1st day of NARSOL conference, Friday night banquet great

After a very successful first conference day for NARSOL’S tenth annual conference in Independence, Ohio, attendees sat down to a wonderful meal at the Friday night fellowship banquet. Approximately 150 people were in attendance.

While dining, banquet guests were entertained by special music and NARSOL’s tenth anniversary slide show. The raffle was great fun.

As has become our custom, the end of the evening was dedicated to our awards ceremony.

Several key NARSOL individuals were recognized with Pearl certificates.

NARSOL’s 2018 Advocate of the Year award was presented to Fred A. and was received by Brenda Jones, NARSOL’s ED, on his behalf.  NARSOL also presented its most prestigious Hawthorne Award to the ACLU of Michigan, which was received on its behalf by Tim P.  NARSOL’s Lifetime Achievement award was presented to Larry Neely, treasurer for both NARSOL and Vivante Espero.

NARSOL will present the Braveheart Award to documentarian David Feige at its Saturday night anniversary celebration.

The conference started up bright and early Saturday morning with speakers, presentations, and workshops. Video will be available on our YouTube channel after the conference is over.

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      Jim Simpson

      This was my first conference. Excellent program and content. Highly recommended and will be sure to attend again! There is hope!

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      Samantha M.

      Thousands participate in gay pride parades

      Is it me, or is there something sadly missing?
      …There are over 800,000 on the registry (plus their family & friends if any) as of a few years ago according to statistics (some have said over 1 million RSO’s by now).

      “Approximately 150 people were in attendance.” …huh!!!?…seriously!!?

      …and this is how a difference for Reforming Sex Offenses Laws will be achieved!!? …really?

      Again, just read the LGBT article above.

      • #41815 Reply

        The Gay Rights movement started rolling around 1968. They finally won marriage equality about 4 years ago.

        The sex offender registries started popping up in every state around 1994, and the first serious organizations started developing around 2005. Sorry to disappoint you, but we haven’t haven’t been able to reach all 850,000 registrants and their family members yet.

        We are making progress in bringing change to these laws by challenging them on constitutional grounds, and by lobbying our lawmakers and educating the public. For example: Tim P.  mentioned in this post, he is part of this https://narsol.org/2017/10/in-denying-snyder-petition-supreme-court-upholds-sixth-circuit-ruling/

        The conference is a not a march or parade to show pride.  It’s an educational and training event where we learn how to make progress like Tim P. does.

        • #41845 Reply

          “The conference is a not a march or parade to show pride.”

          Right. However, the gay pride parade was and is about something else, other than “pride”. It’s about saying “We’re HUMAN, too”. Don’t forget that homosexuality was once illegal (possibly also considering a sexual offense), and that even to this day there are people who somehow think that homosexuals are “pedophiles”.

          It’s funny this topic even got brought up because literally yesterday I was thinking about how the persecution of the LGBT community SHOULD encourage them to side with those of us who are wearing *our* scarlet letters. As they have had and still may even have their scarlet letter, since they feel there is still a need for a parade.

          “ It’s an educational and training event where we learn how to make progress like Tim P. does.”

          So let me get this straight….. these conferences are to help “us” make progress in our segregated, regression? Kinda preaching to the choir don’t ya think? We don’t need to travel to a conference to learn that, we can read articles and comments right here for that type of inspiration.
          I wonder how much of your audience are people NOT on the registry who also don’t have ties to someone who is. What NEEDS to happen is a conference to educate the ignorant general population about all the reasons why any person can end up on the registry and all the other detailed information that is skewed and bastardized by the media and law enforcement agencies. Otherwise, what’s the point of the conference.

          Perhaps you’ll have to TRICK the public into attending a NARSOL conference by making it seem like your going to teach people how to be aware and defend themselves against sex offenses. Then, when the room is full and you have their undivided attention, you spring it on them about all the devastation it brings to THEIR families and children and how “if it saves just one child” should also apply to the children who are at risk of daddy being killed by vigilantes. And how 90+% of sexual offenses against small children happen within the immediate circle of friends and family.

          • #41851 Reply

            Don’t have time to read all that, but I trust that it is all good.
            I agree with your first point. Gay Pride is about reminding that they are human too. NARSOL supports and promotes the same message for registrants. The purpose of the conference is to help people become better advocates and leaders in our cause and more familiar with the laws and how we are working to change them. We hope they they will be able to organize strong local groups that may one day plan a march or parade.

          • #41867 Reply

            “Don’t have time to read all that”

            You just didn’t want to. And if you didn’t read it, how then did you approve it for posting here? 🤔

            “but I trust that it is all good”


          • #41869 Reply

            Is there a problem Maestro? Tell you what, the next excessively long comment you post that I don’t have time to read, I can just delete. That way there will be no confusion.

            I decided to post that as it was, because I trust you didn’t sneak something inappropriate in it and I wanted you to be able to say what was on your mind.

          • #41890 Reply

            Your not smart. The word will get out that your curtailing what we say. You can count on it!!!!!!

          • #41895 Reply


          • #41888 Reply

            I think that it’s wrong to curb what people say just because a person does not like what the other say’s or how they say it (be it long or short). It’s a first amendment issue! FAC does this too and I left them because of it.

            Organizations don’t have the right to “not post” our thoughts just because they don’t line up with the agenda of that particular organization. When you do that, you act just like the politician’s and news media we are fighting against.

          • #41897 Reply

            Organizations don’t have the right to control the content on their own websites?

            The U.S. Constitution, where the 1st Amendment is, is a set of rules applied to the U.S. government dictating what they cannot do to a U.S. Citizen. NARSOL is not the U.S. government. But even then we do allow you have a free voice here, provided that you are not being abusive to others, or posting offensive comments.

            It never ceases to amaze me how people we are working so hard to help can get so angry at us.

          • #41883 Reply

            it was a long, dirty diatribe about the sexual promiscuity of the gay community: a topic that belongs no where near this discussion and has nothing to do with what we are trying to accomplish. As a gay man, I find the comment to be needlessly graphic and inappropriate for this forum and would not at all be against its deletion.

          • #41898 Reply

            I agree. His comment has been edited. I am sorry about that.

      • #41874 Reply
        no hope

        Why there were only 150 out of 900000 RSO’s there has a lot to do with the restrictions RSO’S have the lack of money due to their status and the fear that more will find out who they are and punish/harass them for that. IN Florida if we were to spend 3 days there we have to register the address we are at go the DMV change our license to that address and do the same when we return.
        Its because of the Laws you speak of that we do not attend and the people that made those said laws did so just so that we could not unite and become a stronger voice. Limit our job choices, less money to fight them in court. make stupid living restrictions and no place to go when you get out or if you want to try and re-assimilate into society. the reason for more laws and restrictions is because the ones they have now make it impossible to fight them

      • #41882 Reply

        Samantha, you are trying to equate two issues and two movements and the two could not be more different. No one here is trying to gain “acceptance” or show “pride” or turn serious mistakes into something “normal.” The majority (always exceptions, special situations, of course) people behind the 150 which are in attendance are deeply ashamed for what they did and are not asking for sympathy or acceptance or even to change society’s perception about their particular crime. Society’s perception means little anyway. What we DO want is equal protection under the law, an accurate classification of sex offender laws as being punitive and subsequent, correct application of ex post facto laws. We don’t want our crimes to be “excused,” we just want to be treated fairly, not publicly humiliated by a registry that prevents many of us from working a job, having a home, being with our families and living out an improved life. These demands are far different from what Gay people have fought for so don’t get confused. Also, the majority of the people on the registry are destitute – financially bankrupt. They are unable to work, depend solely on the help and generosity of others and simply do not have the extra funds required to get to Ohio and stay in a hotel, etc. Those of us who are working, do not have the luxury nor the funds to take time off work, risk lying to an employer about where we are going or use family funds to make such a trip. So LAY OFF, lady! and don’t come here to condemn. There’s enough of that everywhere else in the world. You gotta problem with the way things are run or how things are going, then get your butt in the middle of it all and start workin, contributing and doing your part. Until then, kindly have a seat. You have way more listening to do.

    • #41799 Reply

      Wonderful ! Following up with my husby All those news from the overseas- the other side of the world as this irrational sex offender registry extradicted us here. Keep no going and be all this just the first small stone that is rolling down a hill for that big ball of snow harden with time and to hit it all.

    • #41828 Reply
      Robert B

      Wish I could have been there. In response to Samantha M. there are many people who cannot go to the conference for various reasons. For myself, I am still on supervised release and my PO says I am not even allowed to talk to individuals with NARSOL or volunteer. My only help now is donations. Also, my state registry makes it almost impossible to travel. And, there are simple people out there who cannot afford it. Many people that ended up on the registry spent a lot of money to defend themselves.

      I hope to eventually attend the conference in future years, and help others to do the same. A 150 people is a start. Have a good day.

      • #41846 Reply

        “I am still on supervised release and my PO says I am not even allowed to talk to individuals with NARSOL or volunteer.”


        I would raise issues with this. Well, I’m a different person, and when my probation officer told me that I could not help to manage my former partner’s drag shows at a local gay bar (which was also a restaurant but OH NO! There’s ALCOHOL there!) I went right to a local news magazine and blasted them a new butthole (is there a pun there? 😂😂, didn’t mean it to be).

        Anyway, your bully…errrr… P.O. doesn’t want you associating with anyone who is advocating for you to be treated like a human being. As stupid as probation officers are, they DO know when to notice that something will favor you and they will put an immediate stop to it.

        They do NOT want you to have a support system. NARSOL can be seen as a support system for those who don’t have family and friends.
        They do NOT want you to know what is going on with the battle against the registry.
        Probation wants us all to be kept in the dark about pretty much EVERYTHING. And no matter what anyone tries to tell you, just remember that you are now in the free world. You’re expected to find work and pay taxes which go into the bullies’ pockets. Therefore, in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, you have EVERY RIGHT to associate with NARSOL as a support system.
        That would be my argument to them and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself.
        If they violate you based on this, speak up to the judge and say “Your honor, first they say they want me to have a support system, then they deny me the support system”.

        I guarantee you the judge will look at them cross eyed. Make them LOOK like the clowns they truly are.

        Or just continue to allow them to bully you. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • #41838 Reply
      Kathy sain

      I somehow was not aware of this meeting in Ohio. I would love to have been there. Is there a closed group on FB that information can be shared ?

      • #41852 Reply

        We posted several notices on this website, and emailed our membership. Our communications department would had sent several notices to the social media accounts. We also launched a postage mail campaign to try to reach as many people as possible in Ohio and the surrounding states. I am sorry we missed you, but hope you will plan for the next conference in Houston, Texas. Please subscribe to receive new post alerts, or Join NARSOL to ensure you don’t miss any important messages.
        No we do not have a closed group to share information.

      • #41858 Reply
        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        Notices and posts have been up on the site for months. They were just taken down early today. It has been all over our Facebook and Twitter pages as well. There is a separate conference website, and a link to it was clearly visible on this site’s home page until this morning. And as Fred said, multiple announcements went out to everyone who is even remotely connected to this site. It’s been in the Digest for months. We are so sorry you missed it. Start looking for information about next year’s conference in January, 2018.

    • #41853 Reply

      I just wish all of NARSOL and the attendances at the conference well and that they got some great understanding, knowledge, & advice. Sure questions do arise about all this sex offender in many area’s that this offense takes. As this samantha person said on here, is there something I saddly missed. Sure something is missing. Its called pride
      I know that a few have talked about this gay pride thing. I’m not even gonna go there. Remember I’m the one that said I would rather you all be right and me 100% wrong.I hope Brenda and the staff enjoyed some of the magnets I made and sent up there. I also hope that some got a lot of their questions answered and I’m sure the speakers were good but I still have my gun for hire and remember you can’t start a spark without a fire but than you have to know the right spark to put out the flame. I wish some on these comments would speak wisdom sometimes or is wisdom E=mc square.

      I am sure I would have loved to have been their as everry one can contrubute something as we are all in this together. So bottom line is it man against beast or beast of burden of one’s mind.

      • #41864 Reply

        I saw a picture of the magnets you made. They were very nice. The staff who received them thanks you for thinking of us and for your contribution.

      • #41986 Reply
        Robin Vander Wall
        Robin Vander Wall

        J, we are very grateful to you for your kind contribution and the wonderful magnets. They were distributed at the conference and it’s a really good idea as a novelty item since a lot of people still like to put magnets on their refrigerators. Thank you for thinking about us and providing a gift for the conference attendees.

    • #41857 Reply
      Barb Wright

      In response to the turnout at the conference: as a member of “Ohio RSOL” who has been struggling to reach people in Ohio, I am delighted with the attendance, at least 1/3 of whom are from Ohio. (I say “Ohio RSOL” in quotes because, until Friday, there were three of us active. Now I predict our numbers will multiply, not as fast as gay pride, but exponentially compared to prior years).

      My brother died of AIDS in 1995 before they had conquered this battle. I remember sitting with him in Central Park and having people leer at him, or leave the bench when we sat down. Kind of like people treat “sex offenders” today.

      There were no parades back then. There has to be some level of human compassion and understanding for parades and marches to work. Otherwise we are just a freak show and set our cause back years, if not decades.

      If you attended the conference, you would hear a consistent theme: change will come, but it must be incremental change. The problem did not occur overnight, it will not go away overnight. We must stick together, not tear each other apart, to accomplish any kind of meaningful change.

      • #41906 Reply

        Hello Barb,
        I am a resident of Ohio and would like to get involved with Ohio RSOL. How can I get in touch with this group?


        • #41909 Reply

          Just in case Barb doesn’t check back for awhile, you can send us an email by clicking the link on the bottom of this page. We will connect you with Ohio RSOL. At least two of them are volunteers with NARSOL.

        • #41918 Reply
          Tammy Jackson

          Please contact us at ohiorsol@yahoo.com

    • #41863 Reply

      Thankful NARSOL, all those working behind the scenes. Yes I would love to see the numbers grow at conferences and intend to be there next year. Educating the public is a huge part of all of this. Most people have no idea unless it is their loved one.

    • #41872 Reply

      NARSOL’s FB account suffers the chilling effect of FB TOS. Potential supporting parties are excluded from participating therefore the linkages between outsider groups (traffic) is also absent. Simply put the issue impacts peaceful assembly because the circulation is hindered.

      Networking is a key component of early group formation. The power of social media to coalesce and consolidate groups AT LIGHT SPEED, with positions outside the establishment’s mainstream agenda, was anticipated by the deep-state. With the aide of interconnected databases in D.C., Manassas, Arlington & Saratoga springs UTAH, the MEN IN GREY set about getting ahead of the problem.
      Huge databases were built to capture snapshots of internet traffic, to be analyzed and made useful. Problem is early network law ,& the FCC, supported privacy above all and ALL NETWORKS were protected by law mostly via U.S. V. AT&T cases. The MEN IN GREY needed a ruling upholding “certain uses” of a database AND theY got it in the DOE decisions FIRST!

    • #41926 Reply

      Excuse me for sounding off a bit but positive results get positive reactions and I really hope everyone came from the conferrence refreshed in some way. While all this sex registry battle is a scarlet letter one can look at it as bad boys going bad or those getting conned into a lot of this by those in authority that think they are someone.

      Myself I am nobody and I do not want to be a maestro which is anothor name for a conductor or leader or one that seems to have all the right answers to sway others. I am sure some on here feel that way also but are afraid to speak out. What if we could all end a lot of this by the end of the year. Yes that would make a lot of people happy. Didn’t the gay rights thing make a lot happy. What we should do is stick with one topic. The gay rights issue has nothing to do with this as that is first unblibical and a different lifestyle. NARSOL is to help the sex offender and promote change in the registry laws and use rational methods that are biblical.

      So someone needs to apologize to Fred and Sandy for being a bit callous in their actions. Comments are good but when they go to far than it is like overloading his brain cell so we all strive in this ordeal to understand, and Barb I liked your good comment about the conference in Ohio as progress is always good.

      • #41947 Reply
        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        Saddles, nowhere does NARSOL have as a criteria that we advocate for anything on the basis of it being Biblical. We have made it clear more than once that standards based on any specific religion are not part of our advocacy. We uphold civil and human rights for all people. Those standards are part of more than one religion and also a part of the value system of many who choose no religion at all. We do not judge anything as being Biblical or unbiblical, and we ask that you not do so either.

    • #41957 Reply

      Jesus was reputed for washing the feet of whores, as he understood, in those women’s arms, boys became men.

      IMHO indentured servants, as child registrants are, is in no way linked to a more perfect union. The people presume kids do not learn. To qualify them in such a way is abhorent. An issue I raised in trial to jury through most recent failure to provide case. I see what they use the electronic list for exactly!

      If one ignored the religious right’s conservative sexual nature with respect to the sexuality of humans, one denies the fact that the first major DATABASE infrastructure was erected in UTAH. Indeed is not project ANGEL WATCH housed there? IML is a regime intend to protect foreign nationals.Governments are not formed at all for that purpose. Government is meant to protect insiders.

      How far down the rabbit hole this corporate oligarchy has gone is yet to be determined.

    • #41972 Reply

      Sandy you are right and so is Fred. We are not suppose to judge others but we all do know right from wrong I’m sure. Now I’m not against Maestro as he has the right to say what he wants wheather right or wrong. Of course bringing up gay rights was a bit out of place in my view since NARSOL is envisioning fact based sex offender laws to promote safety and change sex regristy punishments and encounters.

      Believe it or not you are right about biblically and unbiblically. I even wonder myself why I ever got involved with the sex offender issue. or why many of us wanted to get ensnared in all this. If people can figure it all out than we don’t need any type of reliigon or principals. I’m even supprised that we all get duped up in all this I guess thats the way civil rights go to protect one. for public safety.

      I asked my PO about public safety and I said well when can you predict the next gun shooting in a school and he said we dont’ want to go their. Sandy all I am saying is to take the negative and make it a positive. Sure I hate these laws just as well as anybody else. Now NARSOL is doing good and they are also thinking about others which is good. I believe its time for me to tell my story of how and why I got mixed up in the registry.

    • #41977 Reply

      I am amazed at the number of angry people I see responding on various articles at various times. For those posting comments, do not take your anger out on people associated with NARSOL. They are fighting for your human rights. And I am amazed at the cool headedness of the responses from those associated with NARSOL. I do not think I would have the patience to deal with the angry people posting comments.

      Life is too short to be bitter and angry and to short to associate with bitter and angry people. Yes, I too sometimes get made being on the registry for a crime with no victim, but that does not give me the right to get mad at those trying to help give me human dignity and rights. And if angry, why not channel that into positive action. There is much education of the public and legislatures that need to be done. So stop griping at NARSOL and do something.

      I do want to thank NARSOL for making public the conference for next year. I think that is a great idea of announcing the following year conference a year ahead of time so that some people can start planning for next year. I was unable to make the current conference, but I will do my best to attend the conference in Houston (I am in Dallas 4 hours away.)

      NARSOL, keep up the good work. Love will prevail.

    • #42049 Reply

      Sandy I did like the comment of what lovewillpravial said and yes we all have good and some rank comments on here and we all do need to stop a lot of these angry postings and battlings that some, not just me, say on here. There’s an old saying you can’t fight city hall. Change is good if one has the right methods of changing them for the betterment of the People. Pray that this whole ordeal is over but crime is never gone to be over. Yes laws will change given the right methods but with this government its going to be a hard cookie to crack. We should all be positive that most of this sex offender stuff will all be changed or over soon.

      Now if someone offends me. and nobody has on hereI can either ignore it and say they have the right to say what they want if its in good taste. Sure some of the comments might be a bit out of place but the main thing is coming together and reasoning this out Sure we all want to be right as that is human instinct. I don’t think one could get along with a know it all peabody type and my sister is a good example but I’m not running for any election. the whole point in this sex offender thing is for public safety so they trap one thru the internet or someone complains or boy and girl friend disputes

      Add a little greed a bit of power and some undercover agent logic and you have a government loaded with power and cash to dominate and make any laws they want sort of like usurping authority over authority for the common good. Remember we all do have unalienable rights but I believe that was taken away with the plea deal’s or plea bargains. How clever are those in power and poor Robin on here says I can’t even go to church. Should we all be ashamed of government or what we the people have made society. Sometimes I wonder who we vote for the underdog or the overdog.

    • #42090 Reply
      Dru Lowery

      Bill Clinton, (never convicted)
      Sandusky, (convicted)
      Weinstein, (convicted)
      Bill Cosby, (convicted)
      Anthony Weiner -prior politician/congress person, I might add- (convicted)
      Morgan Freeman (allegations)
      …and now Sylvester Stallone (allegations)
      Are we having fun yet folks!??

    • #42112 Reply

      I would say Bill Clinton learned a cheap lesson and I would say some on here learned a deceiving Cheap lesson. Sure I can agree with you on religion policy Sandy as there are thousands of religions. I don’t believe I ever disagreed with you on that one Now I made a comment about a sinner on another article on here I thought the earth was going to shake. Now does the truth really hurt. I’m sure nobody likes to be called that point blank. I’m sure women get a bit offensive if one calls them something bad. We can all talk about Donald Trump or try to understand him but he’s just human like everybody else. Course I don’t agree with some of his statements at times. What’s that thing he said in the Hollywood mag or something about when you have money you can do this or that.

      Yes we all should forgive don’t’ we. and now he’s president. As a matter of fact I have a picture of Donald and Pence at my house. Now the issue we are all involved in here is very sensitive to some. Its very upsetting, it presents confusion, creates stigma’s if one lets it, or one can go on with their life. Sure at times I think this curfew is a bit overrated and some of these other things such as 24 hrs. to report or 3 days or what ever. One of the magnets I sent you all says on it ERASE THE HATE, sure we all store up hatred for groups that use their religion or Human Rights to go above authority. Actually none of you all are bad people here as that would be judging but to each their own. Even Jesus ate with sinners I hope I can still say that without the earth shaking or someone getting irate on here or out of line.

      Talk about being equal. You know every snow flake that falls is different in some ways. Logical answers need logical solutions. Religion is not gone to cut anything because every has their own bible. Even Maxwell Smart had his organization he we fighting it was called KAYOS, good name for this sex offender ordeal. They even have the bible cookbook today and I’m sure they even have a bible according to KARL MARKS, Lots of organizations have there own manifesto’s so bottom line Sandy its all about principal if one wants to understand this at sex registry at all. Sure we could all talk about hormones raising or something like but we don’t’ need to go there or even some evidence, or even blackmail situation but they have the tapes in a lot of this fact based situation but real truth is what matters. One can tell you a dozen facts but true is better than politics or is truth stranger than fiction We all need to consider all that in this fight for change.

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