight probation).

      The most significant flaw to Karl Hanson’s Static schemes is that they are *not* at all dynamic risk assessments. The flaw is right in its name: Static. The Static doesn’t estimate a person’s alleged risk as a person ages and matures. Nor does the Static even account for the number of years a person has been offense-free in the community. Even Hanson’s own coding rules state that “risk” is halved for every five years offense-free. So after a person has been offense-free in the community for at least five years, even the “highest” risk scorers no longer fit the definition for high risk sex offender after five years offense-free.

      The fear is that those given the “high risk sex offender” (HRSO) label will soon be targeted with at least as much vitriol to those deemed “sexually violent predators.” Nonetheless, sex offender registration schemes do nothing to protect the public since about 95% of those who commit a sex crime were first-time offenders. Of course, our politicians conveniently ignore any true empirical data that argue against a registry. Rather, for reasons that many have speculated are related to propping the pseudo forensic psychology and “treatment” businesses, politicians and Fake Doctors rely exclusively on Fake Science such as Karl Hanson’s Static-99R.

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        George In Texas

        Karl, as far as the Static99-R is concerned, evidently it does take into account some aspects of a person who has remained offense free in the community for some time, and possibly age could have something to do with it as well. At least here in Texas, in fact I was recently given the name and phone number of a woman who oversees the Sex Offender Rehabilitation Programs for the State of Texas. Here in Texas if you have been back in the community for at least five years without any type of new offense, not even a mfisdemeanor, and your case was a state level case, not Federal, you can apply to have a new risk assessment given to you, the main tool used for this is the Static99-R.

        I called the woman and she said that I met the requirements and that she would send me a letter telling me what the result would be within 2 weeks or so. It wasn’t more than a day that I learned that my risk level here in the State of Texas was indeed reduced from Moderate to Low and it was reflected on the Texas DPS website that same day.

        • #42338 Reply

          That is good that your government reduced your risk level, George. But I don’t think the government, or even any “doctor” for that matter, is supposed to be using the Static-99R for any person who has been offense-free in the community for more than two years. So the fact that the government is even imposing the Static-99R on any person after two years in the community — and especially after five years offense-free in the community — is particularly dubious. The Static developers specifically state that the estimates are only “valid for approximately two years.” Refer to page 13 of the Coding Rules:

          “Static risk assessments estimate the likelihood of recidivism at the time of release and we expect they would be valid for approximately two years.” Also, ostensible “risk” halves for every five years. Read for yourself at page 13.

          Also, how did your Static-99R change? The risk factors are taken at a point in time, right before your release. And the risk estimates only claim prediction *from the time a person is released from jail or prison.* It is not an ongoing, dynamic assessment.

          Anyway, it’s such a shame that I share the same first name as Karl “Fake Doctor” Hanson.

          • #42376 Reply
            George in Texas

            The Static-99R was, as I stated above, was one part of the reassessment tools that they used. I don’t know what other information they used to lower my risk level. As far as your opinion concerning the Static-99R, well, you’re certainly entitled to having and expressing that opinion. That doesn’t make you an expert on the subject though.

            And you know what, I don’t really care a great deal what they used, the key thing for me was the fact that my risk level was reduced. There are some states exploring the possibility of removing low risk citizens from the public registry so I would think being proactive towards trying to lower one’s risk level would be a good thing. Right now I’ll take small victories.

            I do know that they aren’t actively advertising this particular thing, I’m a member of Texas Voices and learned of it through them.

            I do personally feel that the registry and pretty much everything associated with it is unjust and unconstitutional and will rejoice on the day that it is abolished.

          • #42473 Reply

            I cited my claim directly form Karl Hanson’s Coding Rules. Verbatim, the Static-99R only valid for two years from scoring, with “risk” halving after five-years offense-free. Also, it’s common sense that the Static-99R is only a snapshot of one’s risk *upon release*. As offense-free time in the community increases, the more useless the Static-99R becomes. An informed psychiatrist and/or psychologist would agree that the Static-99R is purely *static*. The Static-99R is not a dynamic risk assessment. Hence, why the Static-99R only factors “age at release” into scoring — and *not* current age. The Static-99R is/was never designed to take current age into account. See for yourself:


          • #42613 Reply
            George in Texas

            I’m not looking for an argument concerning the Static-99R, or any other topic for that matter. Karl Hanson has changed his views on the various forms of the Static-99’s through the years so it’s possible that he has changed his recommendations concerning the ways that it can be used. I don’t know what the current applications are and, evidently, you don’t either unless you are a professional trained in it’s use, are you? You’re citing dated material and, as far as I’m concerned, beating a dead horse. Move on and find something that is truly beneficial to the readers on this great website, I most certainly will.

          • #42709 Reply

            George, the sources I cite above are not “dated.” The sources I cited are the most current Static-99R Coding Rules and the most current Static-99R Coding Form. Both sources are written by Karl Hanson himself. On page 13, the most current Static-99R Coding Rules specifically state that the Static-99R is only valid for two years — and that “risk” halves for every five years. Also, the Coding Form makes clear that current age (i.e. maturity) is not factored into the Static-99R. It’s common sense: Everyone knows that people aren’t “static,” especially as they age and get older. Do you believe in Fake Science and Fake Statistics? I don’t think the Static-99R’s 10 dumbed-down questions can predict a person’s future. Do you REALLY think the Static-99R’s 10 questions predict a person’s future?

            As for being a “professional trained” in the Static-99R: Did you know that the Static-99R “training” is completed in a half-day seminar? Static-99R certification can also be done in a relatively short “online” course that puts the University of Phoenix to shame.

            Also, are you aware that Karl Hanson has never released the derivative/underlying data to the Static-99 and Static-99R? Hanson has claimed his Static-99R tests to be a trade secret and the Static-99R has not held muster under Frye/Daubert constitutional standard. You are literally defending Minority Report “science.”

          • #42756 Reply
            George in Texas

            I’m not “defending” anything. I stated that there is someone in the criminal justice division here in Texas that will help those on the registry to get their risk level reduced. Reduced, Karl, for most people I think that would be viewed as favorable.

            It’s quite evident that you desire to argue more than anything. As I said, it doesn’t matter to me what criteria they used to lower my risk level and I stand by that assertion. I do not want to argue with you okay. If you want to launch a war against the Static-99 go right ahead, gather your army and go right ahead. I personally have greater battles to wage.

    • #42254 Reply

      Well thank you michael for being honest and I do believe the world needs to understand but I never believed in darinism. One can summize all this by the way they treated the indian’when the colonists came to America and now they are kepping children from parents seperation by the Chiefs orders, they can call it detaining or whatever just like they can call the sex registry thing we are doing this for public safety.

      So who’s invading ones’ mind bendings with a repulsive opportunity. Who is working their whorish ways or should we all need better understanding. I know the topic was broght up about gay’s. Well that’s one’s personal choice but when government allows it who is going above principals. I guess America doesn’t have principals well maybe Abe Lincoln did. At least he freeed the slaves. All this is just my opinion to this article remember.

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      obvious answers

      so im curious…I know there was talk about challenging the passport concerns but I have not seen any meat or potatoe action on that.. any news or was it just smoke and wind?

      • #42292 Reply

        I’m also curious about the passport issue as now that my registration has ended, my passport is also expiring this month or in July and I’d like to know if I’d still get the stamp on it just for having the criminal record or if they only go by the registry listing. 🤔

    • #42303 Reply

      Michigan woman who lied about being raped on college campus sentenced to jail

    • #42304 Reply
      Lee Jones

      “America doesn’t have principals well maybe Abe Lincoln did. At least he freeed the slaves.”

      Abraham Lincoln did not free “the slaves”. He made a business decision to keep the Union from splitting and it cost him his life. Brush up a little more on American History, the Real American History and not the garbage taught to the masses thru indoctrination. I come from an enslaved group of ancestors.

      But you are right about America no having any principals. (not opinion, but acted upon fact)

    • #42318 Reply

      You got that right about slavery it was a business type of cover-up deal and I would have to say that also. What this country is principals and change just as NARSOL says. Sure we could all go on other topics even environment change or even talk about sex change …oops sorry about that but the basic principals seem to be lost in government today with this sex offender ordeal in a lot of circumstances. Forget about my other we dont’ want to go the solyent green route, but controling factors are still not freedom.

    • #42311 Reply

      Deadly collateral consequences or inquiring minds want to know. When my mother was living she always bought enquire magazines at the grocery stores. Sure people always want to know whats going on. Actually if one is dealing with police, in a matter such as we are all facing, its like a let us pump you but we have our code of silence or some cover up of the truth.
      Even Judges seem to make that same error and so do lawyers. Its almost like the authority is in authority to make sure you follow my rules and they make the rules and thats were some change needs to come, whether one is in prison on probation or a prisioner of their own mind, so we all need to get a hold of ourselves and emotions at times.

      Are we collareal consequences No we are not. I remember my PO saying to me for the next ten years I’m the boss and I told him who the boss was. Sure being punished isn’t bad for some things but when someone says I’m the boss and you do as I tell you than that does raise a nerve vein or two. See none of the other probation officers wanted to handle me because I saw right thru their principle’s which probably made them inadequate in a way that they didn’t want to deal with me for Ten years. Even me and my probation officer we have an understand. Would you like me to be your adversery in all this and to me that was sort of a trick question as I wasnt ready for that question and I told him I would have to study on that one.

      I remember one remark I made, that he ask about and said, whats that suppose to mean. When I said it is what it is until it is what it isn’t. And yes I was talking about the sex offender reegistry. See a lot of this sex offender jazz is a bunch of loops and jumps to get one traped to come down to their trap. Anyone could get caught in that young or old but when they start to alter the mind of another than they are playing mind games. Should authorities play mind games in a box sexting type situation? Approval or disapproval is all up to authorities today just like legal prostutition in Navada area. Kind of strange isn’t it all this jumboled sexual stuff.

      Sure we are all collateral damage if one lets it get to them and thats why more the reason we all should speak up about and tell the papers or write the president, congtressman of what they are doing to deceive. Congress needs to take a good look at their greed and action or are we all goodie two shoes and believe me we are not property of the state. Sure we can all talk about klingon ray guns or even the first stages of soylent green if one wants to go that conspircy route.

    • #42333 Reply

      I am surprized to see any discourse in uncodified natural language about the impact of the fatherless orphaned sectors of american society. I used to think my friends and family are integral not subjunctive. Now years experiance of thieved obediance and self-serving social fascist are smelling blood rich quick schemae
      Interesting article… Were not the Native American Indians deemed criminals?

    • #42384 Reply

      Actually Michael has brought up a pretty good topic if one uses some insight. Even when I was in school and listening to my history teacher about the indians they tried to make it seem that the indians had to go on reservations because they were “heatherns”. Of course the teacher didn’t tell the real story only just expansion for this new world. I guess they were somewhat collerteal damage’

      I wonder who deceived the Native American Indians? Now I wouldn’t have brought that up unless the old lady I go see in the nursing home was part cherokee and I got to thinking about how it just didnt’ sound right in American to take their land and part of their thoughts and well being.

      Their excuse “they were heathens” expasion of America and they can’t adjust to playing with matches so I guess they still had to rub two sticks together. How clever thos early American’s. Today they use the excuse of public safety in this sex offender ordeal. Even the American and indian war was a bit off color. Sort showd you how greedy American’s were or opens eyes more. Is a lot of this sex registry “off color” or should the United States be inidated to watching F-troop the rest of there life to learn that people are people. Thanks Will.

    • #42444 Reply
      James Coghill

      Never forget that when someone attempts to draw everyone’s attention to some person because of some mistake they made in the past they are practicing the age old magicians trick of misdirection so you wont notice the far worse thing that they themselves are presently doing. When you identify someone like that turn your scrutiny and derision upon them and see what happens. They will get defensive, they will react with escalation or they will run away. My policy is to give them a taste of what they doing to others. Opposition doesn’t last long when you do. What are they going to do? Poke your eye out? And if they do send them to civil court. The point is that it is the biggest mistake in the world to think that because this has happened to you that you are powerless. You are not! All of us need to take the position of Gandhi when he said, “They may torture my body, break my bones, even kill me. Then they will have my dead body, but not my obedience.” If we all took this position nothing can stop us. Honestly from what I have seen with my own eyes SO’s are the most obedient people in the world, they’ll let anyone push them around.

    • #42446 Reply
      James Coghill

      When DNA became a recognized forensic tool in court it prompted the re-examination of murder cases on death row nation wide. This revealed a very interesting fact. In almost 50% of all the cases tried the jury got it wrong and convicted the wrong man. Now imagine a trial based on innuendo and lies with no direct evidence like most sex offense cases are. How much easier it is to get that conviction when that’s all the evidence there is. What do you think the percentage of false convictions would be under circumstances like that? It has to be more than 50% because no argument can be made for less when it’s easier for a prosecutor to get a conviction. When we write things here we seldom consider those folks. Never ever consider a person is guilty just because a court said so because murder trials in this country are only as accurate as a coin toss. Personally I’d rather have a coin toss. At least I am guaranteed of impartiality with a coin toss. I can’t say the same about a trial.

      • #42746 Reply

        Mr. Coghill,
        There are more completely innocent men on the electronic lists then one might imagine. The Dan and Fran Keller case being one of the most egregious. A person’s reputation is a tangible liberty interest, despite what Congress deems (as necessary) or what the courts assure ( as legal) toward the more perfect union.

    • #42565 Reply

      I use to think that way to James but when some if doing evil to you and they are in authority one has to show some respect to those authorities. This sex situation is a bit different via an internet scheme. Why do you think all the outcry of those children that were locked up because the wanted to seek a better life in the USA and this cover up to make them look like they were not the fall guy. Respect goes a long ways no matter what race or culture. Its all about values but today its all about money it seems and I’m sure everybody’s a bit upset about all of this abuse. We are all looking for change, even with this sex situation.

    • #42863 Reply

      Here is some good Mike and it does bring up collateral damage for anyone. At this stage I don’t understand who is coloral damage anymore. I got a letter from the Commenwealth from Virginia today. Do to the recent “Scams” that are going on the commonwealth has made a Admentments to remove names and addresses of sex offenders from the registry list. Can we all say Band Aid and that word seems to come to mind. Effective July 1st.

      It says certain crimes involving children, pornography or carnal knowledge of a minor in juvenile custody. It sort of reminds me of the blind leading the blind and giving a soft spot to this collateral damage of a human being. I just wonder when the state or nation is going to start taxing or fining one for how much water runs off a person’s house to cause colleral damage to another house beside another.

      Are we our own conscious, or are we all still re- minded of bline Justice these days. Sure I’m thankful for anything myself or others can get but one doesn’t start something they can’t fix when they are playing with human lives in so many of these fake or fictitous encounters. Anyone can make adjustments to a car or the human psysique but a canker tends to bleed one it is hard to remive. Should we all go ask Dr. Ruth or ask NARSOL and other organizations involved with this with change to keep on fighting for true justice.

    • #45032 Reply
      Timothy D A Lawver


      As far as this American is concerned, Mr. Roberts must resign his position. He will go down in history as the man who first defended making free men subservient to machine. He, by default from the prior charge also re-patronized the long disembodied general warrant. No man of his inclination can be a true leader of free men upon a foundation of God given individual liberty. He lay claim to constitutional conservatism; not even remotely close.

      Indeed! I wonder if the mister would apply indenture to machine J.C. himself for frottage upon whores?

    • #54462 Reply
      Matt Arnold

      I’m on the registry in Utah and my neighbor found out that I was and they knew my name before I could tell them and she went and told everyone that I was an rso and got a lot of harassment about it but I’m still here at my place of residence 4 yrs later and whether they like it or not I’m not going anywhere because they simply harass me and I just tend to look the other way and go somewhere where they know they can’t do any harm. Also half of my family no longer wants nothing to do with me because of what I have done while some still have something to do with most of the time when I’m at family gatherings no one talks to me and they don’t want to talk to me and I feel like an outsider every time I go to one of those gatherings but that’s okay I just assume I don’t want to go any way but what I have done makes them not want have anything to do with me any way

    • #60974 Reply
      your name

      been off the Reg since 2006 1 of the first 1s to be inducted into the spotlite with the name and shame game and to this day 15 yrs later not much has changed still punished in different ways,sad to say i have a wife in foriegn country our child with me in US and of course our goverment says Nope she cant be with her child cause you done a bad thing 30 plus yrs ago, child is now 4yrs old last time she seen her mama held her was at age 1 1/2 yrs when we desided it was to dangerous for myself and daughter to remain in country was told by attorney if im dead she can be here with her child I even took the revisim test 4000k the examiner looked at me and ask me why i needed this test after i took it he said i didnt miss 1 of the questions and i mean questions off the wall, needless to say ill have to die to reunite mother and child

    • #80117 Reply
      Justin Rabbitt

      While I fight to prove my innocence which every day seems to be more hard given how insane the laws are and despite my thoughts of a really good defense I fear I’m going to end up being just another name on that hit list. I’m terrified from all the research I’ve done into,the worst case scenario and it just makes me feel like I’m better off following majority rules since no jury will want to hear my side nor think I’m innocent. Every day I say a prayer to help me not hear the screams of other inmates in my head from the brief time i spent in jail and yet my heart breaks more at the thought of having to leave. To cause my mother, my brothers, my sister, and all those who care about me still pain. Even as I type this I’m crying and I can’t help myself. I beg to be proven innocent, to be free again, to not suffer for the rest of my life under these cruel laws, these insane restrictions, and to be able to once again have the ability to get a better job where I can be happy. Please make it all stop, please make a big change so I won’t be forced to end up leaving forever, and no longer be able to see the beauty of the world. I don’t wanna go away…. I don’t want to be labeled…. I don’t want to hurt anyone I love….

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